These streets, Wednesday 22nd September 2021 update

Nevi mixes something into paro’s milk. Bua comes there. Nevi says you. SHe says why so shocked? You in kitchen? She says it is a special day. Shan is released. Everyone was so tensed. SO I decided I will take care of Shan always. Beauty is keeping an eye on them. Moushmi comes and takes the tea. Nevi says I will take the milk for Shan.

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Asmita calls Ridoy. She says where are you? He says out. Se says I wanted to talk to you. It was a bit urgent. He says I liked that you called me. I am sorry for when I ose my mind but I really love you. Asmita hangs up. Asmita says I have to tell RIdoy everything.
Nevi gives paro milk. She says take this. Beauty comes and takes the glass. She says you wont drink it. Nevi says why. Neel says beauty have you lost your mind? Beauty says

These streets

These streets

this nevi is a devil too. She might be jealous of Paro’s child. She can harm the baby. Nevi says what are you saying. WHy would I do this. Beauty says don’t do this drama. Nevi says she is like a daughter to me. I am very excited for her. Beauty says you want ridoy to be father before shan. So you did all this to kill Paro’s child. Asmita wonders what is going on. She wonders this could be true too.

Nevi says Paro do you trust me? They both fight. Beauty says if you are so right then drink this milk. Beauty says drink it. Nevi is crying. Nevi says why sould I prove myself? Beauty says asmita ask your MIL to drink it. Asmita says prove her wrong mama drink it please. Nevi says why would I drink it. NEvi says I wont.. Asmita says pease drink it and show her that you didn’t do anything. Shan takes the glass and says enough. You can’t insult my mom like this. I trust her completely.”read daily updates at” I am going to drink it. Asmita says Shan breaks the glass in anger. He says I am fine. I didn’t die. Nevi hugs shan and says they were accusing me. Shan says never dare saying anything to my mom before. Paro says my child was in danger before too. Shan says my mama wasn’t responsible for it. If you want to live in this house don’t dare saying a word against mama. Asmita says to Paro don’t worry. I am with you. Asmita says so what? Anyone can be wrong even if that’s your mom. Shan says my mom can never do anything wrong.

Jamai says to Nevi after what beauty did if anything happens to paro they will doubt you. She says I will take care of my paro so much that they wont believe. That child will die tomorrow. This pooja is for Shan’s release.

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The pooja starts in the house. Nevi does pooja.
Shan says to Asmita because of you I am here. Everyone is so happy in the house only because of you. She says I did a promise to you so many years ago. Our relation is very old. Nevi hears this. She wonders how are Asmita and Shan known to each? She says who is Asmita? Nevi gets a call. It’s Ridoy. He says I am coming in ma. Is shan inside? Nevi says you should stay there. Come here late. Nevi says if Ridoy comes my work wont be done. Nevi calls driver and says Ridoy shouldn’t come home before I ask you.

Shan does the pooja. Paro says to Asmita Mohit is missing. I am sure beauty did something. ASmita prays for Shan. she says I hope Mohit comes back home too. Paro is so worried. Nei is keeping an eye on Asmita.

Bua says where are you going?? She says I did a manat for Shan. ua says are you nevi? She says yes.
Beauty says to Paro where are you running? Do you know what do you have to do. Stay aligned on your mission. Paro says if anything happens to Mohti I will ruin your game. Bua comes. Beauty leaves. Bua asks Paro where is asmia? She says I don’t know. Bua wonders where is everyone and what is happening.

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Nevi sees asmita going somewhere. She follows her. Ridoy is waiting for car to be fixed. He says to driver why is it taking so long.
Asmita comes to sona gachi. Nevi comes after her. Asmita’s face is hidden. Asmita dances in pooja. She falls. Chanda picks her up. Nevi sees them.

Scene 2
The function in the house has started. Girls sing mantra and Ravindra does pooja.
Asmita says to chanda mohit is in trouble. Beauty has kidnapped him. Nevi looks for Asmita. A woman asks Nevi who are you and where are you going.. SHe says my family member is here. Chanda says to Asmita I am very worried for you. You have to be careful. If nevi and beauty find out you are puchki they wont leave you. Asmita hugs him. Chanda says please be careful puchki. Nevi hears her name. She is in shock. Nevi is in tears. Se says my son’s wife is Puchki. this is why she is always so close to Shan. Why couldn’t I see it all.

Shan asks Paro where is asmita? She says I don’t know. Nevi is angry. She says you can never be part of this house. She rings temple bell and says why did you do this God. How could be she be part of my son’s life. I will kick her out of my son’s life.

ASmita comes to the location where Aru was. Adituya and other officers are with her too. they sees ropes but not Aru.
Ridoy comes home. Shan says where were you? He says where is mom. Shan says what happened? Nevi comes home. HEr hair are lose and there is sindur all over her face. Everyone asks her what happened. She sits in the temple. She says give me courage to put up with this lie God. She rings the bell and dances madly. She faints.

Nevi wakes up. Ridoy says mama are you okay. She says yes. Ridoy says please rest. NEvi says asmita you will be punished for what you did.
Shan calls asmita. Mohit is being tortured. Police comes there. Asmita is with them. Beauty’s thugs run. Asmita saves him. He says thank you so much for saving me. Asmita says be careful of that beauty. Asmita calls Shan. She says I will be home soon. You have to be careful. Shan calls her back.

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Asmita comes home. Shan says what are you upto. Shan says tell me what is truth. He says I am not Paro’s child’s father? Why did you not tell me. She says I tried to warn you but you didn’t listen. You were in tension already. My priority was to get you out of here. We ave to save Mohit’s child from beauty. she wants to give him your name. We have both suffered in childhood. I can’t let that child suffer. Shan says how can you be so nice. And I.. I was always bad to you. I forced you to be with Ridoy. I love you. Enough. I wont think about others now. He fills her hairline and says I will always be yours. He kisses her face. He says I will do it all now. Tell chanda ma to prepare for the wedding. You will mine officially in front of everyone. Asmita hugs him. Asmita leaves.

ASmita tells Chanda. Chanda says I am so happy Puchki. Your dreams are coming true. I am so happy for you. She says come on everyone. Let’s celebrate my asmita will be Shan’s wife.
Nevi is angry. she recalls how asmita fooled her.

In Asmita’s house everyone is dancing and celebrating. Chanda applies mehndi on her hands.
Nevi says my son Asmita. Now world will see you being insulted. she shouts shan. sHan coems and says mama what happened.

Asmita dresses as a bride and comes to Shan. She touches his feet. Shan picks her up and shoves her out of house in aner. He says how dare you think you will be part of this house ever. Your dirty blood wont be part of this house He says get out. There is no room for you in this house. He shuts the door. Asmita says Sahn wanted to give me my right.. Then what happened.



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