To die for love on joy prime, Thursday 22nd July 2021 update

Sunanda brings her lawyer. Arohi tells him everything. He says after everything you told it is difficult to get you bailed out because we don’t have a proof. Arohi says I do have a proof. I have a memory card that has deep saying that he did all this. He says where are those memory cards? Arohi says I don’t have them. They leave. Suanda says where is it? Arohi says I hid it somewhere. Sunanda says I will come with you. RItu says please don’t go Arohi. Arohi says no i have to go their for all of us. Ritu says I am really worried. Niku holds Arohi’s hand and says please come soon. Arohi leaves with Sunanda.

To die for love

To die for love

Arohi comes to the place where she hid it. She says I found it. Deep comes and says give it to us. Sunanda says shame on you. Arohi don’t

be scared. DEep says don’t move. Deep says I will kill you Arohi. Arohi says I wont. Sunanda’s driver tries to take gun from Deep. Prithvi shoots him. Prithvi says dont’ try to run. Arohi says I wont. He shoots. Sunanda comes in front of Arohi. She falls down. Arohi says why did you have to do this. Deep says you are responsible for this. If you didn’t take her help she would have been alive. Arohi says why are you doing this. Deep says if you want niku and ritu alive give us the cards. “read daily updates at” Deep grasps her hair and says give me the card. She says I wont. Deep shoves her. Prithvi foot on her hand. Deep takes the card from her. Arohi says give it to me. Deep breaks the cards. Arohi says please.. He crushes it and shoves Arohi. She faints. Deep and Prithvi leave. Police comes. Laksh sees Arohi and picks her.
Scene 2
Arohi wakes up in police station. She is brought to court. All the family of Deep give statement against her as witness. The court announces 15 years jail for Arohi. Police takes her. Deep says can’t believe you are the girl i loved so much. Well I don’t have much time now. I can’t give you anything more than sympathy. Take this geeta. It will give you some power. Arohi looks at him angrily. She takes the geeta. Deep leaves. Arohi recalls their moments together.

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Constable takes Geeta from Arohi. Laksh comes. ARohi says did you find bhabi? Where is Niku? He says I tried to find them everywhere but couldn’t. Arohi says please find them. Please protect them. For sake of humanity please help them. Laksh says I am sorry. I will find them. I know your life is ruined and only I can understand. I will go to sumpreme court to prove that you are innocent. Police takes Aarohi. Arohi says to constable I didn’t do anything please don’t lock me here. She slaps her and says everyone who comes here says that.
Arohi comes to jail. One of the fellow prisoner says a new girl has come and she is very dangerous. She has done 11 murders but got only 15 years of detention. you should punish her mausi. Arohi is scared. She says I was trapped in all this. I didn’t kill anyone. Mausi says everyone who comes here says this. No one says she did this. The other says yeah like all of us. Mausi says to other yeah of course you didn’t do pieces of your husband either. Mausi says we know everything. And we are also innocnet. Arohi is scared. She caresses Arohi’s face. She says this jail is an oven. Anyone who comes here has to burn. Arohi is scared. She laughs. They all say welcome. Arohi is crying. Mausi says so innocent. They are both laughing at her. Mausi says massage my feet. Arohi massages her feet. Mausi says I did a bet and I dont’ like losing. Die and become Mausi’s favorite or she will ruin your life more. Mausi laughs.

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Tara gives deep a drink and says cheers. Arohi goes to jail’s washroom. Another prisoner knocks and says why you take so long. At night, Arohi is crying. She recalls how Deep fooled her. Arohi lives life of a prisoner. She sits for lunch.
Arohi takes her food and sits in a corner. Arohi says deep your ruined my life. She recalls Sunanda dying. She says my dreams and life were taken from me and I am left alone.
Arohi recalls Laksh’s promise. She asks constable did someone come to meet me? Inspector Laksh? My Bhabhi? Arohi comes out. She says did someone want to meet me? There are women inside. They don’t let me stay in there peace. Inspector says shut up. This isn’t your house. Go inside.
Arohi goes back in. Mausi throttles her and says how dare you. So you would go out and say things about us.

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