To die for love on joy prime, Wednesday 13th October 2021 update

To die for love on joy prime, Wednesday 13th October 2021 update

Deep gives arohi cloth to dress her wound. She says how did you save me? He says be glad that you are safe. I tracked your location. Arohi says I knew you would save me. He says yes I saved you because I dont’ want Tara to do another murder. She has started killing people again. i wanted tara to not kill another person. Arohi says then she would have been in this car. He says we have to go.

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Inspector comes to Roma’s place. She says how could fake police come and arrest my daughter. He says why did they take her? They took her on basis of a murder. Who was killed here? Roma says Mahraj our chef was killed. Arohi killed him and burned him not Tara.

Deep and Arohi come home. Deep says inspector is here. Deep says if you stay as Tara you can be save. You have

to save yourself. Go in and get arrested or run from here. Arohi says I know you will save me. He says hurry up there isn’t much time.

Roma says Arohi is my duaghter’s look alike. She was arrested in shimla but ran from there. He says Arohi can never do that because she is dead. Virat says she is alive and she fooled you all. Deep and arohi come home, Roma says Deep tell commissioner that Arohi killed Mahraj. Virat says where is tara? Arohi comes in and says I am here. Roma hugs her. she says are you okay? She says yes. Roma says tell commissioner who killed Maharaj. Arohi says I came from such a dangerous situation. Commissioner says if you didn’t write the report that means you are trying to save your daughter. If you bring both Arohi and Tara to me together I will have to arrest Tara.

Tara is anger. Chawani says give me water. she puts knife on his neck. She says why deep loves Arohi even if she shot him. Chawani says because my didi deserves to be loved. Her heart is pure and she thinks of others. Tara says to get my deep I have end this Arohi’s game. Chanwi says he will never love you. she says if you say a word I will kill you. I love deep. She took everything from me. I will kill Arohi.

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Deep says I asked you to go. she says I know you would get worried. He says you want to know about chawani and bhabhi. She says I want to know about them but I came here for you. Tara showed me her video in which you were shooting her. Is she with tara? I am so scared she will harm her. Deep says she can’t because I have kept her in a place.. She says I knew you would save her. Please take me to her. Deep says no. He leaves.

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Roma says in one week we have to present arohi and Tara together. I don’t know what to do. Virat says deep can’t help us. He is with Arohi. We asked him if he knows anything but he didn’t say anything. Before he attacks us we should attack him. Roma says we have to be calm and plan it well.

Deep gets a call. Its Tara. Tara says you still remember my name? Deep says you can’t reality. she says don’t fool me. You knew arohi lives with you but you helped me her. tell me why. He says meet me i will explain you everything. She says come where you have kept bhabhi. Deep wonders how she knows where he has kept Arohi. He says how does she know? Deep leaves. arohi follows him.

Deep comes to a house. Deep says bhabhi.. Arohi comes in. They hear Ritu screaming. Ritu says where are you taking me. tara comes. She says this was the recording ten mins ago when I abducted her from here. DEep says how did you get here? She says you kept Arohoi’s bhabhi safe here all these years? I followed you before you came here. Arohi says how can do anything to my bahbhi.

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Tara says shut up. she says deep why did you betray me? You shouldn’t have done this. She points gun at him. Tara says you said you love Arohi. How can you give her my right. Deep says put the gun down. Tara says do you love me or Arohi? Deep says I will explain everything.

She says there is no time. Your eyes say that you love Arohi. I give you one chance. Shoot the one you don’t love. Take this gun. Start a new life with the one you love. Deep looks at arohi. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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