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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1036

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1036

Go Up As You Please

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Qin Ruoxi looked at Ye Wanwan and explained: “The original rules stated that representatives didn’t need to go on stage, but it looks like the rules changed last minute. However, we’re just comparing notes, so we’ll stop before it gets too far. With Miss Ye’s strength, it shouldn’t be difficult for Miss Ye, so don’t worry.”

Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up when she heard this. She finally figured it out. Ever since the banquet, Qin Ruoxi had been speaking on her behalf and praising her in all sorts of ways.

Qin Ruoxi was… planning to make me fail from excessive praise?

First, she raised her sky-high in front of everyone and would then watch as she plummeted down…

What a brilliant idea!

The stage was cleared and prepared quickly.

The arena was a very professional competition arena and was equipped with even more professional referees to guarantee the fairness of this martial arts conference.

Everyone could see this competition’s fairness themselves, so they didn’t have any objections.

The referee team composed of the finest professionals was personally picked by the Sun family, highlighting how highly they viewed this martial arts conference.

Soon, a middle-aged referee walked to the spectator area, holding a bamboo tube.

To guarantee fairness and prevent any possibility of cheating, they would draw lots. The surnames of the three great patrician families were thrown into the tube, and the participants of each match were inscribed on the bamboo sticks.

“Miss Qin, if you may.” Sun Xuezhen looked at Qin Ruoxi.

Qin Ruoxi didn’t try to act modest. She stuck her fingers into the bamboo tube and drew a bamboo stick.

Qin Ruoxi looked at the stick. Second match: Qin family vs Sun family.

After Qin Ruoxi finished, Sun Xuezhen also drew a stick from the tube. First match: Sun family vs Si family.

“There’s a total of three families in this conference, so you don’t have to draw,” Sun Xuezhen told Ye Wanwan after handing the stick to the referee.

Ye Wanwan didn’t object. As Sun Xuezhen said, there were only three families in this conference, so there was no point in her drawing another time since Qin Ruoxi and Sun Xuezhen each drew a stick already.

In the honored guest seats, Sun Lizhong was conversing with Master Mu and Wolf King Senny when they heard the bronze drum ringing. The martial arts conference jointly held by the three great patrician families had begun.

In the first match, the Si family was going up against the Sun family.

The five members of the Si family were somewhat nervous. The Sun family was a martial arts patrician clan, and normal people couldn’t compare to them since experts in their clan were abundant like the clouds. The experts sent by the Sun family for the martial arts conference must be the crème de la crème of experts.

The group sent out by the Sun family was made up of five brothers. They were ranked according to their martial strength, from Eldest Sun to Fifth Sun with Fifth Sun being the weakest and Eldest Sun being the strongest.

“Bing Xin, you first,” Sun Xuezhen told Fifth Sun.

When the young man heard this, he nodded at Sun Xuezhen and walked toward the stage with large strides.

Fifth Sun was on the stage a few breaths later.


Ye Wanwan was currently assessing the five people from the Si family.

As they watched her, they all shook their heads. What could this woman possibly know? Did she actually want to appoint them an order?!

Although Steward Xu told the five of them to listen to Ye Wanwan’s directions and commands, this woman was completely clueless about martial arts, so careless commands would only disrupt their rhythm.

Ye Wanwan thought for a long time while staring at them before she finally shook her head. “Go up as you please.”

Ye Wanwan was unfamiliar with these five new guards from the Si family and their abilities, so it was better for them to act at will.

However, Ye Wanwan’s words sounded ridiculous to others.

She was the representative of the Si family, but she wasn’t decisive at all and wanted her teammates to act as they pleased. Utterly absurd!