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Lost in love on starlife, Sunday 8th October 2023 update

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TV series

Lost in love on starlife Sunday 8th October 2023 updateSai tells Chavans that she doesn’t know if Virat informed them or not, she has decided to move on in life and is going to marry her colleague Satya. She says she knows its weird to inform her ex-husband’s family about her decision, but she felt it would be good if she informs them as they were in good terms sometime ago.

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Bhavani says she knows Sai is angry on Virat due to his recent behavior, but she and Savi are part of the family and shouldn’t leave; she apologizes on Virat’s behalf. Sai asks Bhavani to stop it as she knows that Bhavani provoked Virat for all this as she was standing silent when Virat was proposing her on stage.

She leaves from there. Sonali asks Bhavani what game she is playing, she provoked Virat against Sai, then told Virat that there can be Satya in Sai’s life, now she wants to stop Sai and Satya’s marriage. Sai says its not a game, a family head has to take calculative measures for the sake of the family, she knows whatever happening is wrong and she will not let that happen.

Satya’s family asks what is he doing. Satya says they wanted him to marry and now when he is ready, they don’t want him to marry Sai. He tells Amba that Sai is also upbringing her daughter with great difficulty like Amba brought him up, then why she is not supporting Sai just because she is already married and has children. Amba says she is just worried for him at this time, Sai’s past will interfere her presence and will not let them live in peace; she saw how possessive Sai’s ex-husband is and he will not let them live in peace. Satya says she will marry Sai at any cost.

Amba says she will not let him marry Sai at any cost as married people just care for their family and children and no one else. She reveals that she fell in love of a married man who preferred his family over her and abandoned her when she was pregnant with Satya in her womb. She recalls leaving her house to elope with the man, but he didn’t come at all and chose his family instead. She says Sai will treat him like his father did and would pay attention to her first husband and children first, so she can’t let him suffer like her. Satya says he will not marry at all.

Ninad asks Sai if she is really marrying again. Sai says yes. Ninad asks did she think about children, how will she explain them, will they understand. Sai says she took a decision after much thought, its good for them all. Ninad says children will be divided. Sai says she came here to take Savi from here. Ninad says she can’t separate Savi from her family, she didn’t get her grandparents’ love, he will not let her take Savi away. Sai makes him sit and says this house will be Savi’s always, he will be Savi’s grandfather and Ashwini her grandmother; its a problem between her and Virat, but she will not let it affect her children’s future. Ninad says he can’t miss Savi coming to him anytime and requesting him carry her on his back, play harmonium, etc.; she can’t let Virat’s madness affect everyone’s lives. Sai says Virat has crossed his limits and has gone to a point of no return.

She continues that nothing will change and he should think that she and Savi are staying at Usha’s house and will meet him often. She plead him not to separate her from her daughter. Ashwini hearing their conversation says Sai is right that a mother shouldn’t be separated from her child, even Virat used to stay with her when Ninad used to get a job transfer. Ninad agrees to Sai. Bhavani hears their conversation and thinks nobody is understanding what is going to happen, she will not let Sai take Savi away from this house. She calls Virat.

Virat tells Sai that she can enjoy with Satya and do whatever she wants to, but dare not think of taking his daughter away from him. Sai angrily confronts him for his cheap thinking. Virat challenges her that she won’t be able to marry Satya and will have to return to him as nobody loves her more than him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.