Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Wednesday 28th July 2021 update

Aryaman agrees for the DNA test. Lavanya keeps a driver and Girish says he is not from any agency, I can’t risk our lives in a stranger’s hands. Lavanya asks the man to leave and she will call him later. She asks him to give his contact number.

Tumhari Pakhi

Tumhari Pakhi

Lavanya says she is going to doctor. Anuja asks Aryaman not to feel bad. Aryaman says no problem, I did not feel bad even when I did not had this identity. He goes to the lab to give his blood sample. He looks at the blood sample collector with his name and sees Lavanya’s blood sample there too. He gives the blood. He acts like he is hurt and says he will lie down for a moment. The nurse makes him lie on the bed. He quickly exchanges the blood samples till the nurse turns. She asks what was he doing there. He says my stomach was aching, so doing exercise.

He makes the nurse busy again. A doctor comes with mask and meets Aryaman. The nurse leaves. Aryaman says my work is over and starts leaving. The man catches Aryaman and fights with him. Aryaman goes ahead to beat him and he says I m Sandeep, your brother, did you forget. He says I came to see is everything fine, finish the work soon, they are big people, if they catch you, it will be a problem. “read daily updates at” Aryaman says he has changed the samples. Lavanya and Pakhi wait outside. Pakhi says we will go and see Aryaman. Sandeep says great. Sandeep says the truth could have come out, that you just look like Anshuman and is not related to this family. Pakhi and Lavanya walk in and they get shocked seeing the ladies.

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Pakhi asks is it done. Aryaman says I was also asking this. Lavanya says come now, its over. Sandeep smiles. Aryaman comes back home and sees cameras everywhere, the security and servants. Pakhi meets Ayaan and he reminds her of her promise to repair that helicopter. She says sorry, tomorrow it will be done. Aryaman repairs the helicopter. It flies and everyone smile. Pakhi says I will call Anshuman and tell the tests are done well. Anuja asks did Aryaman feel bad. Pakhi says no, he knows this was necessary. Anuja says he does not say anything. Pakhi says don’t think much, I will take fresh apple for him.

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Aryaman comes to his room and takes out a knife laughing. He calls someone and says everywhere there are cameras, don’t tell me how to work, I will do it tonight at 11pm. Pakhi comes and he gets tensed seeing her. She brings fruits and gives him. He says keep it there. Ht thinks of the knife kept there and stops her. Pakhi does not see it and leaves. Anshuman talks to Pakhi. She asks him to come home early. He says I have much work. Music plays………….. as she asks for a kiss. She gives him a kiss on the phone and he drops the phone. He says fine, I will come home early. She says one more and kisses him. He reduces the time ad she keeps kissing. She laughing.

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Girish comes home and Lavanya is annoyed with Girish. Lavanya asks Girish to leave. Aryaman hears this and gets angry on Anshuman. He scolds Lavanya and asks how can she talk like this to her husband. Aryaman says a women should be kept in control. Pakhi says this is not the way to talk. Aryaman says she should know her limit. Lavanya is hurt by his words.

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