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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld season 3, Wednesday 18th October 2023 update

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TV series

Unfortunate Love on zee world Wednesday 18th October 2023 update, Rishi telling Lakshmi that life becomes enjoyable and wonderful with her. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi says now I will tell you what to do, by going there? He tells her everything and asks if all clear? Lakshmi says yes. Rishi says you said yes, lets go and gets married fast. Lakshmi is surprised. Virender asks Neelam why is she doing this? Neelam says you want to question my every move and asks what wrong did I do now? Virender says your perception has changed. Neelam says mistake is mine.

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She says you want to know why I am getting Lakshmi’s marriage done so fast. Virender says we met Vikrant’s family just twice and haven’t seen their house yet. Neelam says I didn’t hurry up for marriage, but Rishi insisted that Lakshmi’s marriage shall happen first, and then Malishka and his marriage. Virender asks her to postpone Malishka and Rishi’s marriage so that they get time for Lakshmi’s marriage. Neelam says actually you don’t want Lakshmi to leave and don’t want Rishi’s marriage to happen with Malishka. Virender says you are right, but what I can do, I can’t do anything. Neelam says let the marriage happen and asks do you trust me?

Lakshmi says I didn’t say yes for this. Rishi says I know, I was joking and says I wish this was not a joke, but it was not right either and is wrong. He asks her to take the file with her and they touch the file at the same time. song plays…Rishi says this meeting is very important for us, influential and powerful people will be there, be what you are, and says you will handle it, and says we want this project on our capabilities, and says if you don’t like something then shall ask them. She asks him not to be nervous and I know you will handle it. Lakshmi says yes, boss. She asks do you want to say something else. Rishi says I am serious. Lakshmi says you said all this sometime back. Rishi says if I was repeating then why you didn’t stop me. Lakshmi says I wanted to hear, as I will not be here to listen to you after few days, and will leave from here. Tu thodi der song plays….Rishi asks Lakshmi to come. Lakshmi says I will handle. Rishi says I trust you fully and says all the best. Lakshmi thanks him. They collide as they turn to go. Rishi and Lakshmi hold each other.

Neelam tells Virender that she is hurrying up for the marriage, though she doesn’t like Lakshmi, but she don’t want anything bad for her. She asks didn’t your eyes test Vikrant and his family. She says that matchmaker is good and reputed. She asks him to check her record and says Lakshmi will be happy. She says why you are worrying, as Rishi will ask 50 questions from me, as he will not let anything wrong happen with Lakshmi. She asks if I shall say more or if you understood. Virender gets silent.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he has been handling accidental prone till now. Lakshmi asks him to come. They turn and collides with Ayush and Shalu who has just come. Rishi says now we have to collide our heads again. Ayush says ok and is about to collide his head with Shalu. Rishi collides his head with Ayush and Lakshmi with Shalu. Ayush says we came to tell something and says Shalu will say in short. Shalu says we don’t want Di and Vikrant to marry. Lakshmi says again the same thing and says I asked you not to do anything. She says I will be happy after marriage and asks if you want to see me happy then I will be happy with Vikrant ji. Ayush says bhabhi. Rishi says nobody will say this. Lakshmi asks them to promise and give her swear that they will let the marriage happen happily. Shalu says no. Lakshmi says if you don’t promise then I will not talk to you. Ayush and Shalu promise her. Lakshmi says you both will not stop my marriage and will let it happen. They say yes. Lakshmi hugs them and thinks she is doing this for their house betterment. Rishi thinks he is feeling now what he has lost. Lakshmi says I am happy, and asks them to smile for her. She says I will leave now. Rishi says Lakshmi is going to meet Home Ministry. They say all the best.

Neelam thinks she don’t want anything bad happen with Lakshmi, she just want to go far from her house and Rishi. She says I shall call Vikrant’s mother and shall tell the marriage date. Anjana thinks to call Neelam. Just then Neelam calls her and says marriage is happening fast, and says 20th is the mahurat date. Anjana says it is too early. Neelam says it is good if Lakshmi’s marriage happen before Rishi’s marriage. Anjana says how you will manage? Neelam says we will manage everything and you will enjoy all the functions. Anjana hugs Saloni and says marriage date is fixed, 20th. Saloni says too early and says everything will be managed, and says I will start shopping from today, and has to buy gifts for everyone. Anjana says what about cards. Saloni says she will ask Vikrant to get digital cards made. Anjana asks what about her jewellery? Saloni says we will buy it of Lakshmi’s choice.

Malishka hears Ayush and Shalu talking about promising Lakshmi not to do anything. Shalu says they want jiju and di to marry and now she has taken our swear not to do anything. Ayush says we will die to see our dreams broken. Shalu asks him to calm down. Malishka thinks she will celebrate seeing their dreams broken and thinks what Lakshmi did? Ayush says Bhabhi asked us to swear that we will not stop her marriage with Vikrant, and will let it happen. Malishka smiles. Ayush and Shalu wonder what to do?

Lakshmi comes to the Home ministry office. She thinks Rishi told me about he will talk to the Minister’s Assistant. Lakshmi hears an old lady insisting to meet Minister, and saying that her grand son is missing since a month and Police is not doing anything. The worker asks her to go and meet the Minister. Lakshmi prays that the old lady finds her grand son. The worker asks her name. Lakshmi says she is Lakshmi oberoi and then says she is from oberoi radiance hotel. She tells that she wants to meet Minister Dayashankar. He gives her pass to meet him.

the employee at the Ministry office giving pass to Lakshmi to meet Minister Daya Shankar. He then signs the men standing there. The guy collides with Lakshmi and puts bomb in her purse. Ayush tells Shalu that everything is over. Shalu says don’t say this. Ayush says we had sworn to Lakshmi that we will not do anything. Malishka gets happy. Ayush says everything is finished, I have lost, I am hopeless and couldn’t do anything for my Bhai and Bhabhi. He goes out of the room. Malishka hides. She then looks at Shalu signing helplessly.

The guy/terrorist tells that she didn’t come to know anything and says nothing wrong shall happen else we will die. The other terrorist calls him bhaijaan and says they will die and not us. Malishka tells Sonal that two speed breakers will not do anything, as Lakshmi has taken promise from them. Sonal says that Cunning fox Lakshmi. She asks how did you know? Malishka says she heard Ayush and Shalu talking and says it is good news. Sonal says you know how Lakshmi is, but Ayush and Shalu are her puppets, and asks if they will let you marry Rishi. Malishka says I know and says now there is full chance of Vikrant-Lakshmi, and Rishi and her marriage.

The CCTV guy tells another guard that the lady is going to come. The guard thinks nothing shall happen. Malishka tells Sonal that Lakshmi’s marriage date is fixed and it is 20th. Sonal rejoices to see the marriage and sad faces of Ayush and Shalu. Lakshmi finds bomb in her purse and thinks who has kept it. She recalls and realizes that the guy who has collided with her, has kept this in bag. The terrorist comes to Lakshmi and asks her to keep her mouth shut, else think what will happen to her family. He says he don’t want any drama and threatens to blast her also. He asks her to go inside. Lakshmi thinks to informs Security and fail their plan, irrespective of whatever happens with her.

Karishma comes to Neelam and asks her if Pandit ji told something. Neelam says nothing and says he told marriage date and left. Karishma says he took out early mahurat, but she shall not be here in this house. She says Lakshmi’s reverse countdown has started and says why we shall spend money unnecessarily. Rishi comes there and says Lakshmi is the family member. Karishma says she is not our family member and says I wont accept her, she is leaving from here. Rishi says I respect you and that’s why wants to request you that Lakshmi’s marriage shall be lavish.

He says I will do everything for her. Neelam says ok. Karishma says lakshmi’s kanyadaan. Neelam says we will do her kanyadaan and says Virender regards her as his daughter, so we will do her kanyadaan. Rishi says he wants Lakshmi’s marriage to be very grand. He thanks Neelam and goes. Neelam tells Karishma that she just wants to get rid of Lakshmi, and says whatever is in her destiny will happen.

The lady security guard asks Lakshmi to keep her bag for the security check. Lakshmi keeps her bag and thinks now they will know it themselves. The lady guard checks Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells that a guy has kept bomb in her bag and asks her to stop the bomb blast. The lady guard asks if she is in drowsy state. Lakshmi says there is bomb in my bag. The lady guard says you can be jailed and asks her to be quiet. Lakshmi thinks why she is not believing me, and thinks if she is also involved. She slaps her. The lady guard gets angry.

Shalu tells Bani that they have lost, as Di’s marriage is fixed and she has taken sworn from us. Bani says why she is not listening and says it is our mistake that we didn’t do anything. Rano comes there and asks what they are hiding from her, and says I heard you both, and says it is a good news that Lakshmi’s marriage is fixed and says Vikrant is so rich. Shalu says happiness can’t be bought with money.

Anjana informs Vikrant that the marriage date is fixed and asks him to go and help Saloni. Vikant says ok. He thanks her a lot. Anjana asks for what, for lakshmi? Rano thinks we get happiness if we have money. Bani asks what about love? Rano scolds them and says she has seen poverty. She asks them to stop calling Rishi as Jiju, and tells that Vikrant will keep her happy and her family also likes her. She says she wants her happiness and says she is not chudail chachi. Shalu says that’s why you was letting her marry balwinder. Rano scolds her and tells that Vikrant is right guy for Lakshmi.

The lady guard asks Lakshmi, you slapped me. Lakshmi asks her to call the Police and asks why you are not slapping me. She raises her hand to slap her again, but lady guard twists Lakshmi’s hand.

Anjana asking Vikrant if anyone says thanks to their mother. Vikrant thanks her for her motherly love. Anjana asks him to help Saloni. Vikrant cancels his meeting. The terrorists standing outside, tells that the lady (Lakshmi) haven’t come out yet. They praise their boss who has planned the attack, and tells that he is waiting inside. The boss is sitting outside Dayasagar’s cabin, and tells Peon that builder is troubling him, he came to meet him for that. Peon says Minister is in the meeting with Police for you people. Rishi gets worried for Lakshmi and is about to call her, but Virender comes there and asks if lakshmi called. Rishi says no. Virender says that means meeting will be going on. He says Lakshmi will call herself. He says very soon she will marry and leave from here, then we can’t hear her, we will have just her memories. He gets emotional and hugs Rishi. Rishi says Dad. Virender goes. Rishi thinks of Lakshmi and takes the flower. He says I will miss you, and can’t forget you. He gets teary eyes and if I could then will keep you with me for forever, and says I love you, Lakshmi.

The lady guard tells Lakshmi that if she thinks that she will give her to Police. Lakshmi says sorry and tells that there is really a bomb in my bag. She says we can stop this blast and save people. The lady guard tells that she knows that there is a bomb in her bag and asks her to do as she was asked to do. Lakshmi is shocked and that’s why. The lady guard says we have kept it and many people knew about it, and says whatever our boss decided will happen. Lakshmi asks who? The lady guard says he is the wind, and says lucky people have seen him. She says we have just heard him, and his voice is very dangerous. She asks her to do the work, else boss will kill her along with her family. Lakshmi comes out and takes her bag. The lady guard smiles and signs the security. The terrorist comes to Lakshmi and asks her to do as he has asked her, if she goes out then he will explode the bomb with the remote, and the explosion will happen outside and here also, someone will explode the bomb here also.

Lakshmi comes inside and thinks to tell Police. She then thinks everyone is with the terrorists. The terrorist comes and meets the Police Inspector, to show Lakshmi. Inspector tells Consatble that the guy was foolish to speak nonsense talk. The terrorist comes to Lakshmi and asks her to go office no. 13. Lakshmi searches for her phone and finds it missing. The terrorist comes to Lakshmi and says if someone calls you, then we will call him here, and then will blackmail you. He asks her to go to Dayasagar’s cabin, and then the blast will happen. Lakshmi thinks what to do?

She sees an old guy and thinks to take his help. She is about to tell him, when the terrorist comes there. Lakshmi asks the old guy to go, and tells terrorist that she didn’t tell him anything. The old guy goes. The terrorist asks Lakshmi to go and says boss is waiting. The guy waiting to meet dayasagar asks Peon to ask Inspector to come out who is in the meeting with Minister. Inspector comes out and asks Peon if there is any problem. Peon tells whatever guy had told him. The guy says he didn’t mean that. Inspector asks him to let them go one by one, and then looks at the old guy (may be boss)holding the stick and comes to him.

Neelam thinks if Lakshmi is in trouble then will call Rishi. She thinks how to keep him safe and thinks to take his phone away. Rishi waits for Lakshmi’s call and thinks why she didn’t call him yet. Neelam comes there and asks for his phone. Rishi says it is with me. Neelam thinks if I ask for it then he will doubt. Malishka comes there and asks Rishi why he thinks her incapable. Neelam asks what happened? Malishka says Rishi has sent Lakshmi to Minister’s office and tells that he shall tell her, and not lakshmi. She asks if lakshmi called. Rishi says she will call after the work. Malishka says Lakshmi’s call will not come, but you will know when she returns, and says the meeting might have been cancelled by now. Rishi says enough and says what is your problem if I sent her, and says she is still the family members and I know she is capable. Malishka says so I am incapable. Rishi says I didn’t say that, and says I know how capable Lakshmi is, and asks her to stop calling Lakshmi as loser. Malishka asks Neelam, to see how he replies to her, when she tries to convey her heart feelings to him. Rishi asks heart feelings? He says you have come to play blame game here.

Lakshmi tells the old guy (may be boss) that terrorists are here and they have kept bomb in her bag. Malishka and Rishi are the dhaba. Rishi misses Lakshmi which upsets Malishka. Shalu calls Lakshmi and tells that the terrorists have kidnapped her. Rishi saves a little girl from the accident and asks the girl Lakshmi if she is fine. The terrorist asks Lakshmi if she will agree to his sayings. Malishka is irked that Lakshmi’s name comes always. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.