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The silent thief on adom tv episode 32

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TV series

The silent thief on adom tv episode 32, Brylle helped officer laly to fix his car and Lisa was excited to hear that.

Jessie and Lisa went to Martha’s house because they heard that Martha was the one who sent the wrong address. They asked Martha the truth but she didn’t want to talk so they started watering her,then she said that was a prank and Reign knows nothing about this.

Reign arrived there and helped Martha so Jessie and Lisa Left. Reign was nervous because Jessie said that she would be the next, so she decided to be very careful of what she’s doing. Jessie and Lisa went to Ethan’s school.

Jessie noticed that on the day Ethan got missing, the security said the camera wasn’t working but it’s working so they went to ask. Jessie begged for the truth so the security told her that Reign was the one who ordered him to switch off the cameras in the school.

Reign wanted Ethan to gain more trust in her so she made Amado angry that he pushed her. The security gave the pen drive to Jessie.

Jessie and Lisa decided to follow Reign and Martha but unfortunately Martha saw them so they changed the place where they were going to visit the gallery. When Jessie reach there.

Reign approached her and asked if she’s following them but a friend of Lisa came and rescued them. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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