The Evil Eye update Sunday 10th January 2021 Star life

The Evil Eye 10 January 2021 update: Ansh is about to attack Dilruba but lights go off. Mohana says now I will do my trick. Family hears Neha’s scream and go to her. Mohana grabs Dilruba from her braid.

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye

Dilruba says I will have to kill you, she tries to break free but a cage is built around her from tree roots. Mohana thinks that she wont be able to free from here anytime soon.

Neha is standing on her bed, all come there. Neha says I see water here, family says there is no water here. Sushant says this is an illusion created by chudail, they pull Neha from bed and go to lounge.

Mohana says my first attack was right, now I have to swap real Piya in place of Dilruba.
All family members come in lounge. Ansh sees Piya and says you are fake. He takes arrow. Piya says what are you doing? Mohana thinks that davansh can kill devik, then he will become evil for real. Piya says I am real, Sushant says she is witch, Piya says I am real Piya, trust me Ansh, I am not chudail. Ansh says no you are not Piya. Piya cries and says I am Piya. Sushant asks to shoot her. Chitali says attack her. Piya says I am not chudail, I am Piya. Ansh looks in her eyes and takes down arrow. Sushant says what are you doing? she is chudail, kill her. Ansh drops arrow and goes to Piya, he looks in her eyes. Piya says I am not chudail, trust me I am Piya. Ansh hugs her, all are stunned. Chidali says what is he doing? Ansh opens his eyes and they are ablaze. Piya hugs him. Sushant says I will have to kill her. He points arrow at Piya. Ansh stands infront of Piya. Sushant shoots arrow and it hits.. all are shocked to see that it has hit Ruby who came inbetween. Ansh grabs her. Ruby says I came here to go. Ansh says you are fine. Ruby says nobody can save me from this arrow, I did this for love, I realized biggest feeling is love, I am dying for love, take care.. she dies. All are shocked. Ansh cries.

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Scene 2
Vedsheree says Piya got saved, Ansh says but not Ruby. Avi says where did chudail go? Vedsheree says Piya doesnt remember how she came here. Avi says chudail must have put her in place and left. Vedsheree says we threw Ruby out of house but she saved you. All family members hug each other. Ansh looks at Mohana and says someone saved Piya from coming out of chudail circle.

Sushant looks at panch weapon and says this was used to kill Ruby but I left it in jungle then how Mohana got it? Saanvi says Mohana might have gone there. Sushant says it means Mohana brought Piya back and put her in Dilruba’s place.

Mohana sadly looks at Ansh and turns to leave. Ansh says wait. Ansh thanks her for saving Piya and helping them Maa.. Mohana is elated to hear that and says call me that again. Ansh says Maa. Mohana hugs him and cries. Vedsheree is stunned and recalls how Mohana said that their real mother is back.

Ansh thanks Mohana and calls her maa. Mohana hugs him and cries, all look on.

Mohana says to Vedsheree that my son called me Maa today, you must be defeated. Vedsheree says he called you Maa because he saw goodness in you, he didnt stop calling me Maa, Ansh is made for Piya, he was ready to die for her, Ruby understood that then why dont you? Ansh and Piya will marry and you wont be able to do anything, she leaves. Mohana says Ansh will marry Piya but not devik, see my new trick.

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Sushant says to Saanvi that we will do something about Mohana but not now, dont tell anything to Piya. Piya comes there and says baba.. Sushant asks if she is fine? she nods. Piya hugs Saanvi and cries. Saanvi says why didnt you tell me that you are my sister?

Ansh is trying to call Piya. Vedsheree says you can go and meet her if you are so desperate, her father called and said she is fine. Ansh says then why didnt she call? All siblings tease him about Piya and says you can call her. Vedsheree asks them to leave, all leave.

Sushant asks Piya why you didnt tell us the truth? Piya says I wanted to but couldnt come up with truth, she hugs him and cries. Sushant says dont cry, we are together now, my family is back. Piya says we have to find mother now. Sushant says yes. Saanvi says we will find her together now.

Vedsheree says to Ansh that you are made fro devik, you both like each other. Shekhar says she is right, you have to marry her so why wait? Mohana comes there and says they are right, there is no hurdle, I think he and Piya should marry. All are confused. Mohana says I know I was against this marriage and tried to separate them because I thought you are witch’s son and she is a devik and it could hurt you but you called me Maa and your happiness is with Piya so how can I stop you? Vedsheree says so you have no problem? Mohana says no, even I will go and ask for her hand.

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Scene 2
Saanvi asks Sushant why they are not telling Piya that Mohana kidnapped Maa. Sushant says I am worried for Piya, she is devik but Ansh’s mother is witch, that Ansh who saved Piya a lot of times, Piya will be hurt when she knows that Ansh’s mother kidnapped Divya. Piya comes there and says I know Mohana kidnapped her.

Mohana says to Ansh that I will make you marry Piya with big function. Ansh asks if she kidnapped Piya’s mother 18 years back? all are stunned.

Piya tells Sushant how Mohana made chudail behind Piya and also tried to make Ansh kill real Piya and became great in Ansh’s eyes too. Piya says I trust Ansh to not come in her talks.

Mohana says to Ansh that Divya burned me and stoned me for years then how can I kidnap her but if you dont trust me then.. Ansh says no Maa, I cant doubt you, I just asked for Piya, after what you did for Piya, I can never doubt you.

Sushant says Mohana remained behind curtain and became great infront of Ansh. Piya says what if we make witch accept truth? Sushant says its very difficult. Piya says we can bring truth out like Maa said. Sushant get Vedsheree’s call and says they are coming here for Piya’s proposal for Ansh. Piya looks down. Sushant says I know your feelings for Ansh but dont forget that his mother made you away from your own mother.

Saanvi and Sushant puts a trap for Mohana in house. Piya says I will make Ansh sit on that couch, she hides patal liquid behind couch. Sushant says we have to attack her from all sides so she accepts her attack. Piya thinks sorry Ansh, I have to do this for my my Maa.

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