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The silent thief on adom tv episode 33

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TV series

The silent thief on adom tv episode 33, Jessie and Lisa change their dresses and showed up to make Reign believe that they weren’t following her. Reign told Martha that she wanted that night to be memorized by everyone so she went out. Jessie followed her , there was a grave there.

Reign tried pushing Jessie into it but unfortunately she felt into it , Jessie turned away without helping. The man Brylle hired followed Amado and called Brylle but he wasn’t picking.

Reign visited Amado and saw that he has been followed, she caught the man she hired for Brylle and threatened him not to tell the truth and the connection between her and Amado so he also did so. Reign blamed Amado for the cause of the problem because he went out of the house. Jessie and officer laly planned to follow every move of Reign.

So Jessie started following her and jotted every event that Reign has to go so. There was a birthday party going on which Jessie dressed like a waitress. Reign took pictures with Ethan to make him happy.

When Reign entered the room Jessie suspected her that Ethan is with her but Reign saw her and sacked her from the party. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.