To die for love on joy prime, Thursday 15th July 2021 update

Prithvi says do you want to keep it in your room? She says no I want it in hall. He leaves. Arohi says I am sure you are the one who is helping that doppelganger.

To die for love

To die for love

Prithvi tells Tara about the teddy bear. Tara says there is something wrong. She is very clever. She took my deep as well. I wont leave her. Arohi wakes up and sees her room full of teddy bears. She says who brought these? deep says yesterday I got to know you like them a lot. She says you spoil me a lot. he says because you are mine. She holds his hand and they both dance together. Arohi says I want to talk to you. I am really worried for us. Can I do something for us will be with me? He says I will always be with you. He says let me go and get you breakfast. No one is home. Only we are home and our love. He leaves.

Tara comes in hall and says Arohi come out. This is my house. How dare you put this ugly teddy in my house. I hate everything that you like. Are you a child? i will ruin it. She throws it on floor. Deep says shut up. Arohi will listen tara. Arohi says you can’t save her today. I will ruin her life. Deep says shut up and go from here. She says I will expose you and Arohi will see your real face. She will know you are the real mastermind behind this. Deep says you wont tell her anything. Prithvi take her from here or we will all be stuck.

Give me only 10 days. Tara says I wont give you any more time. he will try to save that Arohi again. prithvi says lets give him one chance. Tara leaves. Arohi comes there. She says what was happening here? He says actually I.. She says who threw my teddy? Deep says it might have slipped. Arohi places it back on the table. Arohi says there is one thing that you don’t know. He says what? She says your smile is so cute. he says lets have breakfast.

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Scene 2
Deep brings Arohi to Nikhil’s house. He says to Niku are you doing well? Are you going to school? he says yes. Niku says bua did you tell uncle about the teddy? deep says what truth about teddy? Arohi says there was a camera in the teddy. I wanted to see who was helping that woman. Deep leaves. She says I shouldn’t have doubted his family. Deep comes home and says I have to remove that recording inside. He looks inside there is no memory card.

Rity says Deep will be okay. We should see this recording once. They play it. Tara comes in the house. She said this is my house how dare you.. Prithvi is behind her. Arohi says so I was right. papa is helping her her. Another feet came in the video. Arohi says whose feet are these? Ritu says are these Deep’s feet? Arohi is dazed. She looks at the feet. Arohi says how can you say that. Ritu says there are only two men in your house. Arohi says Deep really loves me. He always stands by me. He can’t do all this. Ritu says I am sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you. I just want the culprit to be behind the bars.

Deep is in the house. He says where did that memory card go. Arohi comes home. Deep says you came? I am sorry that I left. Arohi hugs him and says I am sorry. I should have told you before. you really love me. Arohi says I am here with you. I don’t wanna live here anymore. Lets go from here. He says okay I will take you. I feel like someone from house is with her. We need to find the culprits before we go from here. Deep slips. Arohi sees the mole on his foot and says in heart the video had same feet.

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Is Deep?
Deep caresses Arohi’s face and makes her sleep. He kisses her forehead. Deep says soon we will go from here and everything will be fine. Arohi sleeps at night. Deep goes downstairs. Arohi opens eyes. She says I have to prove what bhabhi said wrong.
Deep comes to Tara and says why have you called me? Tara says planning to go away with her? Deep says I was just calming her down. Tara says go and kill her and prove it. Deep says are you mad. Tara says go and ask her to write the letter. Or you know what I will do. Arohi wakes up and leaves pillow in her place with a micrpphone. Tara says to Prithvi I don’t know what to do with her. This letter is for Arohi. It says I can’t live with all the sins I have done and I am doing suicide.

Arohi sets a camera in hall. Tara goes towards her room and says I will stab you. She stabs the pillows. Tara is dazed. She says where is Arohi? Tara sees Arohi. She says I will kill you today. Arohi runs and hides behind a pillow. Tara is coming towards her with a knife. Tara says no one can save you today. Deep comes and says stop it Tara. Arohi is shocked. Arohi is hidden behind the pillar. SHe recalls everything. Arohi is shocked. Deep says stop it. Tara says you can’t save her today. You have gone crazy in her love. Deep slaps her. Prithvi holds Tara. Tara says you slapped me for her. You cheated on me. Deep says I didn’t cheat on you. For the purpose I pretended to love Arohi.. Aorhi is dazed.

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She recalls moments with Deep.. Deep says I fooled her and married her. I took her to Kasol to save you. And I wont leave my mission incomplete. Tara says you love Arohi. Deep says I only loved you in my life. I married you. Thats the only truth. I planned all this for you and you killed Sanaya. You did all this. I gave her those meds to prove her mad. Arohi is listening in a shock. Deep says I took her to the doctor who lied to her as well. I did all this so she considers your sins hers. But you ruined my plan and I had to make stories to her all the time.

She was considering all this but you ruined my game. Arohi is crying in shock. She is hidden. Deep says i made so many false stories. Tara says yes I tried killing her because I saw you sleeping with her. Deep says that was my mistake. You were going to police. You forced me so much that I had to lock you. I still love you as much as I did before. Tara says is that true? Deep says yes. Tara hugs him. she says I really love you. Arohi is dazed. Deep kisses Tara’s forehead.

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