The better half episode 51 on max tv, Thursday 15th July 2021 update

Clarita takes the police over to their house at the island so that they could dig up the place where Bianca buried Juancho. She noticed that the ground were too soft because the men were digging too fast. The men said that it was because it had rained recently. They only found a tree root there and Clarita said that someone got there before them and exumed the body.

The better half

The better half

Bianca had already gotten there with Alfredo and Aris helped them bury the body elsewhere. Aris told Bianca that he already knew everything about juancho since he saw her bury him and he also hid the weapon away. Clarita called to ask Bianca where she hid the body but she did not say anything.

When Rafael woke up in the morning, Ashley was already there, having returned from her cruise with his parents. She went to kiss him but he pulled away and told her that he had not yet brushed his teeth. Ashley made breakfast for him and as they ate, she told him that Helen and she had talked about renovating his house. Rafael said that he did not want to his house renovated because he liked it as it was. He then asked her to go home and rest since she must have been tired from her trip.

Rafael asked Glenda to tell him whenever Ashley or his parents went home unannounced then texted Camille as they planned to meet later that evening.
Camille rode the same cab with her father to work and when they dropped him off at Marco’s shop, Marco asked her if they could have their date that evening. Camille told him that she would still be busy and Marco said that he would wait until her schedule cleared up. He gave her a power bank so that she would always have her phone on but Camille told him that she had one. Marco asked that she take it as a spare.

Ashley went to Rafael’s office and brought him something to eat. She invited him to join her and their parents to an art exhibition but Rafael turned her down and said that he still had work to do.
When Marco went to pick up supplies from Felix, he told him that he had a hunch about Camille being with Rafael and he was jealous. Felix told him to hurry up and declare his feelings for her so that he would not lose her to Rafael again.

Aris called Alfredo to tell him that Clarita had been digging around the place. He went with Bianca to ask her to stop digging but Clarita said that she would not stop until she found the place where Bianca buried her brother. She told Alfredo not to listen to his daughter because she was a liar and had destroyed a lot of lives. The two of them started to fight and Alfredo tried to stop them but he felt a pain in his chest. They stopped fighting to take care of him and Clarita insisted on taking him to the hospital. Bianca found a doctor who could see her but she stopped Clarita from going with them.
At the exhibition, Ashley told her mother that Rafael had been avoiding her. Her mother told her that maybe she had been imposing herself too much on him and she should give his some time.

Rafael and Camille hid in their room to have dinner but Camille did not feel comfortable. She asked Rafael if they could go to his condo instead of hiding but Rafael said that he wanted to stay in the room where they share their love. He went down to make them some coffee but he could not find the cream so he went to ask Glenda to get it for him.
Ashley’s mother had a stomach upset at the exhibition and since she had an aversion to public washrooms, they decided to go to Rafael’s place. Ashley went upstairs to look for him and found the door to the guest room that Rafael had been using closed. She saw the door to his bedroom open and went to look for him inside.

Camille heard Ashley calling out Rafael’s name and hid behind the door. When Ashley went in, she saw a woman’s night gown and was about to turn where she could have seen Camille.

Rafael was alarmed when he found his parents in the house and his parents told him that Ashley went to look for him upstairs. Rafael rushed there to get her because Camille was there and pushed the door in time to hide Camille. He was stern as he told Ashley that she should not have gone into his room. When Ashley left, Rafael told her that his parents came home and he asked her to stay in the room until they left.

Rafael seemed distracted all through the conversation with Ashley and their parents so Ashley told her mother that they should go before the traffic got worse. She apologized to Rafael on her way out and said that she was sorry for going into his room.

On the way home, Ashley told her mother that she saw how upset Rafael got when she went into his room with Camille and she wondered if he would therefore let her into his life.

Rafael finally went back to Camille and he apologized for her for having to leave.

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