Terri Speaks About Growth And His New Project

terri speaks about growth and his new project

Starboy Terri Speaks About Growth And His New Project

Starboy Terri as he is popularly called by his fans joined the music industry a few years ago and he has started making his marks in the industry.

The star had a little chat with The Guardian Life team about his upcoming song, his favourite release so far, and much more. Read below:

You were discovered as a teenager, how was it navigating the Nigerian music industry and its complexity at such a young age?
I came up at a time in the music scene when there was a lot of young people my age or probably less, coming forth to show what they got. There was some sort of acceptance, everyone was curious about where the industry was heading and loved the energy that was coming with it. So it was quite an interesting one. A lot of the big chaps gave overwhelming support some way or the other, everything else had to come with being level-headed.

What has been a defining moment for you?
Defining moment err, can’t think of any asides my 02 performance for now, it was a huge day for my career, All the backstage tension, girls on the front row vibing to my music, my voice in the hall like all my dreams and moments in my head just right before you.

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What is your favourite release so far?
“Ojoro” cause it’s the biggest yet.

You quit school to embark on your musical career, how did you convince yourself and your parents that that was the right thing to do?
I got signed on my first year of school, I was just registering and getting started. It was a delicate period I had to give all My time, “Soco” dropped at about the same time and I had to be everywhere literally. I attempted to differ my admission to the next year when I assumed I would be settled, I ended up never going back Lol. It was a difficult decision for me to make but I realized I could go back to school anytime and I had to take my chance. I’m happy doing music, the goal of my life is to be happy till the very end By Gods grace.

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Your fans have been looking forward to an album release for so long, why did it take this long?
It had to come out right, when it eventually did the feedbacks was amazing even in a difficult time with a lot of movement restrictions due to the Global pandemic. However, I thank God & my fans for their love & support.

Briefly tell us about the processes involved in the making of your album and the inspiration behind the songs?
Wrote some of the songs in happy moments, some while feeling a little down, some in cozy moments, I put my everyday feeling into it, that’s my inspiration and that’s what makes it relatable to people.

How has Wizkid inspired your growth so far in the music industry?
Everything about him inspires me, every moment with him isn’t ordinary for me.

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What privileges are accessible to you now that you never thought you could ever access?
A lot o, That’s how I know that man must make it, a lot of people didn’t really give me a chance but right now they have little or no doubts, But every day I’m working hard to make it so I can reach higher heights of Privileges.

Apart from music, are there other things you are involved in?
I just have some small investments you can control from your mobile device anytime. However, music is my main hustle!

What risk have you taken so far that you wished you did not take?
Glad I took every decision, good or bad. Life is a process of learning and unlearning

A word, describe your new song?
It’s a new song and it’s magical.

What should fans expect from you in the next couple of years?
More music projects, lots of collaboration, and positive energy with a lot of good vibes. Feel like we need that in these uncertain times.

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