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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1034

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1034

Humiliating Us Along With Her

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

“They should probably be arriving soon!” Qin Ruoxi said.

Sun Xuezhen crossed her arms over her chest and muttered, “I wonder who the Si family will send as their representative? The ancestors of your Qin clan are generals, while our Sun family is a martial arts patrician family, but the Si family have been in business for generations, so they naturally don’t attach as much importance to martial arts as us. The guards in their clan are all hired externally, so I reckon it won’t be easy to find a suitable representative, right?”

Qin Ruoxi’s eyes glinted when she heard that and she said, “Ah-Jiu should’ve made appropriate arrangements.”

Sun Xuezhen nodded and said, “Since they’re bringing people personally chosen by Ninth Master, it’s naturally worth the wait!”

As they conversed, a group of six people walked toward the stage.

The five people in the back had the Si family emblem embroidered on them, but the leader was actually a delicate-figured girl.

When Sun Xuezhen saw the newcomer, she frowned. “Isn’t she that Ye woman… Why is it her?”

Ye Wanwan reached Sun Xuezhen and introduced herself, “Miss Sun, hello. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. My surname is Ye, and I’m the representative of the Si family for this martial arts conference.”

When Sun Xuezhen heard that, her face instantly darkened. “What did you say? You’re the representative for the Si family for this martial arts conference?”

Ye Wanwan’s expression didn’t shift. “That’s right.”

“This is too preposterous!” Sun Xuezhen flew into a rage in an instant, humiliation covering her face.

“Zhenzhen, what’s wrong?” Sun Lizhong walked over and asked when he heard the commotion.

Sun Xuezhen stared at Ye Wanwan with rage all over her face. “Father, the Si family has gone too far. We earnestly and sincerely held this martial arts conference and invited them to participate, but they actually sent people like her to humiliate us!”

Sun Lizhong’s eyes swept over Ye Wanwan like sharp blades. “This is…”

Sun Xuezhen sneered and replied, “She’s the one I told you about, Si Yehan’s lover!”

As soon as Sun Lizhong heard this, his face also changed. “Miss, regardless of how you made your way inside, I’m sorry. This isn’t a place you can play around!”

When the nameless experts of the Si family heard Sun Lizhong’s harsh words and were faced with the mocking looks from the experts of the other two families, they all looked embarrassed.

“I wanted to say something when Steward Xu introduced us earlier! Why’s Ninth Master letting this woman be our captain?”

“That’s right! She’s humiliating us along with her!”

In this tense atmosphere, Qin Ruoxi quickly stepped forward and abruptly smoothed things over, “Uncle Sun, Xuezhen, don’t be angry. Ah-Jiu absolutely didn’t intend that. Miss Ye does have her own distinct understanding of martial arts and is quite skilled too. The Si family didn’t intend to look down on this martial arts conference in the slightest!”

Sun Xuezhen looked like she expected better from Qin Ruoxi. “Ruoxi, you’re still making excuses for Si Yehan despite how he treated you! I didn’t believe the rumors from the Si family that he was utterly bewitched by this woman; I didn’t expect them to be true!”

Just as Sun Xuezhen was about to continue, a disciple arrived while leading Mu Suifeng.

“Master, Mr. Mu is here!”

Sun Lizhong and Sun Xuezhen didn’t have time to worry about Ye Wanwan anymore and instantly focused all their attention onto Mu Suifeng. They quickly walked forward to receive him.

Sun Lizhong: “Mr. Mu, pardon me for not going out to meet you. Please, have a seat!”

Mu Suifeng waved his hand. “Mr. Sun, you’re too polite. I’ve long heard of Mr. Sun’s famous reputation. It’s my honor to meet Mr. Sun today!”

Mu Suifeng had always been extremely polite to masters of martial arts.

Sun Lizhong instantly felt his ego soaring, and the experts of the Sun family next to him all had proud expressions too.