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Imlie On Starlife, Thursday 12th October 2023 update

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TV series

Imlie On Starlife Thursday 12th October 2023 update, Imlie tells Dhairya that Rudra can be responsible for the injustice happened to him and not Atharva, then why he hates Atharva. Dhairya says Rudra left his amma/mother because of Atharva; Rudra wanted to divorce his wife and marry his amma, but didn’t do that as Atharva was going to be born; his amma couldn’t inform Rudra that she is pregnant as Rudra informed her before that he is going to be a father and hence can’t marry her; Atharva snatched his mother’s sindhoor and father’s affection from him; if Atharva was not born, he would have got a father’s name.

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Family pulls Atharva’s legs describing how happy he looks when he is around Imlie and asks him to accept that he loves Imlie. Devika says he should fill his and Imlie’s life with so much love that there shouldn’t be any place for misunderstanding between them. Shivani says he should propose Imlie today then. Atharva hesitates. Divya asks him to learn to be romantic like his chachaji Manish.

Ripu suggests to perform Athharva’s goad bharayi/baby shower ritual. Ginny asks if he has gone mad. Ripu says he means Atharva’s goad/lap will be filled with joy when Imlie accepts his proposal. Devika says goad bharai means baby shower. Ripu says same same. Shivani scolds him to learn traditions and moral values instead of wasting time in parties. Devika says its okay; if Atharva proposes Imlie and she accepts his proposal, soon there will be baby shower ritual. Atharva feels nervous. Keya and Akash think Atharva and Imlie are inseparable and think of informing about Atharva’s plan to Imlie.

Imlie asks how would he feel if someone blames him for his mother’s ill health. Dhairya says what nonsense. Imlie says she is making him realize that he is a hypocrite; if it was in her hands, her parents would have been alive, and if it was in his hands, his mother would have been well today; similarly, if it was in Atharva’s hands, Rudra wouldn’t have done a mistake; when they are not at mistake, how can Atharva be at a mistake; why he wants to punish Atharva which he doesn’t deserve. Dhairya says because Atharva ahs everything which should have been his; they live in a society where nobody shuts a door on their face if they have a father’s name and all the closed doors are opened if they have a rich father. Imlie asks if he is jhealous of Atharva’s ancestral wealth, does he know what Atharva doesn’t take a penny from his family.

Dhairya says Atharva gets respect as he is Rudra’s son and asks her not to fool him with such words as he can escape poverty and even such thoughts. Imlie says if he had escaped such thoughts, he wouldn’t have thought ill about Atharva. Dhairya warns her not to compare him with Atharva, Rudra is a sinner and a cheater. Dhairya’s mother hear that and gives him a tight slap. She warns him to dare not speak ill about his father or else he will see her dead face. She tells Rudra’s photo that his son has gone mannerless, he should correct him. Dhairya says amma and Imlie say he is wrong, then what is right and who will get justice to his mother. Imlie says she will; she will tell truth to Atharva, fight with the fate, and get him justice at any cost. Dhairya laughs and says his experience says its foolishness to trust rich people, but this time he wants to trust Imlie and if she fails in her promise and if his mother doesn’t get justice, he will snatch all his rights.

Imlie returns home and finds all lights off. Family switches on life and surprises her. Chini meets Dhairya and asks why he wants to trust Imlie, Keya informed him that Atharva is going to propose Imlie, so Imlie will not ruin her family’s happiness to get him justice. Dhairya says he trusts Imlie. Chini says she knows Imlie better than anyone and manipulates him against Imlie. She hands him over his parent’s photos and insists him to go visit Rudra’s house and reveal trut to everyone. She thinks she will not let Imlie experience love in her life, Dhairya should go and ruin her happiness.

Imlie stands confuses. Family insists Atharva to go and propose her. Atharva walks to her. Imlie says she wants to tell him something important. Atharva says even he wants to, which he should have long ago. Imlie asks if its something serious. Atharva says not at all and is about to propose her when Keya stops him and asks Atharva to let Imlie get ready first. Ginni takes Imlie to get her ready. Rudra asks Atharva to wait for some more time. Keya hopes Imlie gatecrashes and ruins Atharva’s plans. Ginni gets Imlie ready in a beautiful gown and says she is looking very beautiful. Imlie promotes Lotus white glow gel cream beauty product. Ginni thanks her and goes to get her earring. Imlie thinks how to speak to Atharva about it. Atharva enters and pulls her towards him, then holds her face. Imlie tries to speak. Atharva says let him speak. Imlie says whatever he wants to tell her will. Atharva says will change his world. Ginni enters and asks Atharva to have some patience and wait till party starts. Imlie says let her speak. Ginni sends Atharva down and wait for his wife.

Dhairya reaches Rana mansion with his parent’s pic and thinks its time to clear the scores, his amma didn’t get her love and hence even Atharva and Imlie will not. Imlie walks towards Atharva with Shivani and others. Atharva walks towards her thinking he hurt her since a few days, his love will heal his wounds. Imlie thinks truth will give him unhealing wounds and she was to reveal him truth before Dhairya does. She notices Dhairya who signals her to come out.

Atharva tells Imlie that she is. Imlie murmurs Dhairya and says she got some important office work and will return after discussing it with Dhairya. Keya taunts that Imlie can’t see anything than Dhairya and office. Devika says Imlie is a responsible boss and can’t make any mistakes. Imlie walks to Dhairya and asks what is he doing with photos. Dhairya says he will reveal truth to everyone. Imlie says she will. Dhairya says she will victimize Rudra and villainize his mother, so he will reveal truth. Imlie fails to stop him.

Dhairya enters Rana house with his bags. Atharva asks Dhairya who gave him permission to enter his house. Imlie says outsiders should take permission and not dear ones. Atharva asks if she is supporting Dhairya even after knowing truth. Imlie says she will not let someone else also suffer like her mother. Atharva warns her that he will not let his family shatter. Imlie says even she doesn’t want to break his family but can’t forgo her rules. Voiceover says differences are growing, will it bring a new storm. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.