The beautiful beast – S01 E92

The beautiful beast – S01 E92

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 92


“My boy”Queen adelaide wraps her arms around adam in wolf form “well atleast he does not look like a beast” adam’s father says looking at his beautiful wolf form “dad, i cant seem to shift bk into a human’ adam mind links ‘wat happened to make u shift in d first place’? His father asks. Adam shows his parents wat happened thru his mind link; queen adelaide hides her joy by shutting down her mind ‘it must be ur broken hrt preventing u frm turnin bk into a human’ his father mind links him ‘its his wolf, saving him frm himself, he wont be able to shift into a human unless his hrt is mended’ d beta links ‘hw is he supposed to mend his hrt as a wolf? He wont be able to communicate wit belle’ king alaric mind links. Over d nxt couple months, adam cant do anytin but wait in hope dat he will be able to eventually shift bk n dat it wont be late. In d beginning, belle went knocking on adam’s door when he didnt show up in class for several days, eventually she told herself dat he meant it when he told her to leave….

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