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New beginnings on Tv3 episode 27

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TV series

We started this episode with dodong learning at their hideout and Angge comes in ask about Tisay but he knows none. And there Ely comes in asking of her too and Angge says that she left immediately after arguing with Diana. Ian tells Hilda that they couldn’t tell Cai the truth and that he is afraid that Cai might have a relapse .

Tisay is being consoled by her boyfriend and Dodong with Angge and they tell her not to allow Diana to decide who she is and she is still Tisay no matter what because they all love her and they don’t care about blood relations and its just her that they love.
Cai calls Hilda to tell her about Ian and Maggie’s argument and she advice her to speak with her parents first.
Angge catches Dodong thinking about Cai and he finds it hard to believe that Cai is her mother’s daughter and he tells Angge that Cai says her parents are still fighting so maybe once things are okay maybe there is a chance and there he teased Angge about it. Ely tells his mother that their father has agreed to undergo therapy session and they embrace each other with the New change. He thanks his mother for raising him to be responsible and they hug.

The next day Jose asks Monica how she is doing and she says better becausE they are not going to stop looking for donors. She starts to feel pains and she is rushed to the ICU. Ely tells Tisay that he is worried that his father will not change and he is finding it difficult to forgive him and there Ely asks tisay whether she will forgive uncle Ian and she says she doesn’t know and there Ely advices her to and there they gets a call immediately from the hospital and they rush there go see her.
They gets there and seeing how Monica’s Condition she Tisay couldn’t help it at all and Jose tells her how critcal her condition has become. Ian gets informed about Monica’s health and he is sad to know what’s happening.
Diana sees her lawyer to continue her ways to defend herself from not going to jail.

Ian sees Tisay at the ICU and he goes to console her. She gets angry at him that he is his father and there Tisay tells him that in as much that he is father and they share the same blood She monica is their relative. Ian asks what he should do so that she Tisay will see him as her family too and she says that Ian should save her mother.

Hilda meets Tisay crying at the ICU and she tells Hilda that she can’t do anything to help her mother And Hilda says that she is doing her best and that’s enough. Tisay tells Hilda she is the only one who cares about her family and she promised to help take care of her mother and assured her of the fight not being over yet. Ian tells the doctor to test him because after checking the chart he kinda matches with her and as soon as Diana gets well he wants her out of the ICU to a private room and the doctor asks if he should inform them about it and he says no.

Cai gets a flashback of the time Maggie was tearing papers when she was arguing with Ian and she cries her eyes out after reading the content. She hides the papers immediately she hears Maggie calling but immediately she leaves Maggie wonders why. Matthew goes to see his Family and he apologizes for ruining in the family and he apologizes so much to them.
He thanks Ely for making him see sense.

Angge catches Dodong leave school and after much argument with him she decides to keep quiet. Angge asks tisay whether Ian has promised to help her and that its her right to own the property that the veradonas and that’s Tisay will have to accept that. Dodong tells her that she belongs to them because the Veradonas has no right over them. Tisay tells him that but their fathe wants to know Cai too so how about that and she is made to understand that her place is there with them.

Diana calls Cai and tells her the truth about her identity and there she stays to panic and there Maggie comes to put her in her place on the phone. Cai asks Maggie whether its true that Tisay is Ian daughter but she denies and says that the paternity is not true. She tells her to calm down that but couldn’t and we walks out on her leaving her to cry.

Hilda opens her door and Maggie rushes in to tell her that Cai already knows the truth and that she lost her. Hilda consoles her. Ely gets doubts about his dad changing and there Tisay tells him to calm down because she believes that everyone can change but its a matter of time since she want to forget all those who hurt her. And they hug her.

They continue to look for Cai and they are worried and Maggie couldn’t stop crying. Cai rushes to Tisay and tells her to stop messing with her family and they gang on her. She tells them that for once she was finding happines and there Tisay has snatched everything from her and Angge says that its not her fault that the truth came out.

Tisay tells her she doesn’t need her father or mother but her and still Cai can’t stop believing. She tells her that she can has the chance to save her life because Monica is very kind and she can stop can’t believe what’s happening to her. She runs of and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.