Symptoms  Of Chronic Inflammation

 What is Inflammation?

When we get injured, either from  touching hot substance or when hot liquid pour on the body, or any type of injury.

you will notice that there is a swelling around the  area of injury.

What really happened is called inflammation.

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Inflammation is a biological response of the body tissues stimuli such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants .

However it is a protective response involving immune cells, blood vessels, and molecular mediators.

Types of inflammation

There are two types of inflammation which are :

  • Acute inflammation and
  • chronic inflammation.

The function of inflammation is to eliminate the initial cause of cell injury, clear out necrotic cells and limit tissues damaged  and initiate tissue repair.

Normally, inflammation shouldn’t last more than a few hours or some days(acute inflammation) but when it more than days and take a long period of time it becomes Chronic Inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation is a prolonged inflammation process which can be resulted from acute inflammation.

Where active inflammation, tissues destruction and attempt at repair are proceeding simultaneously.

Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation

There are some symptoms you will observe if you have chronic inflammation.

They include:

1. Pain :

Pain is one of the sign of chronic inflammation. There is severe pain especially in the area where chronic inflammation occur.

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This is due to the increase in blood in that area, Chronic Inflammation can lead to lost of control of the part where this occurs due to the severe pain.


2. Chronic fatigue and insomnia : Unnecessary tiredness or chronic fatigue can be seen in a patient with chronic inflammation

This is due to the severe pain in the body and it can cause insomnia.

When there a lot of pain, to sleep will be a problem and when there is no sleep, chronic fatigue set in.

They both work in hand like, when there is insomnia fatigue set in and vice versa.


3. Emaciation :

Another sign is lost  of weight. When there is pain and not enough rest, the body begins to lose weight.


4. frequent infection:

Since it takes a long period of time for chronic Inflammation to heal up.

This  causes the white blood cells to move into the area of inflammation.

Afterward,it weakened some part of the body that the white blood cells needs to protect, thereby frequent infection set in like rashes.

So it is one of the signs of chronic inflammation.


5. Gastrointestinal disorder : Chronic inflammation throughout the body can contribute to leaky gut syndrome, or intestinal permeability.

This can cause bacteria and toxins to “leak” through the intestinal wall into the rest of the body.

A “leaky gut” can further fuel ongoing systemic inflammation and contribute to digestive symptoms.

Example of such are abdominal distension and irregular bowel movements.So it is one of the sign of chronic inflammation


6. Depression :

In the process of thinking when will the pain stop or when will everything heal up, it leads to depression, mood disorder or anxiety.

Depression can also be a sign of chronic inflammation (not all depression is caused by inflammation).


So whenever there is cut or any forms of injury, see the doctor to get it treated immediately.

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