The Evil Eye update Saturday 6th March 2021 Starlife

the evil eye update saturday 6th march 2021 starlife

The Evil Eye 6 March 2021 update: Family checks that Rahul have six fingers and is special. Panna says if Mayank thinks that he can stop me then he is wrong, I will pain him so much that he will bring Tara back.

She uses her powers to pain Mayank.

Sanam comes to Mayank and sees him crying in pain. Mayank asks her to leave.

Nishant says to family that special smoke was killed. Mohana says I dont know anything but it will be dangerous, its evil, black and nobody knows it. They hear lift ringing. Nishant says all get ready.

Panna tries to use her bowl but stick gets stuck in it, she says no, what did I do? he cant die, who will fulfill my dream then?

Lift opens and kids come. Nishant asks who you want to meet? Kds say we are in wrong house and leaves. Chitali says what now?

Mayank is crying in pain. Panna comes there and says dont know what to do. Tara comes there and puts hand on him, she asks what is happening? Suddenly Tara makes him fine. Panna thinks that they can give me power together. Mayank asks Tara why she cameback? Tara says because of you, I got to know you are dying. Mayank says I gave you pain, forced you and you cameback? Panna says thank you for saving Mayank. Tara says I know everything. Panna thinks she knows everything, she says I wanted eagle locket to save my son but I am happy that you love him like I do. tara says no, you are one that is paining Mayank.

Nishant leaves with Rahul and Ansh. Chitali says Koel’s nlaws are coming here. All are tensed. Lift opens and a guy and father is inside. Ansh hides Rahul from them by climbing on wall. All are tensed. Shekhar greets family. Guy’s mother enters house. She greets them. All smile. Nishant whispers to Piya that we cant do much now.

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Tara says to Mayank that your mom is sending you to death, I dont know why she is doing this. Mayank says enough, dont say a word against my mom. Tara says you dont trust me then ask Sanam. Sanam says she is right, she didnt make you win. Mayank says becuse she wanted me to marry girl who can bring half of eagle locket in my life and save me. Sanam says she was doing something today too which pained you. Mayank says what she did? she says I dont remember. Panna falls down and says people are pointing fingers at my love? I did everything for you, you are my life, I am your mother, how can I kill you? She hugs him and cries. Mayank hugs her and says I can never doubt you. Tara says dont trust her fake tears. Mayank shouts at her to stop it, he takes Panna from there.

Scene 2
Tara is looking around for Mayank when coins fall on her, she s about to fall from blacony but Panna holds her hand. She says I can make you fall. Tara says you need me. Panna pulls her back and says you are making my son against me? he is my son. Tara says he is my husband too, when he knows truth then he will be against you. Panna says I have given him poison to make him, I have made him believe that he needs eagle locket but I need that actually.

Guests are in house. Ansh hides Rahul with Mohana. Guests say we will start marriage celebrations from today for Neha and our son. Adi sees Ansh hiding and laughs. Family keeps guests busy. Ansh leaves.
Ansh comes to balcony. Nishant calls him and asks him to bring Rahul’s body down. Ansh jumps from balcony but cant go down, he tells Nishant that I cant move. Suddenly he is pulled back on balcony. Mohana asks what happened? evil dont want this body to go outside of house.

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Tara says to Panna that Mayank is my husband too, when he know truth, he will be against you. Panna says he will never know truth, I have given him poison since start, I needed that eagle locket not him. Tara says its good you told me truth yourself. Panna says you will not remember it. She uses her powers to make Tara forget everything, she leaves.

Vedsheree is showing guests around. Mohana takes Ansh to room with Rahul’s body.

Tara brings Panna to Mayank and says she accepted that she gives you poison and she needs that eagle locket not you, she thought she can erase my memory but I remember everything. Panna acts innocent and says what wrong did I do with you? Tara says to Mayank that she is lying, trust me. Panna cries. Mayank goes to her.

Ansh jumps on wall to hide Rahul. Rahul’s body falls from his hands but Mohana grabs it using her braid. All look on.

Mayank hugs his mother. Tara says dont trust her fake tears, trust me. Mayank shouts enough, I dont what problem you have with my mother but she is best mother of world, if you say another word against her then I will forget.. Panna says dont say anything to her, I dont want you to fight because of me, I will leave this house so you both are happy. Mayank says no, you wont go anywhere, Tara will leave this house.

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Scene 2
Guests go to their room. Mohana takes Rahul’s body from there.

Mayank grabs Tara’s hand and throws her out of house. Panna smirks. Tara is hurt but stops lift before it closes. She enters house again and says I am sorry, I took your mom wrongly, forgive me. Mayank says say sorry to my mom by touching her feet. Tara thinks that I have to stay in this house to bring her truth out. She goes to Panna and says I am sorry. Panna stops her and says you are my daughter, its good that you realized your mistake. She hugs her and thinks its my helplessness that I have to keep her in house to get that eagle locket.

Ansh hides Rahul in fridge. Neha comes there with her groom Shardul and is about to open fridge but Ansh gives her water and juice.

Sanam says to Tara that Mayank is in Panna’s control, he will never trust us. Tara says I know but I cant lose and leave him knowing he is in danger. Sanam says but how will we bring Panna’s face infront of Mayank? Why she needs that eagle locket? Tara says we have to make sure she doesnt hurt Mayank more, you told me that she uses a stick and bowl? Sanam says yes. Tara says we have to find and hide it. Lets search her room. They both leave.

Mohana asks Neha to take Shardul on terrace. Neha says okay and leaves with him. Mohana says we cant keep him here longer. They both turn to leave but feels something. Mohana says I feel like someone is keeping an eye on us.

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