Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Thursday 22nd July 2021 update

Pakhi runs to Anshuman happily as she lost the competition. Saiyyan……………….plays…………. Anshuman is at the airport. Pakhi comes running to him calling out Anshuman. He turns and looks at her. He says Pakhi………….. He runs towards her and they hug. Bairi jiya tumpe piya…………….plays……………She tells him about the competition result and their love won. He says I love you Pakhi and hugs her. She says take me from here Anshuman, I want to go home to Ayaan, in my happy family, I was not happy here. He says yes, I was also thinking what will I do there witjout you, lets go.

Tumhari Pakhi

Tumhari Pakhi

Rohan comes and stops them. Anshuman and Pakhi holds hands. Rohan says no Anshuman, you can’t tale Pakhi like this, you have cheated me. Pakhi says what cheat, I played fair with honesty, the fate had this. Rohan says no, you wrote this fate, you manipulated everything, come with me, I have proof of everything what you did. Anshuman says fine, we are not afraid, we did not do wrong. He says take us where you want. Saiyyan…………..plays…………. as Anshuman holds Pakhi’s hand.

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He brings them home. Anshuman asks what proof do you have. Rihan asks Pakhi does she really want to go with Anshuman. He says do you want to trust him again, he cheated you for four months, how can you trust him in 40 days. Pakhi says he is my husband, you don’t any right to insult him, what happened to you. Rohan reminds her what Anshuman did with her. Pakhi says I always loved him, what he did was to make a stranger live his life, but his regretting was pure. Rohan smiles and says regret? He says I will break these flowers, now if I regret, can they become like before.

Pakhi says you think so, he is regretting from pure heart. She says no one can separate me from Anshuman now, I regret that my friend could not understand me, you said friends can always understand. Anuja says you got your happiness because of him Pakhi. Pakhi and Anshuman are surprised seeing her. Pakhi says Anuja you. Rohan touches her feet. Anshuman says Maa, you here. Pakhi is shocked to know she is Anshuman’s mum. Anshuman touches her feet too. Pakhi asks is she your mum. Anuja says you gave me my family, this is your family too.

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Rohan smiles. Anuja says Anshuman is my son, I m his mum. I m Devki Rathore. She hugs Pakhi. Pakhi says why did you not tell me. Rohan says Anshuman became more pure now. He says I would have got slapped by Pakhi. Pakhi asks whats all this. Rohan says I will tell you, Anuja told me everything before, when she found out I m her friend, she asked me to help Pakhi. Rohan says I manipulated all this, to test Anshuman’s love. Anuja says how Anshuman went through all tests, this proves he really loves you Pakhi. Rohan says sorry Pakhi, we were stuck in Rohan, I m responsible for this, I did it to test Anshuman. He says you won’t get anyone who loves you so much. You both love each other, I tried hard to shake her trust and love, but she really loves you. Bol dil se………….plays……….. Anshuman and Pakhi smile. Anshuman thanks Rohan and says I m jealous to see a good friend with Pakhi. Rohan says we are also friends and hugs Anshuman. Rohan asks them to go back home and be happy forever. Pakhi cries and Rohan jokes saying I hate tears. He says some filmi lines to make them smile. Anshuman asks him to come India. Rohan says no, I will be here to unite more lovers. Everyone smile.

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Anshuman, Pakhi and Anuja come back home in Shimla. Anuja asks them to wait at the door and not come inside. She says I promised I will do the aarti when my bahu comes, its her ghar pravesh today. She says I will bring the aarti plate. Pakhi and Anshuman smile.

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