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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1039

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1039

Wouldn’t Be Lenient

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

A martial arts patrician clan and a business patrician clan had two completely different scopes. The Sun clan upheld martial arts traditions and it had a very intense martial arts atmosphere with countless experts in the clan.

In the audience, Sun Xuezhen appeared very calm about the Sun family’s victory. Guards led by Ye Wanwan couldn’t be too accomplished in the martial arts field to begin with, so how could they compare to the Sun family?

“Next round, the Sun family versus the Qin family!” one of the referees announced.

The Si family had already been eliminated, so the two remaining families were the two groups led by Qin Ruoxi and Sun Xuezhen.

In the audience, Ye Wanwan propped her chin on her hand as she watched the match between the Qin family and the Si family. She secretly yawned. If she knew this wouldn’t be fun, she wouldn’t have come.

The reason for her boredom could be attributed to the low quality of the conference. To her, experts should resemble Nameless Nie and Spray of Flowers.

However, the martial artists participating in this competition were light-years away from Nameless Nie’s level.

Regarding their martial strength, the five-member MLM group was quite dependable.

It looked like she had been remiss; how could there be so many abnormal experts in the world? Experts like Nameless Nie were in the minority, after all.

Sun Xuezhen peered at Ye Wanwan from the corners of her eyes and couldn’t help snorting upon seeing Ye Wanwan’s bored-to-death appearance.

Women like her were only fit to be holed up in a mansion. How could she understand the appeal of martial arts? How many times had this woman watched matches? Hence, Sun Xuezhen still didn’t understand what drove the patriarch of the Si family to allow this woman to be his representative!

When the experts’ competition ended, the representatives of each family were required to go up on stage and compete. She wouldn’t be lenient when that time came…!

The mere fact of this woman being a representative and sitting in the audience with them was a degradation to the conference in and of itself…

“Qin Feng of the Qin family wins!”

Suddenly, the referee team’s announcement jolted Sun Xuezhen, and she looked down at the stage.

Bing Xin was dismissed from the stage by the young man from the Qin family as he lost this match.

“Brother Bing Xin, your kicking techniques are decent, but they’re still slightly second to my hard breathing technique.” The young man named Qin Feng was languidly standing on the stage.

“Qin Feng, the top expert of the younger generation of the Qin family…”

Sun Xuezhen looked away in contemplation.

She heard Qin Feng had started studying martial arts with his grandfather since the age of four. Not only that, but he was forced to strip off his clothing in a frozen and snow-covered land and was covered by snow, reportedly for the sake of training his body. Today’s encounter with him didn’t disappoint.

A moment later, the competition continued.

Qin Feng of the Qin family was unrivaled and successively defeated two people from the Sun family.

It wasn’t until the strongest expert from the Sun family appeared that Qin Feng’s unbeatable record was broken.

“Zhou Hen… the first place winner of the National Martial Arts Competition at the age of 16…”

Discussion erupted amongst the audience as they watched the solemn man on the stage.

Qin Feng—the supposed genius of the Qin family—was swept from the stage with a mere kick from Zhou Hen.

“Zhou Hen of the Sun family isn’t some genius and merely works extremely hard… I heard that it’s already a lot for normal people to practice a kicking technique dozens of times, but this Zhou Hen practiced hundreds of thousands of times… He persistently practiced each move day after day, year after year, so he could perform each move ten times stronger than normal people!”

“Indeed. Other people practice 10 or 100 times, but he practices thousands of times. He has really relied on his own hard work to surpass those so-called martial-arts geniuses.”