Tessica Brown, Lady Who Used Gorilla Glue On Hair, Finds Relief

tessica brown lady who used gorilla glue on hair finds relief

Tessica Brown, Lady Who Used Gorilla Glue On Hair, Finds Relief

Tessica Brown, the woman whose hair has been Gorilla Glued for more than a month, finally has sweet relief as her hair is finally loosened and free from the glue.

On the 4th of February, Tessica came on social media to talk about how she used Gorilla Glue meant for hard surfaces, wood, and metals on her hair.

This led to her hair being stuck on her head for a month without it flying out, also, she could not wash it out or remove the hair.

This generated lots of reactions from people on social media. A gofundme account was created for her to remove the hair via surgery.

Yesterday, Tessica took up Bev Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng on his offer to perform the $12,500 procedure for free, and it was a pretty grueling process that took about 4 hours long!

Tessica was under light anesthesia during the procedure, her reaction when she came out of it, and immediately reached for her hair was that of relief. She got emotional once she realized she could once again run her fingers through it.

Dr. Obeng broke down his secret recipe, explaining it was all just basic chemistry. He combined medical grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil, and a dash of acetone.

He said that’s all it took to break down the polyurethane, the main ingredient in Gorilla Glue. He used a dummy scalp first before working on Tessica’s hair.

Speaking of that ponytail, she says she can’t wait to get her hair back to that length, and it is pretty amazing how much of her hair Dr. Obeng was able to save.

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