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Lost in love on starlife, Monday 9th October 2023 update

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TV series

Lost in love on starlife Monday 9th October 2023 update, Sai enters Virat’s room and sees things spread allover. She recalls her and Virat’s quality moments together. Satya threatens to his family that he will never marry anyone if they don’t let him marry Sai. Maddy says he is blackmailing them. Satya asks if he doesn’t have a right on his own life. Amba says he forgot the difficulty she faced to upbring him and he is not understanding her pain.

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Satya says he understands her pain and hence hates his father immensely who is just his father for namesake, but its wrong that Amba writes his fate with an ink of her experience; Sai is completely different from his father and he can’t get a better wife than Sai. Maddy says Sai’s ex-husband is dying to marry her and here Satya also wants to marry Sai, she just can’t understand what is so great about Sai. Satya warns her to talk about a wom with respect. Maddy warns him back not to teach her whom to give respect, she saw that video where Sai agreed to marry her ex-husband and the very next day she came here and agreed to marry Satya.

Satya says Sai had to agree to marry Virat to escape from that situation and she agreed to marry him willingly here. He asks what happened to them, they were very happy to get him married to Sai and when the learned that Sai is already married, they started hating Sai.

Family gets adamant with their decision. Satya says their family will be of only 5 members as usual if they don’t let him marry Sai. They walk away. Satya thinks Amba doesn’t know that he and Sai are 2 broken people and its not wrong if he marries Sai for namesake and help her a bit. Savi rejoices when Vinu walks on his own. Vinu asks if he should try once more and is about to fall when Sai holds and hugs him. Savi hugs Sai next.

Sai makes vinu sit and tells him that his legs haven’t completely recovered yet but will soon, she got a gift for him for motivation. He asks what kind of gift. Sai shows him money and lucky bamboo plants and says both these plants will grow up in 10 days and as they grow, his legs will recover. Vinu says its a good idea. Sai fixes plants in a pot. Savi asks why she is fixing 2 plants in a pot as she had told her that they will not grow if she does so. Sai says she is right and fixes plants in 2 different pots. She says similarly they both will live in different houses and grow properly, Vinu will stay here and Savi will stay with her in another girl.

Vinu asks where will they stay. Sai says she and Savi will stay in Dr Satya’s house as she is marrying him. Vinu says he likes Dr Satya. Savi asks when she promised to marry baba, then why she is marry Dr Satya. Vinu asks if he its true. Savi insists to marry her baba. Sai says she promise to marry but not her baba. Vinu asks why didn’t she inform him about it. Savi says its her and baba’s secret, baba wanted to surprise him. She asks Sai again why can’t she marry baba. Sai says just like only 1 plant can stay in a pot, only one aayi and baba can stay in family, she doesn’t want to break Vinu’s family and asks if she wants to. Savi says no. Virat enters saying Savi will not leave her baba’s house. Sai takes him out and says she doesn’t want any drama in front of children, so he should let her take Savi away. Virat says she can merry with Satya and do whatever she wants to, but shouldn’t dare think of taking his daughter away from him.

Sai angrily holds his collar and asks how dare he is to talk like this. Virat says when a person’s action is wrong, they react like this. Sai says when a person’s thinking is wrong, even other’s good things look bad to him and when he brings his filthy thinking on his tongue, he shows how filthy he is, so he should keep his filthiness in his mind. Virat says he will not let his daughter go away from him. Sai asks why did he snatch her son and give him to Pakhi twice. Virat says he wants to correct his mistake and return Vinu to her after marrying her, but she doesn’t want that. Sai calls women empowerment organization member and asks her if she is ready. Woman say she is here with a few members, 2 lady constables, and commissioner’s letter; nobody can stop Sai from taking her daughter from Chavan nivas.

Virat tells Sai that she can take Savi with her, but soon will herself drop her back. Sai asks him to stop day dreaming. Virat says once she faces the wrath of the world, she will realize that nobody can love her more than him and soon she will leave Satya and return to him. Sai says she is right that he is day dreaming, that day will never come. Virat cchallenges her.

Virat insists to meet Satya alone and asks him not to inform Sai about their meeting. He speeds car towards Satya’s bike. Sai gets an important call. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.