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Naagin 6 eExtra, Friday 13th October 2023 update

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TV series

Naagin 6 on eExtra Friday 13th October 2023 update, Tashak telling Pratha and Prarthana that only Kaliya Naag can answer them, but it is not easy to know to impress him. He asks Prarthana to know about her future from him. Prarthana says you are Naagraj Tashak. Pratha tells that they will go there and have to face Nevlas there. She says Kaliya Naag only knows the secret of Nani’s anklet.

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Prarthana meets Pratiksha on the way. Pratiksha tells that she had gone to her house, and her husband told that he is no longer her husband. Prarthana looks on. Pratiksha tells that her life is going to change, as she is going to marry, but doesn’t know the guy. Prarthana tells that life gives some beautiful surprise to us and tells that she will find that guy. She tells that Rudra is the right guy for her, and she will love him. Pratiksha asks her about Rudra. Prarthana tells that everything will be fine. She asks her to have strength.

Rudra, Sayali, Anmol come out of the cave. Rudra calls his Mom and Dad. Sayali tells that Rithvik went inside. Rithvik comes there and tells that major accident happened and they were inside. Rudra runs inside the cave. The team digging the debris tells that they have found 2 dead bodies. He gives their stuff. Rudra cries seeing his parents’ stuff. Anmol finds Prarthana’s earring there and provokes Rudra. Rudra calls Prarthana and insists to meet her. Prarthana comes to meet him. Rudra aims gun at Prarthana and accuses her of his parents’ death. He aims gun at her. Anmol provokes him. Prarthana thinks she is a naagin and his parents were desh drohi. He fires gun at her. Pratha comes there and freezes Rudra and Anmol, and the place before the bullet could pierce Prarthana’s forehead. She asks Prarthana to erase their memory, being Shesh Naagin. Prarthana erases their memory and leaves with Pratha. Rudra asks Anmol what are they doing here.

Pratha tells Prathana that they have duties for Naag lok and tells that she is going to Pataal lok for kaliya naag. Prarthana says she will go, and asks her to let her do the duty. Pratha says Pataal Lok’s way is through Naag Mahal also, I had gone once to get Amrit Kalash. Prarthana takes the anklet.

Anmol tells Urvashi that they had forgotten what had happened. Urvashi says they made me kill Suhasini, and then they killed Rudra’s parents. She says next is our turn. Anmol tells that they have the taweez. Pataali hears them and tells that they need anklet to please Singhika, and that they will get weapon to fight with them.

Pratha and Prarthana come to the lake. Pratha hits the water with her tail. Prarthana also hit the water to open the secret door of Pataal lok.

Pataali asks Anmol to come with her to Pataal lok. Anmol says Rudra is upset, how to go. Pataali tells Anmol that today she will meet her vansh and will take blessings from Singhika. She says then you can take anklet from Pratha. She asks her to take advantage of Pratha’s emotions and get the anklet. She says we have just one day to keep anklet and mani infront of Singhika on amavas night, and before that we have to go to Rasatal lok.

Pratha tells Prarthana that she will go first and tells about the 7 lok, and tells that Pataali belongs to Rasatal lok. They become naagin and go there. They see magical nevlas. Prarthana hits them. More Nevlas come there. Prarthana thinks to handle them with magic. She handles the nevlas/mongoose. They spit fire to burn the nevlas. Pratha tells that they have to go to Rasatal lok.

Pataali is bringing Anmol and Urvashi there. Urvashi tells that they were about to sell naagmani to international buyers and you brought us here. Anmol shouts. Pratha hears her voice, but ignores her doubt.

Anmol, Pataali and Urvashi come to Singhika’s idol. Pratha and Prarthana reach Pataal lok and greet Kaliya Naag, who is sleeping.

Pataali tells Singhika that she has brought her Ansh to meet her Vansh. Pratha and Prarthana dance. Pataali tells that she will do Singhika’s aarti and then will give them weapon to kill Pratha and Prarthana, and get anklet from them. She does her aarti.

Pratha and Prarthana wake up Kaliya Naag. He says my anger fire will burn you both. He spits the fire. Pratha tels Prarthana that only lord Krishna’s flute sound can calm down his anger. They calm down his anger playing flute. Kaliya Naag asks who are they? Pratha introduces themselves.

Pratha and Prarthana tell that they wnt to know about Nani’s anklet. Pataali takes a weapon and cuts her finger with it. Kaliya Naag tells that they have to stop something wrong from happening and for that they have to hear the story of two sisters, Nageshwari and her sister Puloma. He tells that Nageshwari was married to Naag raj, and Shiv ji had blessed her Naag vansh. He tells that Puloma also impressed Shiv ji and he blessed her with Pataal lok. He says Puloma was happy until she came to Naag look. Kaliya naag continues narrating the story.

Kaliya Naag says this anklet is turning red, take it away from Singhika’s idol. Anmol stabs Prarthana. Naagrag thinks something wrong is going to happen. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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