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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1041

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1041

Can’t Go On Stage

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Ye Wanwan faintly said, “Who said I wanted to go on stage to compete?”

Do you think I want to die by going on stage? I swore I wouldn’t fight!

Upon hearing this, Sun Xuezhen’s expression changed. “What do you mean?”

Ye Wanwan smiled and languidly said, “No one told me I needed to go on stage before coming here.”

Do I actually have to go on stage just because Qin Ruoxi’s forcing me?

Moreover, this competition wasn’t fun or interesting, so she was naturally disinclined to go up.

Sun Xuezhen’s face was cold and stern. She thought Ye Wanwan was scared, so she retorted, “You didn’t know before, but you know now, don’t you? After the experts’ competition ends, the representatives also have to compete on stage. How could you not compete as the representative of the Si family?!”

Sun Xuezhen’s face was plastered with derision. “If you went on stage, then you would be upright and honest even if you lost. Yet, you’re so cowardly right now and don’t even have the guts to go on stage! You’re simply a disgrace to martial artists!”

This time, everyone’s faces also changed.

“How could she! How in the world did this woman become the Si family’s representative when she doesn’t even have the guts to go on stage!”

“She got it through sleeping with men, duh! Didn’t you hear? She’s Si Yehan’s new lover!”

“No wonder we heard Miss Sun say that this woman was disgracing today’s martial arts conference! From the looks of it, it’s more than that!”

Qin Ruoxi originally planned to make Ye Wanwan fight Sun Xuezhen on stage, thus using Sun Xuezhen to humiliate Ye Wanwan. She didn’t expect this girl to be so scared to the point where she didn’t even dare to go on stage.

Did she think things would be fine as long as she didn’t go on stage? She had no idea that she was merely making a bigger fool of herself.

Qin Ruoxi aptly spoke up in her defense: “Xuezhen, forget it. Today’s competition was only meant to compare notes anyway. Since Miss Ye doesn’t want to go up, we shouldn’t force her.”

The Si family’s guards originally thought the worse outcome would be Ye Wanwan losing her match, causing the Si family to suffer a crushing defeat. Who knew this woman would be so scared that she wouldn’t even go on stage?

This… this is simply too shameful!

They originally planned to accumulate some merit today, but it appeared they would become the laughingstocks of the major patrician families after today.

The leading guard couldn’t help but walk in front of Ye Wanwan, quietly suggesting to her, “Miss Ye, I think you should go on stage to compete regardless of the outcome!”

Ye Wanwan aloofly glanced at the guard. “I’m not interested in matches like this.”

Rage boiled in the guard when he saw her attitude, but he didn’t dare to unleash it, so he could do nothing but grit his teeth and retreat with humiliation.

The experts of the Sun family all looked at the guard with ridicule. “Your representative doesn’t have the guts to go on stage. I think you should forget it. Even if she went on stage, she would be thrashed by our Miss!”

As the five guards from the Si family listened to the ridicule from the other families’ experts, they stood silently with livid expressions on their faces.

Since there were distinguished guests attending today, they couldn’t allow the situation to get too ugly. Hence, Sun Lizhong rigidly said, “A match depends on a competitor’s free will. Since Miss Ye is unwilling to go on stage, we’ll forget about it. Xuezhen, go and compete with Ruoxi! The winner will have the chance to receive personal instruction and a match from Mr. Senny!”

At Sun Lizhong’s announcement, Sun Xuezhen could do nothing but endure it. She glanced at Ye Wanwan like she was trash before she quickly jumped onto the stage. “Never mind then. People like her don’t deserve to fight with me anyways! Ruoxi, let’s go!”

Qin Ruoxi awkwardly looked at Ye Wanwan before lightly sighing and going on the stage as well. “Please!”

Their concentration levels were both at 120%. After all, the winner would have a match with Wolf King Senny later!