Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Wednesday 21st July 2021 update

Pakhi and Anshuman talks. She gives a letter to him where she writes about Rohan and the competition. She says I don’t want to wait for 18 years again, don’t leave me aloe, aas I want to go back home with you now. She says take me home Anshuman, I realized I can’t live without you now, I don’t want to part in competition, if I win, then I will lose my love. He says I will wait for you. She says but I can’t wait. He says self esteem is my Pakhi’s beauty and commitments is her trait, I can’t take you like this, promise me you will try to win the competition.

Tumhari Pakhi

Tumhari Pakhi

Pakhi does not. He says promise me that you will give your best tomorrow and no one will blame my Pakhi. She says no, I don’t want to keep any contract. She cries and holds his hand. He says you can’t get weak, come on promise me. Saiyyan………………plays…………. She says fine, I will do what you say, your Pakhi will keep this promise. She says but you have to promise me that as we left everything on Lord then we will wish to complete this relation, I want to be yours by heart and soul. He holds her face.

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He kisses her. She says 1 min and goes. Girish comes to Anuja and apologizes to her. He has said a lot. Anuja says why are you sorry, you are right, I came in between you and Lavanya, I forgot she is not a kid anymore, she has a family. Girish says its my mistake. He says Lavanya and I are so close, that I felt very important in her life, then you came and I felt jealous seeing Lavanya going closer to her mum, but its true. Anuja says its fine, “read daily updates at” and hugs him. Lavanya cries seeing them. Anuja hugs her. Lavanya feels the baby kick. Anuja and Girish try to feel it and stop. Girish holds Anuja’s hand and asks her to feel it first.
Anuja smiles and wishes a happy family for Anshuman too. Anshuman and Pakhi has some romantic moments. He fills the sindoor. Bairi jiya………………plays……………..He makes her wear the mangalsutra. They smile seeing each other and hug. He kisses her forehead and she surrenders herself to him. They get closer and intimate. Bol dil se…………….plays……………

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Its morning, Anuja asks Lavanya to be careful. Lavanya asks is she worried. Anuja says nothing. Lavanya says what Girish said….. Anuja says no, Girish and Anshuman are my sons. Girish says good news, my manager called and said he found good clues about Deepak. So I will leave for Rajasthan and I will bring Deepak. Anuja says you be with Lavanya, she needs you. Girish says it looks you did not forgive me. He says a mum takes the best care of her daughter you take care of Lavanya, I will do my duty. Lavanya says I m pregnant, not a patient, I m fine, I don’t need two people to take care of me, you go Girish and don’t worry about us. Girish smiles and leaves.

Pakhi gets ready for the final round and thinks about Anshuma’s words. She prays to Lord that she does not get weak by heart. Anshuman packs his bag to leave for Shimla. Anshuman asks the Lord to keep Pakhi’s pride high, she does not bend infront of anyone, he wants to take Pakhi back with pride. The puppet show of Dhola Maaru starts. Rohan and Pakhi manage the puppets. It’s a story of love, uniting, separating and then final union. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman. Rohan asks Pakhi to focus. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman and tells about Dhola Maaru’s love.

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Pakhi says only lucky people get love, so don’t lose it. Everyone clap. Rohan smiles. Anshuman is on the way. The marks of the team is 300 and it’s a tie with team Japan. Anshuman is going to the airport. They decide to choose the winner by the lucky draw. Rohan says anyone will win like this. The lucky draw is done. Pakhi closes her eyes. The winner is declared as Team Japan. Rohan is shocked whereas Pakhi is happy. She smiles.

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