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His mistress’s child on zee world, Wednesday 11th October 2023 update

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TV series

His mistress’s child on zee world Wednesday 11th October 2023 update, Arvind telling Yashoda that she has done a more big mistake than Ashok. Yashoda says I am not doing any mistake, but giving the right way to my husband’s misdeed. She says Ashok ji should have searched Mala and supported her as she was pregnant and he shouldn’t have married me. She says I will ask him when he returns and goes. Kamini asks Arvind not to fall prey to his Bhabhi and says you don’t know her truth, she will stick the work illegitimate on the door.

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Aastha tells Krishna that they don’t want to see his face. Krishna turns and asks them to take milk. Aastha refuses. Yashoda asks them to take, but they refuse and asks him to go from there. Yashoda asks Krishna not to bring milk for them again, and says she don’t want her kids to insult someone. She asks him to go. He goes. Yashoda says sorry to them and says I am not asking you to accept him as brother, but whenever you talk to him, you shall talk to him with respect. She says if you respect him, then even your Papa will be happy. She asks Aastha to call her for her maths problem. Aastha says ok.

Kamini and Arvind meet Varun. Kamini says she wants to shoot Krishna if she gets a gun. Varun gives a gun and asks her to kill him. Arvind says my jiji is not a murderer. Varun insults Arvind and shares his plan with them. Kamini says they have understood.

Later Amma gets restless and thinks of Krishna. She gets up and thinks of Babu ji’s words for him. She wakes him up. Babu ji asks her to say. Amma says if Krishna is Ashok’s son then I will not let him go anywhere, and will keep him with us. She says Ashok has left the house, and says if he is our ansh then what is the problem to call us as ours. Babu ji asks Amma to come with him. He takes her to yashoda’s room and knocks on the door. Yashoda asks what happened? Babu ji asks her to clap and tells her that your ghost has come on your saas, and tells that Krishna can’t be Ashok’s son. He asks her to keep her in her room and asks her to bring Malti in his room, when it gets proved that Varun is his father. He says then I will ask her, if she don’t believe her husband, but believes her daughter in law. Yashoda asks him to hear her. Babu ji goes to room and closes the door. Amma cries. Yashoda feels guilty and says I don’t want to hurt anyone, wants to bring out the truth. She says if your vansh wander on road then can you bear? Amma asks her to think what he is feeling? Yashoda says she is waiting for the reports.

Mahua calls Arvind and says a storm has come in the house, as Amma is sleeping in Bhabhi’s room. Arvind says so what? Mahua says Amma is going to Bhabhi’s side. She says Bhabhi will win in her conspiracy and asks him to go and tell Amma not to fall in her trap. Arvind says you shall learn from Bhabhi, but you spit poison against her. Mahua gets angry and says due to such things, the house peace breaks. He tells her that the tea which she drinks early morning, is always made by yashoda.

Krishna tells Chotu that he took 6 months to come in his senses. He says he is very happy. Chotu hugs him. Yashoda gives him chocolates. Chotu gives one to Krishna and then asks about Sir ji. He asks Krishna to say and says I was asking as I like meeting him. He says good people don’t meet us. The warden comes there and tells that the couple has adopted Chotu. Krishna tells the couple about Chotu and tells that he will love the people with whoever he stays. The couple laughs. The guy tells that they shall adopt Krishna also. Yashoda says he is mine, and says she is his doosri maa. Krishna says I will stay with her only else stay alone. She asks Chotu to take care of himself and thanks warden. Krishna asks chotu to take care. They are about to leave. The lady asks what is the doosri maa? Yashoda says she is a mother, though she haven’t given him birth. She says she loves him equally like loving her daughters. She says though he regards her as second mother, she loves him as her son.

Kamini telling Arvind that they shall do as Varun has said. Varun gets a call and says you will get the reward for this. He messages Dr. Ajay. Dr. Ajay is worried that his video might gone viral. Yashoda tells Krishna that he was silent when Chotu asked him for Ashok. Krishna asks her to smile and says then I will say. He says nothing is more to me than your smile, not even my hatred for your husband. Arvind and Kamini come to yashoda and say that they are defeated.

Varun comes to Dr. Ajay and is blackmailing him. Dr. Ajay says that girl and you have trapped me. Varun asks him to write in the report that Krishna is his son and not of Ashok Gupta, else he will make the video viral. Dr. Ajay asks him to stop. Arvind tells Yashoda that she shall think before doing anything. Varun threatens Dr. Ajay and asks him to say that Krishna’s son. Yashoda talks that the troubles don’t end if back off, but if faced well, then the way seems be easy. She says I will not let anything happen toBabu ji. Krishna says bade malik is very strong, and says he is happy that he will not be called as illegitimate.

Varun calls Kamini and tells that Dr. will lie. Kamini tells Arvind that they shall pretend as if they have lost, and then they will celebrate after reports come in their favor. Aastha and Nupur pray to God that Krishna shall not be the son of their father. Babu ji tells Krishna that the girls are asking for this, instead of chocolate etc. Krishna gets sad and thinks of his mother’s words. Yashoda comes and sits beside him. Krishna tells her that his mother had told him. yashoda says that he shall smile when alone. Krishna says yes, but tears come out of his eyes. Yashoda says these are not tears, but it is our pain which melts and comes out. She says if I don’t let this pain to develop then it will not come out. Krishna asks to whom you are saying this. Yashoda says to both, and asks him to smile. She tickles him. Krishna says no Madam ji. Kamini thinks you both can laugh today as you both have to cry after DNA report comes.

Dr. Ajay comes to Gupta house and says Suresh Gupta and Varun’s DNA test happened to match with Krishna. He tells that Krishna’s DNA matches with Suresh Gupta’s DNA. He recalls Yashoda coming to him and asking if Varun came to meet him. He says he don’t remember. Yashoda says he might have threatened you to change the report and asks him to write only the truth in the report. She says the boy is 10 years old and has suffered a lot, and asks him not to do injustice with Krishna. Dr. Ajay recalls Varun’s threat and asks him to go. yashoda says I am sure that God will never take any wrong decision as Doctor is like a God to them. Dr. Ajay says Krishna is the grand son of Suresh Gupta. Everyone is shocked.

Babu ji asks neighbors to throw Krishna out. Yashoda asks them to give answer to Krishna’s three questions. The neighbors ask what is his three questions. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.