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[Story] My Possessive Murderer – S01 E04

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

Song of this chapter: Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn Malik and Sia.


“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.”

—William Blake.

Amelia’s POV

Was this my nightmare?

I pinched myself, and ouch, it hurts!

This isn’t my nightmare.

This is reality.

This was a feeling which I couldn’t define. But I don’t know why I was feeling betrayed.

I would’ve been okay, if she had shifted with anybody else. But this guy.

The guy who insulted my cupcakes even after stealing one secretly. The guy who slammed the door on my face. The guy who made me cry.

That guy.

My silence made Kylie uneasy.

I could understand.

“Amelia…” Kylie sighed as she was coming towards me.

“Stop right there.” I was angry, because this time, I had a definite reason to be angry.

“Amelia, listen, I didn’t mean to, ” Kylie started to explain when Aaron interrupted.

“No need to explain anything to anyone.” He looked at me with anger in his eyes.

Why is he angry?

What did I do?

It should be me, who should look at him with anger.

“I’m sorry Amelia.” That was the last line I heard from Kylie before she went to pack her things.

“Kylie, you have a boyfriend, for God’s sake.” I followed her to the room.

“We broke up.” Kylie said casually.

“What? And you didn’t find it important to inform me?”

The feeling of betrayal was painful.

“That wasn’t something so serious.” She shrugged casually as took out her dresses from the hangers and kept them on the suitcase.

“You’re trying to say that your three years of relationship with that guy wasn’t serious?” I almost shouted.

Story continues below

“Why are you so bothered?”


No, Amelia, no.

Don’t hate Kylie. She is your best friend. She loves you.

The only person you hate here is Aaron.

“Sorry.” I said as I could feel my sight getting blur.

I came out from her room and sat on the sofa with my head on my hands.

“Is she done packing?” His voice made me realise that he was still there.

He’s taking away my best friend away from me.

He’s taking away my happiness.

I didn’t respond.

“I think, I asked something.”

I looked at the floor. No response.

“What’s the pro—” He started only to be interrupted by Kylie.

“I’m done. Let’s go.”

I looked at Kylie once.

She was happy. There wasn’t any guilt in her eyes.

“Bye Amelia.” It was the last thing I heard before the door closed.

As soon as the door closed, I cried.

I don’t think I had cried so much ever in my life.

I cried until everything went black.

When I woke up, it was evening and I realised that I felt asleep while crying.

I wanted something to freshen up my mind. I decided to go to the club.

I went to the washroom and took a long hot shower.

I decided to wear something black and chose my favourite black dress.

(This is the dress that Amelia will be wearing to the club)

It was a bit revealing but it didn’t matter.

I took the keys of my car and drove to Club Athena. It was one of the busiest club and I loved the club.

As soon I entered, I was welcomed by loud music and the sight of huge crowd dancing.

(Picture of the club)

I didn’t want to get drunk as I had to drive my car so I went to the bar and asked for some cold drinks.

I was having my drink and looking at the crowd.

A voice interrupted my thoughts, “Hey! Wanna dance?”

I turned around and saw a cute boy with specs watching me a beautiful smile.

(This is that guy)

“Umm sure, let’s go.” I smiled back and gave him my hand.

He took my hand and pushed me through the crowd until we were almost in the centre of the stage.

He put this arm around my waist and pulled me closer. I snaked my hands around his neck and moved with the song.

“♪Not tryna be indie

Not tryna be cool

Just tryna be in this

Tell me how you choose

Can you feel why you’re in this

Can you feel it through

All of the windows

Inside this room ♪”

He turned me around as the beat of the song became faster.

“♪But you’ll never be alone

I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn

I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn

Baby, I’m right here ♪”

I smiled because I wanted to forget whatever happened and enjoy the moment.

We danced till our feet were hurting.

I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes.

“Are you okay?” That guy asked as he also sat down beside me.

“Yes.” I gave him my most charming smile.

“Hey, I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Nathan.”

I smiled and took his hand, “Amelia.”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

I blushed.

We were having a small conversation and my heart lightened after having some alcohol.

I tried to refuse but Nathan insisted so that I consumed some.

“Excuse me, I’m coming from the washroom in a minute.” Nathan said.

“Yeah sure.”

I closed my eyes and let the alcohol do it’s work.

My happiness lasted for few minutes as a familiar voice interrupted my thoughts.

“You shouldn’t be here.” A pair of familiar dark brown eyes were staring at me.



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