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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld season 3, Thursday 19th October 2023 update

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TV series

Unfortunate Love on zee world Thursday 19th October 2023 update, Rishi asks if Malishka came here to talk about the bill or to play a blame game, explaining she just wants to blame Lakshmi. Neelam instructs them both to stop and that too for Lakshmi, she asks rishi to take Malishka out as they have not spent time together, she further explains Rishi should take her for the wedding shopping.

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Malishka tries to take him but he turns back informing Neelam he is really worried about the meeting, Neelam questions why is he worried when he himself said that Lakshmi is capable, Malishka informs Rishi that if he still talks about Lakshmi then she will get mad which is going to ruin everything, Rishi leaves when Malishka thanks Neelam who informs her to make sure he does not talk with Rishi and so she should keep his phone with her in the bag. Neelam is relieved thinking now Rishi would not be able to talk with Lakshmi so will not go to save her, after which he will remain safe, she is glad everything would be fine.

The inspector says to the person that he has been waiting for a long time, he replies the peon said that the inspector is in a meeting so he was forced to wait, the inspector mentions he is really patient and not like the person who tend to create a scene, the other person puts a pan in his mouth when the terrorist instructs him to go first, he accidently spits some of the liquid in the hand when the peon blames the person and asks the terrorist why is he not angry when he says that they cannot change what has happened, he asks the person to also come with him as he is going to meet the Minister who is a public representative.

Lakshmi while climbing the stairs wonders how can she stop the blast from happing and save the life of so many innocent people, as even the office of the Minister is very close.

The terrorist is with the person in the bathroom who comes out and while cleaning his mouth thanks the person for not being angry at him, however the terrorist slowly walks behind him after which he starts strangling him with the walking stick, after which he pushes the person on the floor which causes a head injury and the blood starts flowing from his head, the terrorist kneeling down asks him to tell the real identity before pulling out the fake beard and moustache along with the wig, the person is amazed to see his true face who informs he is Aghaz, the terrorist on whose head there is a reward of twenty lacs, he explains everyone who is outside would suffer a slow a painful death because he is going to make sure there is a bomb blast, as he has to kill the Minister and prove his worth in front of everyone. Aghaz asks the person to question how he did he, revealing he has killed a lot of people so now all the guards are working for him, he explains that the person is really glad since he die peacefully, the person finally dies.

The terrorist comes out when he sees Lakshmi so asks if she is facing any problem, she thinks if she can tell him as there is no one else here, she reveals the entire truth to him about how there are terrorists and they have placed a bomb in her bag.

Rishi is driving the car when he sees the phone ringing, Malishka remembers what Neelam advised her so thinks now she has to do something, she requests him to bring some water for her as she is really thirsty, she thinks she will not shut down his phone as then he will notice it but will surely put it in the flight mode as then he will not notice there is something wrong. Rishi comes to sit down when she expresses that she loves him, he asks if someone called him when Malishka replies that no one called him, he insists on checking the phone when Malishka questions why is he not believing her, Rishi agrees. Malishka questions where are they going when he informs they are going for shopping, Malishka mentions that Neelam aunti said they both should spend some quality time together with each other, Rishi says she is really weird as she first said they should go for shopping but is now wanting to spend some time, she starts forcing him so he agrees when Malishka leans to kiss him, revealing she will tell him all of her wishes after their marriage, she is smiling.

The terrorist acts as if he is also scared, Lakshmi requests him to give her the phone the terrorists have taken her phone and even the guards are involved in it, the terrorists says that he will himself call them so acts as if he has informed the police, Lakshmi is glad when he says that she must not tell anyone the secret because if the terrorists find out then they would kill everyone since they are very cruel. He suggests she should call someone from her family as she seems scared and if they find about anything then would get worried, the person agrees when he explains they should not tell anyone and leave with the bomb as they must inform the Minister, Lakshmi is walking in front while he is following her and after a while stops taking out the phone, he informs his men.
The peon sees Lakshmi coming, and then after spotting the person he asks the person why did it take him so long as the Minister is waiting for him, he says he would only go with this lady. The phone starts ringing when the peon instructs her to answer it, she is getting shocked takes out the phone from her bag when she is shocked wondering who does it belong to, the peon instructs her to either answer or end the call. Lakshmi answers it when Shalu starts talking with her, Lakshmi gets tensed wondering how did Shalu get the call, Shalu reveals she came to search for Lakshmi at the Ministers office, but they have kidnapped her, the terrorists threaten Lakshmi to not try to be clever.

Lakshmi gets worried ending the call when the terrorist takes the phone revealing he is the master mind of this entire plan and everything that is happening is his plan so he just desires the death of Minister Sagar. The terrorist explains that his friend would die if this plan is not fulfilled, he explains that his friend gave him a lot of money to kill Minister as after their plan fulfills then his reputation would increase in the terrorist world.

Malishka sitting with Rishi is glad that he did not talk about Lakshmi at all, Rishi says that they have come very far so must go back, but Malishka points to the local restaurant insisting that they both should sit down and have fun since they have not spent the time together, Rishi agrees but just as he is about to take his phone, Malishka offers to take it.

Rishi after sitting down on the table informs that she is going to give the party, Rishi takes the phone but drops it however he asks her to order but she says today he must order, Rishi asks the waiter who starts saying it very quickly when both Malishka and Rishi are left shocked, he offers to say it again but Rishi suggests that he should bring anything which he likes to eat himself, he confirms if Rishi will like it and not scold him after getting it.
Rishi questions Malishka what has she done this time by letting him order since in the past she would herself order the food, Malishka replies it is because they have come out to spend the time after such a long time, Rishi apologizes for it assuring that it will not happen. Malishka thinks when Lakshmi gets married then he will have to come back to her. The waiter brings the dish seeing which Rishi asks what is it, the waiter informs it is spinach with the bread and Rishi can ask the question just after eating it, he takes the name of Lakshmi which angers Malishka who questions why is she talking about Lakshmi, Rishi apologizes to her and they start eating. The couple sitting at the other table get scared seeing the fan swinging by their daughter so call her, Rishi rushes to help her and questions if she is safe, the father starts scolding her. Rishi questions why are they scolding her because she is just a child and they are also at fault here for not paying attention, the father apologizes to her and informs he got a lot of wealth and success after Lakshmi was born, her mother further informs that all that they have is because of the Bhagya of Lakshmi, Rishi explains it is also the case with him, Malishka gets furious.

the little girl Lakshmi’s parents thanking Rishi for saving Lakshmi else accident would have happened with her. Rishi thinks if Lakshmi is in danger that she didn’t call, I shall go there. Malishka thinks just as Lakshmi’s name came, he is in her thoughts. Rishi asks her to have food and he goes. Lakshmi tries to reason with the boss that many people will die if blast happens here. He threatens to get her family killed. The Minister tells that he will expose the betrayal of the country. His assistant asks him about that person. Minister Dayasagar says he needs power to expose him and tells that he is behind him since many years, and a reporter helped him. He says once I take the pledge then I will do a big blast. Minister Dayasagar asks Peon if there is any visitor? His assistant tells that someone came from Hotel Sheraton. Peon says a lady came with an old guy. Shalu tells the terrorists that they are doing wrong and will die and their boss will also die.

Lakshmi recalls a fb scene, in which Rishi is about to throw his laptop as he couldn’t do something when Lakshmi stops him. Rishi says he couldn’t make presentation today. Lakshmi asks him to sit and asks him to calm his mind, as innerpeace is very essential. She gives him head massage and asks him to feel her fingers, and asks if his mind is peaceful. He says he is feeling peace and magical. He says you are giving me magical massage. Lakshmi says you got it. Rishi says yes. She asks him to make presentation now and says you will make it now fast. She says I will bring black coffee or tea for you. Rishi asks her not to disturb him. He calls her magic girl and asks her to give magical smile so that his work gets done fast. Lakshmi smiles and goes. She brings tea for him. Rishi closes his laptop and hugs her, and says he has done the presentation due to her. He says he wants to learn from her quality, and says you think from calm mind and turns out to be winner. Fb ends. Lakshmi thinks she shall be calm so that she can stop this blast, and shall be two steps ahead of him. She asks God to help him. Minister comes out. Lakshmi introduces herself. The old man tells that he wants to build a school to educate poor kids, but some ministers are stopping me. Minister says education has become a business now, and says he can’t take action on his saying, but will enquire about it. He tells Lakshmi that the ritual of guests are welcomed shall be followed. He tells Lakshmi that he will meet her after the pledge .

Rishi comes to the Ministry and says he wants to meet Minister Dayashankar. The employee (who is with the terrorist) thinks that he is called just as that girl. Rishi goes inside.

Malishka thinks she is badly stuck here, her car haven’t come here till now. The dhaba waiter says car here. Malishka scolds him and asks him to leave. The waiter says that guy was so good and she seems to be..Malishka says he left me hearing Lakshmi’s name. The little Lakshmi’s father tells his wife that they shall help. The mother says this girl seems to be mad. The father goes to help Malishka and asks if I can help you. Malishka asks how you will help me and says she is in problem due to Lakshmi. The father says my daughter. Malishka says not your daughter and realizes that Rishi went to Lakshmi.

She thanks him and asks him to go and have food with his family. The father goes to his wife and tells her that the girl is mad and was saying that the guy went to Lakshmi. The girl’s mother says it too. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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