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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1053

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1053

Fruitful Trip

‘Gods of the heavens, please hear my prayers and come to our aid.

Please… Save us all.’

Emilia silently said her prayers before getting dragged away harshly.

“Move, wench!!”


Emelia lowered her face and walked through the snowy ground barefoot expressionlessly.

Just like her feet, her heart was completely chilled into ice.

For many other prisoners, their expressions and thoughts were similar too.

No one liked to be a slave.

They marched in long lines, lowering their heads as if accepting their faiths.

Meanwhile, the pirates continuously suppressed them, making sure that everything was in order.

Pirate Third Mate, Jingo the Toothless, calmly got on his horse and rode towards one of the estates within the town.

In pirate crews, there were over 30 positions that people could fit into.

The Captain, Quartermaster, 1st Mate, 2nd Mate and the 3rd Mate are those who typically have the highest positions aboard.

While many others were either, Boatswain, Cabin boys, carpenters, Coopers, front line pirate warriors, Navigators, Cooks, Strikers/Fishers, Deckhands, Healers, Slave Overlookers, Helmsmen (steers the ship most of the time if quartermaster doesn’t do it) and so on.

In fact, these were just a few of the many positions on deck.

Everyone had a purpose and functions to do while at sea, all assigned within any of the 30~40 different job descriptions available.

That said, Jingo had a very high position within the Crew.


One should know that their big boss, A.K.A their real Captain was back at the base on one of the Islands around Morgany.

There were thousands and thousands of people all under their Captain, with many sh.i.p.s involved.

That said, their Captain had divided his fleet between the Quartermaster, 1st Mate, 2nd Mate and himself, the 3rd Mate.

So each of them had been given a portion of the fleets to manage, making them sub-Captains of these small fleets.

That’s why many might call him Sub-third-Captain Jingo instead.

In this fleet of 9 sh.i.p.s that he was overlooking, they all called him like so and took him as a Captain in his own way too.

Even though he was sent out here on a mission, he had sent Old Crow face and many other top pirates in his sub-fleet to handle things.

While he, on the other hand, had to hurriedly do any private mission that the real Captain back at the base had told him in secrecy, which also involved the T.O.E.P.

But in truth, it’s one of the towns that had been secretly marked as pirate territory.

That’s right.

This place was riddled with Land pirate spies who specifically lived here and carried out hidden tasks without anyone’s knowledge.

All the influential estates belonged to the T.O.E.P or pirate spies who acted like wealthy Deifer members while collecting info.

Of course, it wasn’t until last year that this place had been officially pronounced and claimed by the pirates.

The discussion was made at the beginning of last year by headquarters.

And the news hadn’t properly circulated to every pirate yet.


But before coming here, Jingo had been informed of the decision and was told to meet a certain person who would give him some secret doc.u.ments on all activities concerning the Temple of Dragmus.

Deiferus itself was their territory.

So he needed to act swift and stealthily, or else it would be game over.

Luckily, he got the doc.u.ments with no problem and couldn’t wait to head back and submit them to his superiors.


Now, they would be able to completely destroy that bloody temple once and for all.

According to what the spy said, after he gathered and stole some temple doc.u.ments, he had hastily travelled towards this town for 3 months straight, before spending another 2 months hiding and waiting for their arrival.

So all he knew was information before August of this year.

That said, Jingo felt like it was still okay.

What could change within 5 months?

He felt that the temple wouldn’t change their actions no matter what.

From what he could tell, the temple had been making plans for decades and had always acted when they were overly certain of the outcome.

So their targets would never change.

And now that they, the pirates, had this information, they could counter them easily, by surprise attacking them, just like the Temple ancestors did to the pirate ancestors.

The best revenge is the one that comes out of nowhere.

Yes… Within these last few months, nothing had probably changed.

This was the temple they were talking about.

Their strength of always being certain was also their biggest weakness.


Jingo subconsciously touched the letters in his many inner pockets and felt relieved.

If he locked it away in his cabin aboard one of the sh.i.p.s, who knew if an assassin or spy would successfully sneak in and steal them?

It was risky for him to walk around with them, but he was a hundred percent sure of his skills.

His being 3rd Mate didn’t come from thin air.

Anyone who dared to tackle him better be prepared for the worse.

He had been blessed with hands like rocks.

And coupled with the unique training techniques in Morgany that strengthened and enhanced them, it wasn’t for nothing that others called him The Destroyer.

It wasn’t for nothing that he was entrusted with this mission.

Jingo touched all 4 inner jacket pockets and felt secured feeling the letters there.

All there.

Now, only one thing kept him concerned.

He furrowed his brows and squinted his eyes dangerously.

Where the hell was he?

Where the hell was Old Crow Face?