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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1037

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1037

It’s Me Who Should Say Excuse Me

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Qin Ruoxi replied, “Th“Ruoxi, could it be that the Si family has some complaints against our Sun family?” Sun Xuezhen asked with annoyance while looking at Qin Ruoxi.ey don’t, Xuezhen. Why do you say that?”

“They don’t?” Sun Xuezhen snorted. “Since they don’t have any complaints, why are they letting someone like her disgust and humiliate the Sun family?”

“The Si family clearly knows how important this martial arts conference is to the Sun family and it’s also hosted by the Sun family. However, this woman is completely clueless about martial arts and isn’t decisive in the slightest! If they aren’t trying to humiliate our Sun family, then what’ the meaning of this?!” Sun Xuezhen was originally going to endure it, but she couldn’t repress her anger in the end.

In truth, neither the relationship between Ye Wanwan and Si Yehan nor her status in the Si family mattered to the Sun family at all.

The Sun family had always only respected the strong. If Ye Wanwan really exhibited some martial arts skills and understanding of martial arts, then the Sun family naturally wouldn’t say anything and would treat their guest politely.

However, to the Sun family, Ye Wanwan merely relied on her looks to gain favor from men, so how could she know anything about martial arts?

Yet, she showed up at the martial arts competition hosted by the Sun family, so it turned into a form of humiliation for the Sun family in a sense.

Ye Wanwan didn’t respond to the Sun family or Sun Xuezhen’s attitude at all.

She promised Si Yehan to not cause any trouble. Moreover, she came here today to do nothing but increase her knowledge. She didn’t plan on going on stage and comparing notes herself.

On the other hand, Ye Wanwan’s decision to allow the five new guards from the Si family to perform as they wished was a blessing from the heavens to them.

After a round of discussion, they decided to allow a young man, who looked around 20 years old, to test the Sun family.

The man sent by the Sun family should be the weakest in the group, so they also dispatched their weakest member in turn.

Soon, the young guard of the Si family walked onto the stage and looked at his opponent from the Sun family. He greeted his opponent: “Guard of the Si family, Liu Cen

“Bing Xin,” the man stated aloofly, as though he didn’t find the Si family guard significant.

“Heh… you’re quite arrogant.” Liu Cen snorted before cupping his fists. “Excuse me!”

As soon as Liu Cen finished talking, he reached Bing Xin with a single step and started executing his masterful fighting techniques.

However, Bing Xin stayed rooted in place as though he didn’t intend on dodging at all.

Is a member of the Sun family really this weak?

Liu Cen couldn’t help but feel suspicious when he saw Bing Xin’s unmoving figure as he swung his fist.

When Liu Cen’s fist was no more than three inches away from Bing Xin, a whoosh of wind was heard.

Before Liu Cen realized what happened, his abdomen suffered a hard side kick from Bing Xin.

Immediately, Liu Cen cried out in pain and flew off the stage like a kite whose string had been snipped, heavily crashing into the crowd.

“It’s me who should say excuse me,” Bing Xin said coldly with an indifferent glance at his fallen opponent.

“Bing Xin of the Sun family is the winner! In 20 minutes, the winner will continue being challenged by the losing party!” a middle-aged referee promptly announced.

“This strong?!”

The four remaining members of the Si family helped Liu Cen up and looked at each other with astonishment. The strength and speed behind that side kick were nearly perfect—the timing was especially opportune! Bing Xin of the Sun family was an expert in kicking techniques!

More than that, Liu Cen was unable to catch how Bing Xin kicked before he was struck, flew off the stage and was disqualified.

“Referees, no need to waste time. I can continue on,” Bing Xin said aloofly as he looked at the referee team.

The referee team conducted a short discussion before complying with Bing Xin’s request.

After all, resting after a match was a privilege granted to the winning competitor. No referee had the right to object if the competitor didn’t want to rest.