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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1054

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1054

A Busy Night

Jingo looked towards the town entry point coldly.

That’s right.

He was waiting for Old Crow Face’s team to arrive

Even though Old Crow Face had been delayed, they sent a messenger ahead, who travelled nonstop with little to no sleep.

The messenger, of course, informed them about the Eyes of Horus and also told them that Old Crow Face would be arriving sometime tonight.

That’s why they had been loading up the slaves from the dungeons.

All this time, they had also been on high alert, trying to see if any strange sh.i.p.s belonging to the Eyes of Horus were docked here.

But so far, they found nothing.

Well, at least they attained the strange spy from Hamunaptra.

Jingo felt like this trio was very much worth it.

The discoveries they made would shock his superiors.

“Have they arrived?”

“Yes, Sub-third-Captain Jingo.

They are here.”

“Good. Lead the way.”

With that, Jingo rode towards Old Crow’s team, wanting to see the so-called captured spy.

He also wanted to hear this strange language that Old Crow Face called Hamuna… Since the guy came from Hamunaptra.

Jingo gave his horse a kick and hurriedly advanced.



Unbeknownst to him, far away from the town’s entry point, his comrades had just popped their leads out of the waters close to the docks.

They, too, had no idea that he got taken in.

Their meeting would definitely be legendary.



Several heads shot out of the water, vigilantly observing the environment around them.

Now, the darkness had completely engulfed the land and the seas, with no moonlight passing through.

The clouds were thick in the sky as they continuously dropped sparse balls of snow into the water.

The snow immediately dissolved upon contact with the swishing waves, making the water colder than it already was.

So everyone was more than okay.


People could dive in the arctic with wetsuits.

So what more of this water that hadn’t even formed a single ice block yet?

It was still the beginning stages of winter.

So the water had no ice blocks on it yet.

With everyone wearing black wetsuits, no one could see their tiny heads out fairway in the waters.

Even the pirate sh.i.p.s were dark.

One should remember that all floors below deck didn’t have windows.

Wood was a risky deal that no one dared to play with… Especially out in the open seas.

So only the luxurious cabins above the deck level had windows overlooking everything.

And right now, these rooms weren’t even lit.

Indicating that their owners weren’t there yet

Of course, only one of these rooms shone brightly. (The one that had Emilia’s mother in it.)

From this far out, they couldn’t see what exactly was going on in there, but they took more of it and decided to check it out later on.

On the decks, they could also see several people in straight lines going down into the sh.i.p.s, accompanied by overly loud clanging noises.

No doubt about it!

Those were the sounds of chains ringing loudly.

Their eyes lit up in understanding.



Now that they had scouted the perimeter properly, it was time to move in.

With that, they slowly sent their heads back in the water and swam towards the forest region closest to the docks.

And after a while, they once again slowly popped their heads out and observed the forest region, making sure scouts weren’t there.

Ruby used her heat vision goggles and instantly spotted 3 people high up on the tallest bold trees around the shorelines in front of the forest.

Ruby looked at the dark clouds above before looking at her surroundings once again.

Presently, with how dark places were, as well as how dark her wet suit was… even if she were to step out of the water now, those high up in the trees wouldn’t see her.

From the looks of it, they should be more interested in scouting or observing which sh.i.p.s were coming in and out.

And since no sh.i.p.s or rowboats had come this way, it was clear that they found it impossible for someone to pop out of the water and get on the shores.

No one could hold their breaths under the eater for that long.

What were they, mermaids?

Even the cold waters would make one out of breath pretty fast.

The scouts also exuded a certain confidence level that no one would be entering from either side of the woods, be it the side facing the docks or the other far sides.

The way they related up against the trees and even crossed their legs, swinging them playfully, showed how confident they were in their operation.

Through her goggles, she could see perfect reddish-yellow heat images that showed what they were doing.

How confident!

This could only mean that around the forest regions closer to the docks, there should be a lot of spies there ready to deal with any issues.

It looks like just entering the town might be a hassle.

After analyzing things, Ruby made a few hand gestures to the people around her, who in turn did the same to those behind them.

She and Lucy were entering from this angle, While Landon and Lucius were entering from different angles.

Seeing that everyone got the message, they once again popped into the water as if they were never there in the first place.

Now, it was time to get busy!