These streets on streets on zee world, Wednesday 4th August 2021 update

Police comes and arrests Shan. Shan says are you crazy? Why would I detain my father? Inspector says for money and wealth. He says we caught you with his shirt. We will find out all the proofs. shan says my papa is alive. They show him the shirt and says you murdered him. This shirt is the proof.

These streets

These streets

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Asmita comes home. Shan isn’t there. She hears jamai says to Nevi you are amazing. Nevi says he called me when he found out that Aru is found. He called and says mama papa is alive. I knew were he is. For world, he is lost not for me. Asmita is dazed. Nevi says no one can imagine I am behind Aru missing. Jamai says no one will never know. You played an amazing game. Nevi says that woman deserves a thanks. We handled everything on right time. Jamai says how did shan find out?

Nevi says I will find out how he knew. Who told him. Poor shan is lost. Jamai says if he comes back I will be kicked out of the business. Nevi says I have done the right step. SHan would be in jail by now. Puchki tries to pick her phone and falls. Nevi hears. She goes out.. Asmita hides. No one is there.
Asmita says I have to save shan and aru. Khurana calls Asmita nd says Aru is dead. We have caught the culprit. SHan killed his father. Because of you he is caught. He killed his father. Puchki is dazed.
Shan is brought to investigation room. He says why am I brought here? Asmita comes there. Shan is dazed. He says are you here to make fun of me? You sent police there and first me. She says are you accusing me to get you trapped? He says yes.

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Scene 2
Ridhoy is dancing. He is happy. Nevi looks at him and recalls what Asmita said. Ridhoy falls. Nevi says ridhoy says listen.. He says I am learning dance for asmita. Nevi says she doesn’t want to marry you.
Asmita says did you even think before accusing me? I know all this is wrong. I will bring you out of this mess. You have to trust me. He says I don’t want to. I did once. She says your father was there. If you took me with you this wont have happened. Who else knew? This is all a game. Your mom nevi did all this. Shan is dazed.

Nevi says Asmita said she wants to focus on career. she doesn’t have time for all this. Ridhoy says she might have said because all of this is happening in a hurry. Give her time she will be fine. I will have to make her say yes.
Shan shoves Puchki and says how dare you say that about my mom. You did all this. You are the culprit. Asmita shoves him. She says look into my eyes and tell me you think I am responsible? Shan says yes. You are responsible for all this. Asmita says you are so shallow inside. You can’t see the truth. He says I know who is what. You are that person. You have been lying since childhood Puchki. Asmita is dazed.

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Puchki says you recognized me? Even after knowing I am Puchki you think I did all this? Can’t you see the truth. He says finally you accepted you are Puchki. He says you had been lying for 20 years. Why and when did you become Asmita from Puchki? You took revenge of me insulting you right? Its been twenty years of lies. Nimki says you are still foolish like childhood. I am still the same Puchki who promsied to be with you always. Shan says if there is a little bit of puchki in you and you respect me.. GO away from me. from my family, from Ridhoy from everyone. Puchki says do you want to shove me away from them or you? He says don’t you know which dirty street are you from. You can never be daughter in law of our house. What is your worth? Puchki breaks the chair. Her

hand hurts. Shan holds her hand. Puchki says first find out what do you want then talk to me. shan says why do I feel this way. She walks out.
Puchki is crying on the roads. She screams and recalls what SHan said. Shan hits the wall. He recalls his moments with Puchki. Puchki says why do you pretend that you don’t care about me when you do. Why are you like that. I can always find out how you are. I trust you. Pucki says I trust you and I will prove that you are innocent. I wont step back.
Ravindra comes to Shan and says I will get you out. Shan says sir papa is alive. He is missing. Ravindra says to inspector do you have any proof? Inspector says yes we do. We haven’t charged him without reason.

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Puchki comes to Khurana says Shan didn’t do all this. His wife Nevi did this. Khurana says I was thinking about you. I was very proud of you but now.. I am thinking if assigned a mistake. ASmtia says what are you talking about? He says you think we wont knw if you don’t tell us? About your and SHan’s friendship from childhood.
Nevi says to Shan I will get you out of here. Shan says some unknown number called and told me papa is here. Ravindra says you will regret this. Media comes in and asks Ravindra about his Shan being kidnapped. They all report about Shan being arrest. nevi is happy. She says what an amazing game I played. Shan says don’t annoy my family. He says mama I will handle all this. Please go home and take care of Ridhoy.

Puchki says yes that’s truth but Shan didn’t kill his father. Khurana says maybe Shan and Nevi are together in this. People change in 20 years. You think he is still like childhood? We will prove that he is the real culprit. She says you can’t do this. Khurana says you are free from this case. Puchki says please give me one chance, one month to prove him innocent. He says what if he is found the culprit? She says I will shoot him with my hands.

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