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Naagin 6 eExtra, Thursday 12th October 2023 update

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TV series

Naagin 6 on eExtra Thursday 12th October 2023 update, The snakes surrounding Prarthana. Prarthana wakes up shouting Maa. Pratha asks what happened? Prarthana tells her about her dream. Pratha says such dreams come when someone has sarp dosh or….Prarthana asks what is Sarp dosh? Pratha says sarp dosh is that if we have killed other naag or naagin, or else if we have to pay the debt of our ancestors, then they come to our dream and want to tell us something.

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Prarthana asks what? Pratha asks did you do something new in your life. Prarthana looks at the anklet. Pratha asks what did you see in your dream and hopes thet Nani wants to tell something. Prarthana tells that she has seen a lady who was very dangerous. Pratha asks if she was rakshasi, and tells that they have enmity with Kalkiye community which was Asurs. She says we might get our answers, but for now we have to plan our next revenge.

Pataali tells Rudra’s parents, that the marriage rituals shall begin at the end of this month as marriage is scheduled this month. Rudra’s mother says ok sure. She says Ranjeet smiling looking at Urvashi and gets upset. She comes to Pataali and asks her to make urvashi understand not to trap her husband. Pataali asks what? Rudra’s mother says we have come here to get our share. Pataali says you will get your share. Rudra’s mother says I don’t think so. Prarthana looks at Ranjeet coming out and takes disguise of Urvashi. She goes to Ranjeet. The real Urvashi is inside and asks Pataali what Rudra’s mother said. Pataali says she asked you not to trap her husband. Urvashi asks what? She tells that she is bearing them for Anmol, and tells that she don’t want to give them any share. Prarthana as Urvashi tells Ranjeet that she wants to share her property with him. He gets happy and tells that he will come wherever she calls him. Anmol, tells Rudra that they will marry next month. He says it was his mistake to love Prarthana, who harmed his family. Prarthana looks at them.

Urvashi tells Pataali that she will sell the mani to the buyers who gives her good value, but will not give any share to Ranjeet and his wife. Pataali says they will not give any share to them. Urvashi gets happy and says I shall get my share. Pataali says I will sell the mani to my vansh Kalkeya vansh, enemies of Naag vansh. Urvashi says those illiterate thieves. Pataali says it is our identity and tells that Naag vansh is their enemy. Urvashi says from where they will give money. Pataali says she will give the mani to her vansh sardaar, and tells that they will become rich. Kalkiya vansh people killed a couple brutally. Urvashi tells that they brutally kills the people and asks her not to give her mani. Pataali asks her not to say anything wrong about them. She says they are coming here and for that we have to send everyone out. Urvashi says those naagins will kill us. Pataali shows the taweezs and tells that it will protect them. She asks Urvashi to send everyone out.

Pratha comes to Prarthana and tells that Rishabh is not in the house. Prarthana tells Pratha that she feels bad to see Rudra with Anmol. Pratha asks her to be focussed on their revenge. Rudra tells Anmol that he wants to meet Rishabh and tells that he will kill the person responsible for his condition. Anmol says he is in ICU and nobody is allowed. Naman calls Rudra. Rudra says he is coming. His mother comes there and tells that there is a danger outside. Rudra says he has to go. Anmol insists to go. Rudra doesn’t go and comes inside. Prarthana comes there as Rithvik and tells Anmol and Rudra that he is happy for them. He says he has come for Sayali. He comes inside and asks if anyone know about his Dadi. Pataali says she has gone somewhere and will be back till marriage. He says ok and invites all of them to the cave which was found by him, as he is an archeologist. He asks Rudra and Anmol to come there also. Urvashi asks everyone to go. Rithvik says he will leave. Urvashi gives the taweez to everyone, and tells that it is touched by Naagmani and very powerful. She says Rudra doesn’t need it, as he is Shesh Naagin’s husband. Rithvik hears them.Urvashi gives taweez to Ranjeet. Sanjana thinks to expose him in the cave.

Later Pataali waits for her sardaar to come. Sardaar/tribal head. She cuts her thumb and does his tilak. Prarthana thinks why did he come here? Pataali asks Sardar to have food. He asks her to bring the amazing thing. Pataali brings the mani and says it is the thing. He says we can’t take this mani, without the anklet. Pataali asks which anklet. Sardaar says stupid nageshwari’s anklet. He says he didn’t come for the treasure, that desh drohis needed it. He says he wants that anklet, and says until Singhika gets those anklets, she will not bless our kul. Pataali asks what is the secret? He says they will not be blessed by their Kul Guru, until that Anklets are found. Prarthana hears them and thinks to go and tell Pratha. She thinks where is Maa? Pratha searches for Rishabh. Prarthana tells Pratha that they were talking about Singhika and told that she will not accept the mani without the anklet. Pratha looks on. Ranjeet, Sanjana and Sayali come there. Rithvik comes there. Anmol, Rudra and others come there. Rithvik thinks where is Prarthana and Mrs. Gujral?

Pratha asks who was talking about Singhika. Prarthana says they were tribals. Pratha tells that Singhika is the rakshasi whom they worship. She says she is understanding somewhat, that they shall save the anklet and knows its story. She says we shall meet Naagraj Tashak.

Rithvik calls Prarthana and asks where are they? Prarthana says they are coming. They come there. Rudra falls and slips. Prarthana holds his hand. He calls her Anmol. She asks him in Anmol’s voice, if he ever love Prarthana truly. He thinks he can’t tell her. He says I never loved her. Prarthana recalls his words that he loves her. He says don’t take her name again. Prarthana goes away from there. Rudra thinks how to tell, how much I love Prarthana.

Prarthana takes disguise of Urvashi and comes to Ranjeet. Ranjeet says you will take my life, you are looking good. She sys I will take it and takes out her naagin tongue. He says you are not Urvashi, but naagin. Sanjana comes there and asks if he was flirting with Urvashi. Prathana as Urvashi asks him to tell his wife what he was telling? Sanjana beats him.

Prarthana says it is happy moment to see husband getting beaten up by the wife. They see Prarthana and run. They see Pratha standing at the other side and tell that they can’t harm them, as they are wearing taweez. Prarthana asks Pratha what they will do now. She says we will attack this cave and you both will be buried in this cave. She says this taweez can save you from our attack, but not with stone. They begin hitting the cave and the stones fall down. They sit down and asks them to let them go. Prarthana says she is feeling bad for them. Pratha says even she is feeling bad and tells that they shall leave them, but then their hardwork will go waste. Prarthana says whoever takes out the taweez of the other person, we will leave that person.

They try to take out taweez from each other’s hands and hit each other with stone. They take out the taweez. Pratha and Prarthana ask who will save them now, and bites them. They die. They make the cave stones fall on them to hide their dead bodies. Song plays…Prarthana comes out. A black snake holds Prarthana with its tail. Prarthana gets shocked. Pratha asks what happened to you. Prarthana tells Pratha that she saw the same dream of black snake with her eyes. They come to Takshak Naag. Takshak naag tells that only Kaliya Naag can answer them.

Pratha tells Prarthana that they have to reach the truth and for that they have to meet Kaliya Naag. She says we have to face Nevla/Mongoose on our way. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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