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The stepdaughters episode 84

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TV series

Hernan tells Mayumi that Isabelle was still around in case they ran into each other. Mayumi said she would try to avoid Isabelle so as not to cause trouble. Sasha told Mayumi that Francis should be with her to protect her. Hernan said that there was nothing stopping Mayumi from telling Francis that they were having a baby. Mayumi agreed and decided to see Francis the following day to tell him.

Francis called Yuri’s grandparents in Thailand and they planned on how to get Yuri there. Grandma Felly wanted them to leave for abroad with Yuri so that Francis wouldn’t be around Mayumi.

Isabelle and Daphne went aside to talk about their plans for the party. Daphne said she already got Grace to agree to their plan. They had given her a bomb and asked her to replace it with Mayumi’s gift for Hernan. Daphne asked Isabelle if she was worried about Hernan and she said that she didn’t care because her father had abandoned her. Daphne wanted to know how they would escape without being suspected. Isabelle said she would put the bomb detonator in Grace’s bag and point her as the mastermind. She also planned on breaking the promise they made to Grace about protecting Luisa. Isabelle was glad that Jigs had come to the party because he would help her with her plans. Jigs had come to blackmail Isabelle with the video about burning Mayumi’s factory but she asked him to help her first before she paid him.

Later in the evening, Daphne tried to approach Hernan but Luisa stopped her. She drugged Daphne out of the party and handcuffed her on the gate. Meanwhile, Grace changed Mayumi’s gift for Hernan with the bomb Isabelle gave her.

When the gift giving session began, Luisa went first and gave Hernan her present. Mayumi was second but before Hernan could open his gift, Grace stopped him. Everyone was confused and asked what was going on. Sasha showed up with the perfume that Mayumi was supposed to give Hernan and said that she found it in the trash. Grace took the microphone to explain what was going on. She said that Isabelle had planned to bomb them but she had already disabled the bomb. Isabelle denied it but Grace said that she had the detonator.

Isabelle had thrown the detonator away but one of the guests saw her. She said that someone planted it on her to blame her. Grace however went on to expose Isabelle and showed the video of her ordering Jigs to burn Mutya Organics. Grace had attacked Jigs earlier and taken the video from him. Isabelle tried to run off but Sasha stopped her. To put the focus from her, she announced that Grace was the one who killed Ailene. Grace said it was true but claimed that she had done it under Isabelle’s and Daphne’s orders. Isabelle said it was not true and said Grace was crazy. She also revealed that Grace wanted to get rid of Mayumi.

The police arrived to arrest Ailene’s killer and Mayumi pointed at Isabelle. She was arrested along with Daphne. As the police were taking them away, Isabelle managed to grab a gun and threatened the officers. Jigs arrived in a car and fled with Isabelle. Daphne tried to run away by jumping over a fence but she fell down and got caught. She hurt her face and had to be taken to the hospital.

Grace confessed to everything about killing Ailene and wanting to hurt Mayumi. She said sorry to Mayumi and Luisa and asked them to forgive her. She was then arrested for murdering Ailene.

Mayumi started bleeding after all the chaos was over and had to be rushed to the hospital. She was treated and the doctor said that the baby was fine. Sasha called Francis to tell him that Mayumi was at the hospital. He wanted to go to her but Grandma Felly stopped him.
Isabelle ordered Nikki and Ariana to spy on Mayumi at the hospital. Nikki however refused to let Isabelle continue ordering her. She left the hospital and Ariana followed her.

The following day, Mayumi tried to call Francis but his phone was off. She was about to go to his house but Francis went to her. He heard her and Sasha talking about a baby and Mayumi told him that she was pregnant. She said that she still loved him but was not able to tell him because she didn’t want to come between him and Ailene. Francis was delighted with the news and said that he still loved Mayumi as well. They agreed to meet later after he brought Yuri to the airport and told Grandma Felly about the baby.

When Mayumi went to the restaurant she was supposed to meet Francis, her entire family was there too. Hernan said that they wanted to see her reconciliation with Francis. We ended as Francis arrived with GrandmaFelly. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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