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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1048

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1048

Daniel Lockhart!

Just like that, the barracks got busy once more.

With them, there were always missions to do.

So when it wasn’t their individual holidays, they were busy either training or out doing missions.

Lucius calmly packed his things, making Landon a little confused.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m getting ready for war, of course.

Brat. I’ve been cooked up for too long with no practice against real opponents.

It’s time to go out on the field, or else I’ll get sloppy.”

Landon thinned his lips and smiled wryly.



Even if Lucius didn’t go out for years, the raw power he had secretly given him should be enough to take down his enemies for decades.

But, he felt like since he wanted to practice and rack up more experiments, then it wasn’t a bad thing.

Lucius placed his doc.u.ments in his drawer and locked them up before handling the matters of the barracks to a few other top-ranking personnel.

Josh was typically the one overseeing everything else if he were away.

After all, Josh would take over from him after he retired.

Anyway, Josh was out on a mission, so Lucius divided the task amongst 3 others and followed Landon out.

Where were they going?

To see their loved ones, of course.

Lucius went to the pregnant mother Kim, while Landon went to see Lucy.

Landon thought that he would only have these few hours to see Lucy.

But who would’ve known that she would want to join him?

That’s right.

She decided to be a part of the mission too.

She was strong, smart and trained twice weekly.

Of course, it also made Landon feel better when he thought of the fact that she too had become strong thanks to the system’s aid.

Not just her, but all who were dear to Landon’s heart or had powerful positions.

Just these past 2 months, there had been a total of 16 assassination attempts on Mother Winnie’s life by numerous assassins from Maclaine’s wives.

Well, with Lucy coming along, Landon hastily prepared and got her battle-ready too.

Time flew by swiftly, with everyone as busy as ever, until it was finally midnight.

Everyone stood before the Navy sh.i.p.s, doing roll call patiently.

“Taner Ziju!”


“Yango Fui!”


“Mildred Poh!”



The soldiers, alongside the Marines and Navy, had their roll call and got aboard the sh.i.p.s.

Lucy was thrilled when she saw Ruby (Gary’s wife) joining the surprise mission.

Of course, Yara stayed behind instead.

Well, this was good too.

With everything done and over with, the gang finally set sail.

In a few more days, they should arrive at their targeted destination.

Seeing everything call in place, Landon couldn’t help smiling broadly.

It was just that a certain voice had his smile stiff.

[Connectivity restored. Host, I’m back.]



–Capital city, Dafaren Empire, Veinitta–

Tup. Tup. Tup. Tup

The sounds of loud but heavy footsteps could be heard marching into a massive luxurious chamber.

The maids and servants at the said stood as stiff as trees, daring not to make any other moves or getting noticed.

They kept their backs straight and their faces slightly tilted downwards

The only thing they could see clearly was the beautiful bronze-coloured floor.

And the moment they got a glimpse of the feet causing the steady footsteps, they bowed even deeper in salute.

“Your humble servant salutes his highness.”

“Your humble servant salutes his highness.”

The person causing the commotion, didn’t even acknowledge them and advanced calmly, with his hands clasped at his back.

The young dashing looking man stood facing the open windows calmly.

Soon, he raised his hand casually and waved away the servants and maids behind him: “Leave!”

“Yes, your highness.”

They bowed deeply and quickly took off.


With the door shut, the dashing man with rich blue eyes and sandy shoulder-length hair calmly lay on his bed in a relaxed manner.

And soon, a shadowy figure came through his window and knelt before him.

“Master, your humble servant is here.”


Hand it over.”

The young man took the letter and read it patiently.

But the more he read, the more amused he was.

Even though this brother of his was somewhat stupid, he had to admit that his idea wasn’t bad this time around.

Nonetheless, how could he let him become Monarch, just like that?

What was more alarming was his father’s move.

Daniel Lockhart couldn’t believe the many changes that had occurred when he was out of Dafaren.

He had just arrived in the Capital city and was greeted with such information.

This was truly unexpected.

If things continue to go out of his control, he would be the true loser in the end.


“It’s been 2 months and a few weeks now. So my father should be at my brother’s territory, yes?”

“That is correct, Master.

But the treason for him going there is still unknown.”

Daniel’s eyes grew grim: “Then what about Commander Armstrong?”

“Master, he is still waiting for many forces to come from the far regions of the empire.

He was assigned to leave before February, at most.”

“Hmmm… These changes don’t spell anything good for us. Rather, they seem to be rushing us to hasten our plans and take action now.


I’ve already sent in my request to have

Again, are you sure that my father supported Skye?”

The hidden guard on his knees nodded his head sternly: “Yes, master, he did. According to our sources, prince Skye had gone there to marry Penelope and later strengthen Veinitta’s forces by taking over Carona. Given time, Prince Skye also planned on conquering more empires in a Pyno too. Prince Skye’s men said that they wanted to make Veinitta strong, so that empire would be able to stand face to face with Morgany. And his majesty, Alexander Lockhart, supported the decision wholeheartedly.”


Daniel listened to it all and chuckled playfully

As a new member of T.O.E.P, who had just got in a year and a half ago, he still had to report all matters such as these.

All people who stood in the Order’s way had to be killed without delay.

So his father had to die!!

Heh. It looks like his original plans had to get speeded up.


“You all have been trained over im Morgany for 7 whole months.

So do you feel an increase in your strength?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. Then you’ll be able to do the deed smoothly.

The ban that my brother put out, refusing Sh.i.p.s to sail from here to Pyno, has just expired.

Tell the men to prepare. I have a job for them.

So send the portrait of this Penelope girl to me.

If she’s pretty enough, then I will take over Skye’s plans.

They say she’s feisty?

That’s just how I like them.

Makes it more interesting to conquer her.

Go! Gather more information on her.

We might be going to Pyno soon.

It’s never too late for a gentleman to woo a lady.”