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Twist Of Fate season 9, Wednesday 11th October 2023 update

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TV series

Twist Of Fate on zee world Wednesday 11th October 2023 update, Prachi coming inside the OT and asks Doctor how is Ranbir? She asks what you are hiding? Doctor asks her to go out else he has to call security and throw her out. Prachi says call whoever you want, but let me sit here holding his hand, he gets strength from me, he will get fine. Doctor asks her to go if she wants him to be fine.

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Prachi says your treatment will work and tells that my feelings will work too. She says she will remind him of the promises which he did with her and her baby. She says she is pregnant and asks doctor to think, and says our relation is from heart and says if I hold his hand then he wil come back from where he is. Doctor asks Nurse to leave her. Nurse leaves her. Prachi holds his hand and says I am with you Ranbir and tells him that their baby’s breath is connected with his Bau ji.

She says you have to come back from whereever you are, as this is your third dream which we will fulfill together. She says you have to fight, face and be there. She says baby is saying that he will be fine. Ranbir’s heart beat normalizes. Nurse says she was right. Doctor says he had given him injection and that’s why he is fine. He says he let her here as he don’t wanted to create any scene.

He tells Prachi that her husband is fine and asks her to go out. Prachi goes out and cries. She tells Shahana that Ranbir always supported her and was being nice to her. She tells that she is really bad. Shahana asks her not to think like this. Prachi says I have hurt him by not trusting him and his love. She says nobody believed me when I told about my pregnancy, everyone’s words hurt me a lot. She says exactly I have done the same thing, I always knew that he loves me, but I didn’t give him trust which he deserves or wants.

Mihika asks why? Prachi recalls and a fb is shown, Ranbir asks Prachi to trust him being his wife. Prachi says stop nonsense, I have to work and send emails. He asks what is so funny about it and why you smiled. He says if I was in hospital and taking my last breath, then come and keep your hand in my hand and says my breath will connect with yours and I will come back. Prachi says what I will tell doctor that I am connecting my heart with my husband and giving my breath to him. He says very unromantic and hugs her. Prachi says rice is burning. He says he will eat burnt rice. Prachi runs and comes back. Ranbir hugs her and says our love is not of heart but of soul. She says we are three now.

Sid comes there. Mihika feels dizzy and tells that she can’t breath. Sid asks Shahana to be with Prachi and he takes Mihika with him to show her to doctor.

Rhea asks Aryan to drive fast. Aaliya asks him to drive slow and asks Rhea if she don’t want to go in one piece. Just then the car stops on the way. Aaliya and Rhea also come out. He asks them to let him check the car. Aaliya asks Rhea to stop. Rhea asks why your men shot Ranbir? Aaliya says my men. Rhea says you have sent your men to bring Ranbir out safely, he might have fought with them and they shot him. She says if anything happens to my Ranbir, then I will not leave you. Aaliya says you are talking to your Buji and not your friend. Rhea says you are my Buji and that’s why here, else I would have…They hear the thunderstorm.

Prachi tells Shahana that she had asked Ranbir to go and leave her, but he refused. Shahana says Ranbir has gone through fire test and tells that only lucky person gets such love and asks her to keep him safely. A fb again, Ranbir tells Prachi the same thing and tells that if you keep the thing or person safely then its age gets increased. Prachi asks what to do, how much to handle you. Ranbir says keep me safely in your heart, else I will leave hearing your chik chik. Prachi keeps her hand on his mouth. Ranbir says I was joking. Prachi gets angry. He says he wants to love her. He asks what to do, we are husband and wife. She asks if we will do all this all day. He says we are special and sent by God. He hugs her and sings song. Prachi asks him to leave her. Her mangalsutra get stuck with his chain. She says it is my mangalsutra and tells about its importance. She frees it. He asks her to wear him as mangalsutra. She laughs. He asks her to let him be with her always. fb ends.

Prachi says she couldn’t keep him as mangalsutra and wishes he keeps her as the taweez. Shahana asks her to stop crying and says if anything happens to baby then I will blame you. She asks her to come. Her mangalsutra gets pulled and breaks. Prachi gets shocked and bends down to pick the beads. She recalls her words and picks all the beads. She tells Shahana that she will make it fine. She puts the beads in the thread and wears it. Doctor comes out and tells that senior doctor shall be called, as the patient is not responding. Doctor refuses to let her go inside and asks her to understand the situation. Prachi looks shocked and holds her mangalsutra.

Rhea apologizing to Aaliya after threatening her. Aaliya asks Aryan if car is repaired. Aryan says no, it should be taken to mechanic, says today is bad. She throws stone at the sky and says what do you want? She says just rain is remaining and asks God to shower heavy rain and asks what are you waiting for. She sees a bike rider and asks Aryan to stop him. She tells the guy that she is unwell and asks him to take him to hospital. She sits on the back seat. Aaliya asks her to call her after reaching hospital. Senior doctor comes there and checks Ranbir. Prachi prays for her Ranbir. Rhea reaches hospital and asks Nurse about Ranbir. She says she is his wife. Nurse asks her not to lie as his wife is with him. Prachi looks at Ranbir and cries. She recalls their moments, and a fb is shown. Ranbir tells Prachi that she does so much chik chik, he will leave hearing her chikchik. Prachi says why this has happened.

Rhea scolds the nurse and insults her. She says I will search the room myself. The nurse tries to stop her. The security guards come there to stop Prachi. Rhea says I will sue you, and the damn hospital. The nurse comes to Prachi and asks her to come with her. Prachi asks what happened? The nurse says a crazy lady has come and her madness will stop seeing you. Prachi goes with her and sees Rhea. Rhea asks Prachi to tell them that she is Ranbir’s wife. Prachi says let her see Ranbir, she is family. Nurse says we only allow the close family member. Rhea says I am Rhea Ranbir Kohli and asks Prachi to tell all the truth. She says Ranbir is in this condition because of you. She says you said that you are going somewhere, but went somewhere else. She blames Prachi and asks her to tell them that she is Ranbir Kohli’s wife. Prachi says no, you are not Ranbir’s wife, but I am his wife. He is my husband. Rhea asks if Ranbir is your husband then whose mangalsutra I am wearing.

Prachi says I don’t know what you are wearing, but what I am wearing is mangalsutra which Ranbir made me wear it, and tells that all the beads are his promises and amidst the problems, we are together. She says this is mangasultra and not fashion jewellery. She says it is worn for husband’s long life and it is taken out when own’s life is over. Rhea says if Ranbir is your husband then why did he leave you and why he married you. Prachi says due to helplessness, as you have blackmailed him that you will commit suicide. She says don’t think his helplessness as his happiness. She says I was very angry with him, and thought why he didn’t think about me even once. She says my heart knew that there will be a reason behind it and I was the reason. She says Ranbir used to loved me a lot and can’t see anything related to me hurt, and that’s why married you, but our relation will never end as it is of 7 births. She says there was a time when Ranbir used to hate to hear your name. She says she searched her and reached Bangalore, and saw her marrying Sid. She says I thought you have changed, but you are same. She says you are worried about your marital status and not for him. She says Prachi and Ranbir will always be connected and he will always be my husband. She tells Nurse that Rhea is not Ranbir’s wife.

Prachi walks away from there. Rhea says I am having Ranbir’s baby in my tummy. He doesn’t love you and you also don’t love him, else you would have been pregnant with his baby and not Sid’s child. She tells everyone that Prachi is pregnant with Sid’s child. She says Ranbir knew about this and that’s why wanted her to marry Sid. She says how can you be become pregnant with someone’s child when you are Ranbir’s wife. She says even a pr*stitute don’t do this. Prachi comes back angrily and slaps Rhea hard. She looks at Rhea and tells that her mangalsutra and her baby are both pure, and asks her not to take its name with her dirty mouth. Rhea picks a pot to hit Prachi, when Dida comes and holds the pot. She asks her not to do this again. Pallavi and Aaliya come there.

Prachi comes back to the OT and tells that Doctor seems to be relieved, everything will be fine. Doctor signs her that he is fine. Prachi smiles. Rhea complains to Pallavi that Prachi insulted her and said so much. She tells that she raised finger on my pregnancy. Vikram asks her to stop it. Rhea says Prachi said that Ranbir is not my husband, but her husband. She says all the staff are talking like her. She says this receptionist told that only close family can meet. She asks who am I? She says Prachi told me so much and I was just hearing. She says she created the drama. Receptionist tells that Prachi didn’t do anything, but Rhea did the drama. Rhea holds her hand and twists her hand. Receptionist says she will complain about her. Vikram asks Receptionist to understand and says she is not in a peaceful mindset. Vikram asks her about Ranbir. Rhea says she doesn’t know about her. Aryan says we have come here for Ranbir and not for you. Rhea shouts at him. Receptionist says she will complain about her. Aaliya asks her to apologize. Rhea says sorry. Pallavi asks Sid if they were with Ranbir when Ranbir was shot. Sid thinks Pallavi is unwell and thinks of Aaliya’s threat. He cooks up a story that he called Ranbir for help after his car stopped on the way. When Ranbir came and they were leaving, the shootout between two gangs were happening and Ranbir got shot. Vikram goes to see Ranbir with others.

Pallavi hears Nurse telling Receptionist that Ranbir’s heart beat had stopped completely, but when his wife asked doctor to let her hold his hand and that he will be fine. She says she held his hand and his heart starts beating again. Pallavi thinks everything happens because of her. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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