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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1060

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1060


Very quickly, Killian rolled forward and threw one of his sharp weapons towards 2 out of the 4 hidden guards in the room.

Thup! Thup!~~

The sounds of his weapons bobbing on the ceilings echoed out, followed by the sounds of people scattered about as well.

The assassins quickly backflipped and landed beside Killian.

Now, the real battle began.

Ting. Ting. Ting. Ting~~


The hidden assassins moved like lightning, attacking Killian like crazy.

Their moves were brutal, precise, and deadly.

Their control was something that assassins in Pyno wouldn’t be able to achieve.

Even the fact that they were still fighting him in absolute darkness as if they could see him shows how much practice they had gone through to hone their sense of hearing.

Killian deflected their moves while testing them as well.

Without his night & Heat vision goggles on, he too had a sense of what they were doing too.

In complete darkness, one’s hearing, coupled with the art of prediction, will be their most treasured asset.

Even the blind could fight. So one had to train for such things.

All the blindfolded and darkroom simulation training he did in Baymard really paid off.

Alright. Testing time was done.

Now, he had to quicken his pace.

Sensing the daggers coming his way, Killian quickly threw to the side, avoiding one dagger while opening his fan.


When the last dagger pierced through the soft center of his fan, Killian quickly closed his fan and twisted it, making the assassin’s hand and body twist as well.

This move utterly shocked the hidden assassin because in the next second, Killian gripped his twisted hand, yanked him forward and head-budded him.


The hidden assassin immediately turned dizzy as he struggled to stand erect.

This… This… How was this possible?!!!


Sweat quickly formed on his back when he realized the severity of the matter.

The hidden guard felt like the entire room was moving as blood slowly trickled down his nose.

This can’t be real, right?

His blood thumped in his head, and his breathing became hoarse for the first time since the fight began.

Could anytime tell him why he felt like his head was about to be split open just from one head-bud?



The other comrade who heard his friend’s hoarse breathing was both shocked and alarmed.

In this pitched black room, he couldn’t tell what this bastard had down to his friend.

But he knew it wasn’t good.

In this split second, everything seemed frozen in time.


Who exactly were they up against?

A cold chill froze the assassin to the spot as a wave of some strange emotion eroded him?


Was this what people called fear?

His body that he had tamed and controlled for decades, now turned ashen and numb.

This wasn’t the body he was used to.

What was happening to him?

He was a proud Morg goddammit!

And a pirate at that.

So how could he know fear?

How could people in this lowly continent make him shiver?

What was going on here?

He clenched his teeth to control the tiny quake and shivers occurring within his body.

No way! He must be possessed!

Yes! Fear was a sign of weakness.

So how could he be weak?

With that, the 2nd assassin gritted his teeth and swiftly attacked randomly in order to end things fast.

But how could it be that easy?


The 2nd assassin launched another Knife thrust fiercely.

But this time, Killian leaned all the way back, placing hands on the floor.

And with one swift action, he raised one of his legs and kicked the blade upwards, deeply rooting it into the ceiling above.


The dagger vibrated firmly.

Of course, what happened next was something that these 2 assassins couldn’t make heads or tails of.

The moment the blade was knocked upwards, Killian raised his other leg, giving him a kick that almost snapped his neck into 2.

What the hell was this?


With his legs up in the air, Killian moved using a Tekken Eddy- spin, knocking the 1st assassin who was struggling to attack him at the back.

Pah! Pah!~


The duo fell and spat out blood in more disbelief.

Why did they feel like they had been crushed by metal instead?

Once again, they struggled to fight against the emotion called fear that plagued their entire minds and bodies.

‘This isn’t real. This isn’t real.

This isn’t real. This isn’t real.’

Like a ritual sell, they constantly chanted these words, wishing to break the curse.

But sadly, they failed to understand that, like all humans, at least once in their lives, they would experience what was called FEAR.


Hearing the struggling sounds his opponents made while trying to stand up, Killian opened his fan like a gentleman and calmly placed it across his face, covering his nose and mouth.

If the candles were lit, one would think that he walked and used the fan like a noble scholar with one hand behind his back.

Getting close to his targets, a cold glint shone in Killian’s eyes.

Slash! Slash!~~

Pap. Pap~~

Heads rolled on the ground, followed by the faint sounds of blood squirting out.


The proud Morg Pirates were dead.

The entire battle happened in more than 3 and a half minutes.

Killian turned to the corner when he heard the sounds of 2 more heads rolling, followed by something retracting back.

Heh. It looks like his comrade had sliced off their necks using a thin but very sharp garrote wire.

It was retractable, just like a measuring tape.


With these assassins down, they could finally move on.