Strange love on star life, Sunday 25th July 2021 update

Anjali talking to Astha. She asks why did you call media, and not tell me. Astha says Baba would have known it then. Anjali says now he will doubt you. Astha asks her to scold her. They see Niranjan and start acting, Astha asks her to scold her loudly. Niranjan looks at them. Anjali says if you are in this, I will not leave you. Astha says I don’t know about them, I m saying the truth, they are wrong to come like this. Anjali says ask them to go from here, I know they know you very well, go and explain them, else we know how to force them to leave. Astha says yes and leaves. Niranjan goes.

Strange Love Tuesday 30th March 2021 Update Starlife

Strange Love Tuesday 30th March 2021 Update Starlife

The women think what will they do now. Till when will they be like this, even Astha did not come. Astha comes to them and sees Niranjan looking from the window. Anjali tells him to have something, she has sent Astha to talk to them, she will ask them to leave. Niranjan looks on. Astha scolds the ashram people. Suman aunty says why are you scolding. Astha says look there, he will doubt on us. She makes scolding actions and asks them to be united and everything will be fine.

Astha says I will tell everything, just take care of Anjali’s parents. Anjali says maybe they will agree to Astha. Niranjan says they will have to bear loss if they don’t agree, as I know many ways to make them agree. He says its good that your parents are not here on this group. He leaves. Astha asks for their blessings that Niranjan gives the ashram back. They bless her.

The people mess up Niranjan’s place and start living in the garden. Shlok comes and asks you all here, whats going on. Suman says we are out of ashram, so Niranjan asked us to stay here. Shlok asks what. She asks him to send some fruits, as they are fasting. She asks Shlok to help them by giving food. Shlok says yes, I will see what I can do. He goes inside. Niranjan asks Anjali about Varad. Anjali says he did not come from office. Shlok comes and asks Niranjan whats going on. The women come inside. Sojal asks them to go and they taunt her.
The ladies asks for fruits and like the big house. They bless Niranjan. Sojal brings a plate of fruits. They laugh and says these 4 fruits won’t be enough for all. They say we are many people and taunt Anjali for not treating their guests well. They say we came to Niranjan’s house, he will feel bad if we got hungry from here, you have two bahus and you treat us like this. They ask Astha did her mum not teach her how to treat elders. Astha says enough Kaki, so much overacting. Astha says Kaki I told you please go from here, Baba runs the ashram, it does not mean you sit on our head. Astha says we will send food, go from here.

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The ladies ask her to talk well and taunt Anjali. Niranjan gets angry and signs Anjali. Anjali says Astha is right, you go out, I will send food. They leave. Shlok asks Niranjan whats this, what are they doing here. Niranjan says don’t worry, go and take rest, I will do something for them. Astha says lets have food. Shlok says I m not hungry, I m tired. Niranjan leaves. Astha signs Anjali. Anjali asks Astha and Sojal to cook some food and give to the ashram people. Sojal says but… Astha says we have send them food, lets make it come. Anjali thinks what will Niranjan do now, protect my parents and ashram people Bappa, I m helpless that I can’t meet my parents.

Astha gives food to everyone. Anjali’s parents are also there in the tent. She asks them to lessen the overacting and asks them to do what she said at night. Anjali’s parents are happy as Anjali made their fav food.
Shlok sees the board that he lost, on the board with negative markings. He says my 6 points and her 2 points, she is oversmart. He says where is she. Astha comes to him and asks what was he doing. He says I came home after two days and you don’t even show me your face. She romances him and asks what to do. He says love me, today, you, me and our love.

They hear some noise. Shlok says what the hell. Astha smiles and says sorry Shlok, you are bearing this for Niranjan. Niranjan wakes up by the sound. Anjali too gets up and they try to sleep. Niranjan shuts his ears and is frustrated. He puts cotton in his ears and lies on the bed. Anjali smiles. He says Anjali, close the windows. She says yes and closes the windows. The sound still comes.
He says are you worried for your parents. She says no. He says I wish its not. He goes to sleep.

Sojal too is getting disturbed by the sound. She says where is Varad, I will call him and ask. She calls Varad and asks where is he. He says office. She questions him. He says don’t disturb me and ends the call. Varad is with a girl having a drink and smiling.
Anjali sees Niranjan has slept and swiftly moves out of the room. Niranjan opens his eyes and sees her going. He follows her and says if you are going to your parents, then you won’t come back in this house.

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Aastha enters the house happily and tells Anjali there’s a surprise for her. But before that, she prays to Bappa. In the mean time, Niranjan comes in with an upset face. He stares at Anjali and Aastha and then goes to his room. Anjali follows him. Sojal feels something interesting is going to happen seeing Aastha’s happy face and Niranjan’s upset face. Aastha prays after her this step, Anjali gets respect and position that she deserves. She turns and doesn’t find Anjali there. She asks Sojal. Sojal tells her she left and asks what’s the surprise. Aastha says they launched scholarships with Anjali’s name.

Anjali comes to the room and Niranjan picks up a stick. He asks Anjali why she let Aastha go to office despite him warning her. Anjali says Shlok kept calling and she couldn’t stop Aastha. He tells her about scholarships. Anjali says it must be a coincidence. He says it better be because if it’s some plan behind it, then it won’t be good for her or Aastha. She’s her bahu, so he’s forced not to do anything to her.

Aastha is waiting for Shlok. He comes with an angry face. She stops him for dinner, but he ignores her. She forcefully takes him for dinner and says they can talk after eating. He sits on dining table. She tries to feed him, but he doesn’t eat. Aastha says she will cook something else. He says he’s not hungry. She says, you’re angry with me, not food. He tells her she shouldn’t have made scholarship on Mrs. Agnihotri’s name. Her name should be within this house only and they don’t even know if Niranjan will like that or no. Aastha says whatever she did was for a good cause. He says Niranjan is the eldest in this house and everything will happen the way he wants. He leaves from there.

Anjali comes to Aastha and asks why she doesn’t understand it. She asks if she wants to get separated from her love. She tells her not to go against Niranjan. Shlok blindly trusts his dad. She further says she is happy and she doesn’t want anything more. Tomorrow Shlok may have to pick one between Aastha and Niranjan and she doesn’t want Shlok and Aastha sad. Aastha says Niranjan can’t see shlok sad. Anjali tells her she hasn’t seen anything yet. she doesn’t know Niranjan. If she comes in his way, then he won’t spare her either. Aastha tells her that she finally agreed that Niranjan doesn’t think about anyone else beside himself. She further says change is for sure to happen whether Niranjan wants or no. She leaves.

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Kavya asks Sojal to sign some paper as she wants to take part in fancy dress competition, but Sojal says aaji won’t give permission. Kavya says she tells her no everytime, she will go and take sign from Aastha chachi. Sojal tells her there is no need to go to her and asks her to go and sleep.

Kalindi is thinking of telling Jyoti and Siddrath’s truth to Avdoot before he finds the truth from anywhere else. She says there is nothing wrong if they want to get married. Ajju agrees with her, but says they have to be careful as Jyoti is Niranjan’s daughter. They can’t create problems in Aastha’s life.

In morning, Sojal is taking Kavya for school. Kavya is crying. Aastha asks what happened. Sojal says nothing. Phone rings. Aastha picks it up. It’s from Kavya’s school. Aastha says she will definitely take part in fancy dress. Sojal asks her why she said yes. Aastha says these activities are good for kids. Kavya also says she wants to take part. Aastha is arguing with Sojal. Anjali comes and tells Aastha all these is not allowed in this house. Aastha argues with her too and tells her to end this tradition, but in vain. Sojal tells Aastha to stay away from Kavya and stop showing her false dreams.

Aastha comes to Shlok, but then says she can’t drag him into all this every time. She will have to solve this herself. Shlok asks her what happened. She changes the topic and says they don’t get time to be together. He should take her to dinner or somewhere. He just doesn’t care for her. After marriage, all husbands change. He tells her to stop saying dialogues. She reminds him how much work she had to do to make him say I love you. He says, really? She says yes. He pulls her to him. They have an eyelock. Kavya comes there and tries to tell about fancy dress competition, but Aastha stops her and takes her away. Shlok says she is really a mental case.

Siddarth wants to meet to Jyoti. Ajju says she will call Aastha home with Jyoti. He says that will take too much time. He thinks of something and leaves from there. Ajju hopes Jyoti’s family accepts him.

He comes to Shlok’s house to meet Varad for office reasons. Varad goes to get file. Siddarth looks for Jyoti. He finds her. Jyoti asks him what he’s doing there. He says he shouldn’t have said all that other day. Jyoti says she doesn’t want to talk about all that. She asks him to leave. Aastha sees them together.

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