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This is Fate on zee world, Thursday 12th October 2023 update

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TV series

This is Fate on zee world Thursday 12th October 2023 update, Prithvi is checking the files in the office suddenly karan opens the door questioning what is he doing here, karan tries to catch him when prithvi requests for him to listen, karan questions if he came to steal so starts pushing prithvi out of the house, he threatens to not leave him when karan replies he is the one who is going to ruin him, Prithvi mentions after what he and his family have done to him, he is going to make sure that they suffer when Karan orders the guards to throw him out of the office.

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Rishab replies even he wants to join the office but for that he needs some time since he just came back, Dadi mentions that there is still something to be worried about so Mahesh informs that he is not keeping well and doesnot even know what is going on with him so he cannot understand anything.

Rishab assures he is going to handle everything just like he did before so there is nothing to be worried about, Karina explains that Prithvi first got the power of attorney which caused a lot of confusion so now he must hurry to take back the power of attorney when Preeta also starts walking down the stairs, Mahesh papa is really glad to see her so Rishab jee stands welcoming her, she explains that everything changed after he came back and they do not have to even call everyone to the lunch table when Karina mentions she is glad since she would not have to come on time, Rishab questions why is she talking like this as she has found out the real reason Preeta jee behaved in that manner so now everything is getting better, Preeta tries to stop him explaining she never felt bad about anything that Karina bua said since she has gotten used to them, Rishab replies this is because of her nature but she must get a standing ovation for what she did, she managed to bring the entire family together and even brought him back from Dubai, Preeta replies she did it for her own happiness and family. Preeta mentions she is going to bring something to eat when Natasha asks her to not be worried as she has already brought the lunch, Preeta questions where is Ganesh so Natasha informs she sent him to bring the sweets as it is a really auspicious occasion that Rishab jee returned. The entire family goes to the table, Preeta decides to help Natasha.

Prithvi enters his house where he is shocked to see Sherlin sitting, Prithvi questions what is she doing here, she replies she will always stay with him. He then questions how did she enter so she replies that he keeps the keys in the same spot, Prithvi while pouring the water is amazed to see the suitcase, Sherlin gets frustrated questioning if he really thinks they would let her stay in the Luthra house after finding the truth about their affair, Prithvi stands up shouting at her, exclaiming she cannot blame him for all that happened when Sherlin calms him mentioning they should not blame each other since they are a team and should accept that they have defeated as the best is Preeta, prithvi throw the glass warning her to not take the name of Preeta as his blood pressure starts increasing hearing her name and she is aware of the results, Sherlin explains he is going to thank him after some time, that she caused him to be angry after taking the name of Preeta but why did he not get angry when karan pushed him out of the office but did he think that she would not know anything, she is not like him so requests him to not blame each other and say that who is better, she leaves with the suitcase while Prithvi stands vowing to ruin those people who have harmed her and if he did not do anything of the sort then his name would not be Prithvi Malhotra.

Natasha is walking in the hall when she gets a call from Roxy, she replies he cannot blackmail her like this when he replies that he is glad she answered his calls otherwise he would have come straight to the Luthra Mansion, Natasha replies she cannot come right away as everyone is having the lunch together, he threatens to come to the Luthra mansion and ends the call, Preeta runs back wondering who is this Roxy, Preeta sits at the table mentioning she said she is herself going to serve the lunch, Natasha comes mentioning she has to go and meet her friend who has come to meet her, Preeta also stands up exclaiming she is coming back, Dadi asks where is she going, she informs that she is just going to say Hi to her friend, Preeta runs after her.

Natasha while walking in the streets thinks she is always worried that someone is following her but she doesnot have any other choice as this is the only way to his house, Preeta seeing that she has stopped hides and Natasha gets scared but she thinks this might just be her imagination so there is nothing to worry about, Natasha enters the house calling Roxy questioning how can he do this to her, she questions what sort of behavior is this when he asks why is she acting like this, she replies she is about to get married. Roxy explains she has to thank him for all that he did as his name is registered in the case of kidnapping because of her behavior and she is the one who asked her to do it so that karan protects her, she did not say that he would be dragged to the police station when Natasha mentions she never said it might not happen but this was because she needed him to be protective about her and reveal in front of everyone that he is going to marry her, Roxy says that it did not happen as Preeta returned when Natasha exclaims she is going to get married with him this Monday, he questions how is this possible when she informs that she has done an interview with all the press in which she informed that she is worried about her life and safety so if karan doesnot marry her then she can commit suicide, he asks if she is really going to do it when she replies she will ruin everything if she is not able to get married with karan, they must not know that he is her husband, Preeta gets shocked and is about to turn when she hits a rod, they both are shocked to see Preeta and as she is about to walk out of the house, the friends enter once again when Roxy asks them both to catch her, they manage to control Preeta who tries calling Natasha but she thinks she would have to teach her a lesson otherwise Preeta might become a big problem for her, she whispers something to Roxy who then locks her in the kitchen.
Karan is sitting in the office talking on the phone that he was just not focused on the business but this doesnot mean that he doesnot know how to do it, Rishab enters the office seeing whom Karan is glad, they both hug each other when Rishab questions karan what is he doing, he explains that they are about to sign the deal, Rishab starts taking out the papers so karan asks what are they, he reveals they are of the power of attorneys as he is taking over the business, and needs the signatures of karan who says he is going to think about it, Rishab asks what is to think about when Karan replies he must think how much stress must they give Rishab.

Preeta is locked in the kitchen, she wonders whose phone is on the floor and so tries calling karan but he doesnot answer after which she tries Rishab jee, he at first doesnot answer but then is amazed to hear Preeta je, he asks what has happened when she informs she has send him a location where he must come to save her, Rishab questions what has happened, she replies she just wants him to come as soon as possible, Roxy’s friend hears her so goes to inform him, they all head inside the kitchen and question if she called the police but he replies he heard that she called someone by the name of Rishab, they plan to tie her so put her against a metal fence before breaking the alcohol bottles so that she doesnot escape.

Roxy sitting thanks his friends for helping him, they hear the sound of the police siren so wonder if they have come for one of their friends who stole money from the wedding, Rishab gets out of his car and reaches the location.

Rishab gets at the location. Roxy was leaving with his friend and locks the door. Rishab wanders around, Preeta gets his attention by screaming. Her mouth and hands were taped. Roxy’s friend photographs Rishab rescuing Preeta as if they were being intimate. He helps Preeta down the window and carries her in his arms. Rishab was worried and inquires how Preeta reached here. Roxy’s men now attacked Rishab as he covers Preeta with his coat. Rishab fights back. He grabs Preeta’s hand and leaves. Roxy doesn’t follow, and approves of the photos.

Natasha receives the photos and cheers at Roxy’s works. She was sure that a man’s nature will remain the same; he may share everything with his brother – clothes, perfumes, food, office, property, work but never a beloved wife. Karan will surely be furious at this.

At home, Rishab, Sameer and Shrishti tries to ask Preeta what happened to her. Preeta was in great shock and silent. She finally replies that she is completely fine. She says she heard Natasha telling Roxy that she will take away her life if she doesn’t marry Roxy. Sameer questions who is Roxy? Preeta tells him Roxy is Natasha’s husband. Natasha introduced Roxy to Karan as her ex-boyfriend who abused her. They wanted to tell Karan but Rishab disapproves the idea. He shares a plan with them to bring the whole story of Natasha and Roxy to Karan. Shrishti approves of the plan.

Sherlin was rolling bread in kitchen, cursing the house chores. There was a door-bell, it was police. She tries to defend herself saying any news they have of her must be false. The inspector asks why she is sweating. The inspector says they came for Prithvi Malhotra. Prithvi comes from behind, he wasn’t ready to go. The police inspector clarifies they are taking him only for interrogation. Karan complaints against him for physical and financial harm. Prithvi tells the inspector that not him but Luthra’s are the ones who are culprits. Police threatens to arrest him, so he finally goes with them.

Karan lay in Bani’s lap. Karina and Rakhi were discussing about finding a girl for Rishab, as he can’t spend his life all alone. Rakhi suggests about keeping a Shanti-paat. Rishab joins in and suggests about a get-together celebration instead. Bani was excited to party and dance with Karan. Rishab leaves the room. Karan notices him moving out silently. Preeta was in the kitchen. Rishab asks if she is disturbed for something, or because of Karan. Preeta replies she has been disturbed since she met Karan. First they were Sophia and then Mahira, Manisha and now this Natasha. Rishab says genuinely Karan loves Preeta as well, but their problems is that they argue more and love less. He acknowledges that Preeta has done a lot for the family, now he should share some of the responsibilities. Rishab says they must unveil the reality of this Natasha. Preeta was extremely tensed for Natasha. Rishab says they are planning a party at farmhouse at the weekend. He shares with Preeta that Natasha won’t know about the location of their farmhouse. Roxy will come there as a caterer, while all Luthra’s will be in masks. They will get a chance to expose them both. Karan overhears about the word ‘PLAN’. He comes in interrogating. Preeta intervenes that it is about Karan attracting wrong girls every now and then, and herself being responsible for exposing them. Rishab says it was party’s planning for the weekend. He takes a leave. Preeta also leaves the kitchen, handing Karan his turmeric milk.

The next morning, Karan was in a meeting. Natasha comes to meet him urgently. The receptionist calls Karan, he tells her to get Natasha seated outside and sends Mr. Sharma outside. Natasha insists on the meeting Karan right away. Mr. Sharma comes to convey to her that Karan cannot meet her. Natasha enters the conference hall and says she brought him evidences of affair between his wife and brother. Karan slaps Natasha. Everyone leaves the conference hall.

Preeta gets into Natasha’s room and looks into her valuables for evidence of her being married to Roxy. She was able to find wedding photographs of Natasha and Roxy.

In the conference hall, Natasha stood adamant. She repeats about an affair between Preeta and Rishab. Karan silence her again. Natasha claims to love him, but Karan shouts at her to shup up! Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.