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The silent thief on adom tv episode 31

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The silent thief on adom tv episode 31, A security officer stopped officer laly and Brylle from fighting. When they went back they also separated Jessie and Reign from fighting also. Reign went back to Ethan begging for another chance but he didn’t mind. Officer laly announced that they have gotten Amado’s location.

Amado heard from his door that someone is knocking, when he opened the door they started beating him. Ethan came out of the room and hug Amado so that they will stop beating him.

Officer laly together with Jessie, Lisa and Brylle went to the place but Jessie wasn’t allowed to enter. They later notice that Amado is no longer staying there. Reign saved Amado from the bad boys.

Ethan thanked Reign and begged her to forgive him of what he did not knowing she was the one who sent the bad boys so that Ethan would believe her. At the police station officer laly ask if Jessie have ever asked of the suspect from Amado . Jessie also described the woman same as Amado described and said she would find that woman.

Reign explained to Amado that she was the one who sent the wrong location to officer laly so that they would not search the area he is. She thanked Martha for her support and found someone to help Brylle find Ethan.

Ethan kept on asking questions of what happened but Amado ignored his questions. On the other side Amado was remembering what Reign told him and that made him cry.

Ethan woke up and asked why but Amado changed his mind to another thing. Jessie and officer laly are now getting closer. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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