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Timeless Love on starlife, Thursday 12th October 2023 update

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TV series

Timeless Love on starlife Thursday 12th October 2023 update, Vidhi telling Hariprasad that she will not join Raichand office, but will look for job somewhere else. She asks if you both gives me permission. Seema says once Mami agrees, she will convince Mama. Bimla keeps her cheque in the temple, and says I am giving you permission to do job. She says we will use your money. She says I gave you permission and you are looking at your Papa.

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Vidhi says she is not stubborn, but wants to request him to let her do the job. She says she will talk to Seema and gets estimate of the repair work. She asks Seema to come and says they shall talk to the contractor. Hariprasad tells Bimla that they will not tell Vidhi about her disease. He says they are lucky to get such a daughter who wants to share their burden and thinks about them so much. He says he can’t see Vidhi dying each day knowing about her illness.

Vidhi searches for old Contractor number, but doesn’t get it. Bimla asks her to call Dev and ask his help. Vidhi calls Dev and asks him to tell her about the contractor and for the repair work. Dev says Contractor will reach you. Dev reaches Hariprasad’s house indisguise of a contractor. Vidhi says Dev Sir. Dev says he is Dinanath. Bimla looks at them from the window. Vidhi says if Hariprasad ji saw you then you will lose your wisdom teeth. Dev says Hariprasad ji will not identify me. Bimla tells Hariprasad that Dev ji came here as the contractor and asks him not to identify him. They come out. Dev greets them. Hariprasad asks Bimla to tell what work needs to be done. He says I will go to bank and come. Vidhi thinks Papa didn’t identity Dev Sir. Bimla asks Vidhi to tell Contractor and says I will bring food and water for him. Dev thanks her.

Priya asks Satyavati about Dev. Amba comes there. Vidhi shows the places which needs to be repaired. Dev says he repairs broken hearts too. Romantic song plays as Dev looks at Vidhi. He asks how she felt meeting him. Vidhi says good. Dev says I will tell contractor about all this, and he will sort out everything. Chemist comes there and says he has brought medicine for Hariprasad ji. Dev takes the medicine and the cover falls down. Vidhi asks him to go and says she will get it.

Priya asks if everything is fine between Vikram and Chitra. Amba says touchwood and says we are one family and a little member is about to add to the family. Priya asks what? Amba says Chitra and Vikram are planning a baby. Satyavati says it is good news. Amba says I talked to Chitra and she has melted, she will talk to you, when there is a good news, would be mother will need her mother. Satyavati says I want Chita’s anger gets calm before she becomes mother. Amba says you have taken care of everyone well and brought them up with love. Satyavati asks her to tell clearly.

Amba asks how you will save Dev from the happenings? Satyavati asks what do you mean? Dev asks Vidhi, why there are so many medicines? Vidhi says she was unwell and that’s why taking medicines. Dev eats samosa and says he likes crispy part. She tells that Maa and Papa permitted her to do job and that’s why she left MBA. She asks if you are angry. He says no, I am proud of you. Dev says you will surely get a job and says I will leave before your Papa comes. Vidhi says yes, you shall leave. She asks when we will meet? Dev asks her to call and says he will come. He says he will leave. Vidhi says ok. He walks towards the door and waves bye. Suddenly Vidhi faints and falls down. Dev comes to her and holds her.

Amba tells Yogesh that Satyavati will tell this to dev and Dev and Vidhi’s love story’s last rites will be done. Vidhi feels dizzy. Hariprasad thanks Amba for standing with them. Amba tells Dev that she will decide with whom he will unite. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.