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This is Fate on zee world, Tuesday 10th October 2023 update

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TV series

This is Fate on zee world Tuesday 10th October 2023 update, Srishti calls Preeta and informs her that she brought fake police to arrest Natasha. Preeta asks Srishti to handle Natasha well. Srishti tells Natasha that they are going to keep her in haunted house and asks her to not make noise. Prithvi asks Preeta that if the police was really fake. She nods at him. She asks him that if he forgot that how he used fake police to kill her by joining hands with Nagre. He asks her that if she is going to kill Natasha. She tells him that she is not like him and nothing will happen to Natasha. She adds that she is tired and leaves from there. He says that he don’t have time to find Natasha because he need to leave to meet the blackmailer.

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Fake police takes Natasha with them. Srishti hopes that Preeta changed getup and left for hotel. Meanwhile, Preeta sneak out

of the house. Karan sees her and wonders that why she is wearing his dress and where is she going at this time and decides to follow her.
Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Natasha will expose them if they don’t arrange bail for Natasha then and cries. He asks her to calm down and stop crying. He tells her that she used to be mastermind and what happened to her now. He adds that Preeta playing mind games with them. He informs her that Preeta brought fake police to arrest Natasha to stop Karan and Natasha’s engagement. She tells him that Preeta torturing them a lot nowadays. He tells her that Preeta will torture them until she expose them. He adds that their priority is blackmailer that’s why he could not teach a lesson to Preeta today. They leaves to handle the blackmailer.

On the other hand, Sameer and Srishti fixes cameras in the room. Sameer calls Preeta and tells her that everything is ready. Srishti tells her that no one can steal their proof this time.

Sherlyn asks Prithvi to drive fast. He asks her to call the blackmailer and change the venue. She tells him that it will annoy the blackmailer. He asks her to follow his instruction. She calls blackmailer and tells her that they are going to change the meeting venue and she will inform about the venue in five minutes and disconnects the call. Preeta wonders that why Sherlyn changing the venue and notices that Karan following her.

Sherlyn asks Prithvi that what is his plan. He tells her that they are going to give this money to Dubai don not this blackmailer. He asks Sherlyn to tell the blackmailer to reach the warehouse. Sherlyn calls blackmailer and asks her to meet at warehouse. Preeta calls Srishti and informs them about change of venue.

In the warehouse, Sherlyn gets shocked seeing Prithvi in saree. He tells her that he is going to meet blackmailer instead of her. She hides there. Preeta comes there and sees Prithvi. She calls him as Prithvi which shocks him. He accepts that he is Prithvi and asks him that who is the latter. He asks the original CD. She shows the CD and says that she has the CCTV footage of him talking to Dubai don. She thinks that she is lying about CCTV footage.

Preeta tells Prithvi that because of the latter Rishabh is in Dubai jail and he is going to hanged soon. She adds that Prithvi won’t get Rishabh’s Dubai properties if he didn’t give 50 crores to Dubai don then. Prithvi yells him that Dubai properties belongs to him and he works hard to achieve his dream. He confesses that he hired a guy to meet Rishabh as friend and made him consume drugs. He adds that he even hired Dubai mafia to trap Rishabh in drug case. He says that he made Rishabh believe that no one from Luthras wants to meet him. He snatches the phone from her and breaks it. He says that he destroyed the proof within seconds. He reveals that he is going to kill her and stabs her. She falls on the floor and makes fake police siren sound. He runs from there hearing the noise and collides with Sherlyn. He asks her to not worry about blackmailer and they runs from there.

Sameer and Srishti notices them and finds Preeta in unconscious state. Srishti cries seeing Preeta’s condition. Preeta wakes up and asks her to stop crying saying that she is fine. She adds that she fainted because she hit her head while falling down. Srishti notices the broken phone and asks that if Preeta could not record anything. Preeta tells her that she brought two mobiles with her and takes one mobile which she hided there. She adds that she tied padding in her stomach so she got saved. Srishti tells her that the latter should have informed them. Preeta says that Prithvi is with Sherlyn that’s why she did all this. She adds that she is leaving for Dubai with these proof to bring Rishabh home.

After some time, Preeta reaches her room. Karan asks her that what’s happening. She tells him that he could not get engaged with Natasha but that’s not mean that he can vent out his anger at her. He asks her that if she really thinks that he is upset because his engagement got cancelled. He adds that from where she is coming. She asks him that why he is questioning her if he is not upset then. She adds that he is not interested in anyone and he is doing all this to make her get jealous but she is not jealous because she trust him. He tells her that trust is not enough and she cares about everyone except him. He adds that she don’t spend time with him to keep their relationship. He asks her to decide that she want to be in their relationship or not and she has time until tomorrow to think.

Next day, Sherlyn and Natasha discuss about Preeta and fake police. Natasha lies to Luthras that police arrested her by mistake. Preeta tells Karan that she really don’t have time to answer him. He tells her that he is going to marry Natasha. She thinks that she has to reach Dubai and leaves from there. Natasha tells Prithvi and Sherlyn that Preeta can’t stop this marriage.

Later, everyone gets ready for marriage. Srishti tells Sameer that only Preeta can stop this marriage. Sherlyn helps Natasha to get ready as bride. Natasha recalls that how she spiked Karan’s water.

She tells Sherlyn that Karan won’t understand anything for the next 3 hours. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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