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Guddan on zee world, Tuesday 17th October 2023 update

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TV series

Guddan on zee world Tuesday 17th October 2023 update, Niya says this is my house and you have right to kick me out. Guddan says I won’t let you ruin my mood on Diwali. Agastya will talk to you himself. Guddan drags her out. Niya says leave me. Guddan says you have no right to be here. Get out. Niya says this is my husband’s house. Guddan says mummy ji ask this Niya to leave. Agastya is driving fast. He says to Arushi I love Guddan. I have to tell Guddan before someone else tells her. Pushpa holds Niya’s hand.

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Guddan says what are you doing? Kick her out. Pushpa says how can I kick out my DIL? You heard right. Niya is my DIL and Agastya’s first wife. Everyone is shocked. Arti falls from Guddan’s hand. Pushpa says I was also tired of doing this drama. Guddan is about to fall. Pushpa says careful, I did this for the child in your womb. Niya’s Niya Mittal. Daughter of the richest business tycoon. She had all the money but she couldn’t give birth to a child. So we wanted an idiot girl who can give birth to the heir of our family. So we found you, a stupid girl who would trust anyone. We needed someone who would give us news of your house inside.

Saru says your DJ kicked me out so I took my revenge. You couldn’t do anything. DJ and Aarav left you as well. No one is yours now. Agastya comes in and says I am Guddan’s and Guddan is mine. Everyone is shocked. Pushpa says this was my plan, don’t forget. Agastya stands with Guddan says it was your plan not mine. Agastya says Guddan ma exchanged the letter, I wrote all truth in it. Trust me. Guddan shouts trust? Guddan says first friend, then wife? You deceived me at every stage of life. Why? What was my fault? She cries. Agastya says I know I am your culprit. Please trust me. Pushpa says don’t beg this girl. Guddan shouts enough. You have fooled a daughter, a wife and a daughter in law. But remember you can’t fool a mother. I won’t give my child to anyone even if I am alone. Pushpa says your womb is rental. Agastya says enough ma. He stands in front of Guddan. He says this child is my and Guddan’s. Only we both have right on him. Niya says what are you saying Agastya? I am your wife. Agastya says I married you in maa’s pressure and it was business deal only. That’s all our marriage was. Here are the divorce papers. I have signed them, now you sign them as well. Niya says what is he saying? My papa has so much power. Tell him mummy ji, he will ruin your family. I will teach this Guddan a lesson.

Niya is about to hit Gudadn with a rod. Agastya holds it and slaps Niya. Agastya says do what you want, I won’t leave Guddan. I will go to the police station. He puts a knife on Niya and says sign it. Arushi gives her a pen. Agastya says sign it or Iw ill kill you. Niya signs it. He turns back. Guddan isn’t there. Agastya looks for Guddan. Pushpa says my plan is ruined.

Scene 2
Guddan walks outside. She recalls Pushpa’s words. Guddan sits down and cries. Agastya comes there. Guddan says go from here. I won’t give my child to anyone. He says I love you both a lot. No one will take our child. Please trust me. I love you both. I wrote everything in the letter. I didn’t know ma exchanged it. Guddan cries and sobs. Guddan says you didn’t know about the letter right? But you knew it all when you were marrying right? I feel pity for myself that I married a man like you. Agastya says I love you. Guddan says what love is this? You hurt me every time. Agastya says I know my family and I have hurt you a lot. He says I love you. Please trust me. I will give my life to protect this child. I will do anything for you. This house is yours. This child is yours even if I have to go away from me. I will always be around for the protection of you and my child.

Agastya comes downstairs. Pushpa says where are you going? He says going away from Guddan is the biggest punishment I deserve. Pushpa says you can’t leave. He says you did all this. I can’t live with you. I lost my love and you lost your son. He leaves. Guddan says stop Agastya. He turns back. Guddan says I don’t know if I will forget what happened. But what’s happening isn’t right. We are family and I won’t let this family shatter on Diwali. I loved you. I trusted you. You saved my life. And now I am going to be the mother of your child. I don’t want my child to live away from his father. So I am ready to live this marriage with you but I have a condition.

Guddan says I am ready to keep this marriage. But I have a condition. Now, these compromised relationships can’t work. You will have to make me your wife legally. Pushpa says I don’t accept it. Agastya says but I do. He says I will give my life but won’t betray you. You did everything as a wife. I will be a husband and a father now. Your heart will never break again. He holds her hand. Agastya says Guddan’s husband is with her. Anything on her would pass through me first. We will start this relationship on this Diwali.

Guddan and Agastya do the pooja together. Pushpa comes and puts candle on her hand. Pushpa says what are you doing ma? She says my sins have crossed all limits. I am a sinner to all of you. I have hurt Guddan and her unborn child. I should be punished. Agastya says your hand is burning, please stop it. Guddan puts water on the candle. Pushpa sits in her feet. Pushpa says forgive me Guddan. I got blinded. Please forgive me. Guddan says ma what are you doing? Agastya says maa you have done this drama before and everyone knows what happened after that. Pushpa says I know I shouldn’t be trusted but don’t I deserve a chance? I want to see my family happy. I want to give Guddan all the happiness. If I want to live with my grandchild can’t I have that right? Agastya says you did but it’s better for Guddan that you stay away from her. Agastya is silent. Pushpa says okay then after Diwali I will leave this house.

Guddan says you won’t go anywhere. What’s better than having family united on Diwali? You will stay here with us. Our house will only be brightened. Guddan asks everyone to put candles in the house and light up.

Scene 2
The next day, Agastya makes butter for Guddan. She makes her eat. Guddan says I don’t like butter. He says but it’s good for health. The baby likes it for sure. He makes her eat. Pushpa comes in. Pushpa says Guddan I got you this black thread, you can wear it if you like. Agastya says we won’t like if you stay in guilt. Guddan says let’s start afresh. I know dadi’s prayer will protect me and the baby always. Pushpa ties it on her hand. Pushpa says I have invited my friends. They will really like it. Guddan says I don’t have gifts for anyone. Agastya says I will bring the gifts. Agastya says take care of my wife maa. Pushpa says you rest. He leaves. Guddan says I will take care of my baby like my parents did. I just fear it sometimes.. Pushpa says nothing will go wrong now. Pushpa says just rest now. Guddan says in heart I hope everything remains good. I hope the divorce of Niya and Agastya is finalized as well.

Shona says how did jiji change so fast? Is this your plan? Saru says I am also confused. Shona says why is jiji going all melting over Guddan now? She does everything for benefit. Pushpa comes there. Pushpa says carry on. Shona says I wasn’t speaking against you. Pushpa says yes whatever I do has my benefit and what I am doing now will have most benefit to me. Tonight Guddan and her baby’s life will change forever. Saru says it will be a dark night for Guddan.

Scene 3
Guddan comes downstairs. No one is there. It’s all dak. Guddan says no guests are here. Guddan says let me see.. Shona says all preps are done. Guddan says where are the guests? Pushpa comes. Guddan says where are your friends? Pushpa says they are with me. Saru comes and says how are you Choti? Niya comes there as well. They surround Guddan. Guddan is scared. Guddan says what is Niya doing here? Ask her to leave. Pushpa says you will know what is happening and why? I wanted to thank you for being pregnant. And for being so dumb that you gave me a second chance. Guddan is shocked.

Pushpa says I want to thank you. Guddan says for what? She says for being so stupid, for being pregnant, for sending your husband out of this house. For making it all easy for me. I planned the game so well but I never thought my son will go against me. He went against me once and he did the same this time because of you. You have invited your death while being in this house. You are one against 4. They all have hockey sticks. Guddan is shocked. Guddan says you can’t do anything like this.. Agastya.. Pushpa says you thought you will take our happiness and we will just watch? You will pay for going against Pushpa. Guddan says do you have any humanity left? I won’t give my child to anyone. Pushpa says we will see.

Shona hits Guddan. Saru hits Guddan. Niya hits her and says Agastya is mine only. Guddan holds her stick and says I won’t let you harm my child. Niya says you got so much strength? Guddan says this is a mother’s strength. You won’t understand. This is the reason why you were not given this blessing.. Pushpa says how dare you say that to Niya. Guddan shoves her and runs. Pushpa says look for her. Niya and everyone look around for Guddan.

Guddan hides in the temple.. Guddan says where is Agastya. He left his phone here. Guddan tries to sneak out. Pushpa says find her. She can’t leave this house. Pushpa says why is the gate open. Niya says I looked upstairs as well.

Scene 2
Agastya calls Guddan. He says why isn’t she picking. Arushi says you can’t stay away from her for a second? He says no had to ask her what to bring. Rashi says you have become so romantic like Hindi movie heroes. I like it. Agastya says I need to protect her from everything. Why is she not picking? Arushi says she must be asleep. He calls Pushpa. She doesn’t pick either. Agastya says something doesn’t feel right. We need to go back home.

Guddan comes upstairs. She tries to find her phone. Agastya is on his way. Guddan calls him. He doesn’t pick. Agastya sees his phone. He sees Guddan’s missed call. Agastya calls back. Arushi says she will be fine. Relax. Agastya says no I have to see her with my eyes. Niya finds Guddan. They start beating her. Agastya comes in. Guddan screams Agastya.. Agastya sees Guddan fainted. He is shocked. Agastya picks Guddan and rushes her to hospital. Pushpa says I can’t lose my son Agastya. Second phase of the game will start now.

Scene 3
Agastya takes Guddan to hospital. Pushpa says if she survives we will all be in trouble. She has to die. Agastya looks at Pushpa. He says how did this happen? I left her with you home. Pushpa says I asked her to rest, then I was in kitchen when you came back. Shona says she might have slipped from stairs. Agastya says if anything happens to Guddan and my child I will destroy everything. Doctor comes out. Agastya says how is she? Doctor says she’s in coma. Arushi says is her baby safe? Doctor says baby survived. Injuries are serious, we can’t say anything. Agastya says my baby and Guddan will be fine. She’s the strongest. Rashi cries. Agastya says don’t cry. She’s so strong. He shoves Pushpa’s hand and says she is in this condition because of me.

Agastya looks at Guddan through the door. Agastya recalls his moments with Guddan. He recalls Guddan accepting the marriage. Pushpa says Arushi take Rashi home. Agastya will stay in the hospital. Rashi says would mama be fine? Pushpa says we are all praying for that. Go home and rest. They leave.

Shona says what will we do? Pushpa says she will stay in coma. The baby is still safe. We will take baby from her and give it to NIya. Because of Niya’s family our business is this big. I will get her the right place in this house. I will win this game.

Agastya sits with Guddan. He says get up Guddan. You have to get up for me. Niya is in her dark room. She hears anklet. Guddan comes towards her. Niya says you here? Don’t come near me. Pushpa says what happened? She says ma Guddan.. Pushpa says she’s in hospital. How can she come here? Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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