Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Monday 19th July 2021 update

Pakhi asks them to leave Anshuman. Anshuman asks her to focus on competition. Pakhi says we will give you money right here, don’t take him. Rohan stops Pakhi and draws her far from Anshuman. Anshuman is taking away and thinks how he has seen fire being caught by the incense sticks which Pakhi kept, if the panel knows this, she will be disqualified, so he has taken the blame on himself. He takes the incense sticks and keeps a cigarette there by buying it. Pakhi cries, Rohan says leave him, are you mad, he did the mistake, he did this intentionally to make us lose the competition. She says give me my money.

Tumhari Pakhi

Tumhari Pakhi

He says Anshuman is rich, this amount is very less for him, he can free himself on his own. She says no, I can’t see him in jail here, I worry about him, and want to free him, when I was in jail, he did everything to free me even when he did not love me, but I can do anything as I love him a lot. Rohan is stunned. They go to the police station and pay the fine, asking them to free Anshuman. They say we can’t let them go today, but tomorrow. She says leave him now, I will bring him back tomorrow for formalilities, I assure you I will be back here tomorrow.

Rohan says they won’t listen. Pakhi says I beg you, he is my husband. They refuse and call Anshuman a criminal. She says you can keep my jewellery too. Anshuman sees this. Pakhi says I can’t see Anshuman in this satte. She sees Anshuman and smiles. Anshuman signs her no. She goes to meet him. She cries. They touch hands across the glass. Anshuman asks her to smile.

She says I will come tomorrow morning to free you, this night will be longest for me. She leaves. Girish comes home and Lavanya asks him where was he. He says for some work, you were busy with Anuja, I thought she is here to take care of you, why are this books here. She says I kept it. He says I felt you don’t need them, that time was different, we were alone, now Anuja is with us. She says I want to read this books with you. Ashok comes and says Anuja is calling Lavanya. Girish says go please.

Pakhi cries thinking about Anshuman. Mujhko irade de…………..plays…………..Rohan brings food for Pakhi but she does not have it. Sun raha hai tu……………plays……………Its morning, Pakhi comes to do the formalities to free Anshuman. Anshuman is freed. The inspector says people like you spoil the name of your country, you should be banned in any country, you can’t take part in the competition. leave this country before 1 pm, the visa will be cancelled and you will be deported as illegal immigrant.

Pakhi gives the inspector a lecture. Rohan taunts Anshuman and says you won’t be here with Pakhi now, the Lord has given the result. Rohan says you can’t even live with us at home, lets go Pakhi. Saiyyan……………plays………… Rohan takes Pakhi’s from there holding her hand reminding her of promise. Anshuman asks Pakhi to go. Anshuman encourages Pakhi to go ahead for the competition and hugs her. He say go and win the competition, all the best. Rohan takes Pakhi away while Anshuman looks on.

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