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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1047

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1047

Hasty Preparations.

Before handling Josh’s matter, Landon had his meeting with Lucia and the rest just as planned before dashing towards the barracks at full force.


“Brat! Why are you just remembering such a piece of vital information now? Are you getting old or something? It looks like your brain is finally getting overloaded, so much so that you’ve started forgetting things!”

Lucius looked at the brat speechlessly, feeling like smacking him silly.

Such a vital piece of information, and he had just forgotten it just like that?


He, Lucius, had been wracking his brain on finding the pieces of the puzzle for months now. Yet his son by marriage, held the key to everything and had just ‘forgotten to say it?

How does one forget something so important?

Lucius looked at Landon in disdain, thinking of banning him from coming up with new ideas and inventing more things for the time being.

As expected, the downside of being as bright as him was that one would end up being forgetful like an old fogie.

Landon, who had been looked down on, only smiled bitterly while raising his hands as if surrendering under Lucius’ mercy.

Of course, he didn’t forget.

Blame his stupid system for everything.

He too, had been wracking his brain as well, only to get the answer now.


Lucius talked his pen in rhythm on the table while digesting the information sprung onto him: “Brat. How sure are you about the information?”

“I’m 100% sure.”

Lucius scoffed: “Says the person whose forgetfulness is similar to that of an old man.


Landon’s lips twitched and once again inwardly cursed the system.

He looked at Lucius helplessly, begging for mercy: “Alright. I admit that it did slip my mind to mention it. Remember that after leaving Deiferus, I had to hurriedly rush to Carona for Santa and Penelope’s wedding. So my mind was all over the place, making the whole thing slip my mind. But I assure you, I didn’t remember it wrong.”

Lucius who was leaning on his chair in a relaxed manner, tapping his pen on the table… now moved forward and clasped his hands together on the table and raised one of his eyes brows curiously: “So the boy’s name is Renkin?”

“Yes. That’s his name.”

“And you’re sure they didn’t mention anything else about his identity?”


“Hmhm. Alright then, let’s work with what we have. But we don’t have much time.”

“Naturally.” Landon tried with a smile on his face

Lucius chuckled before picking up his phone and sending for a few other personal A.S.A.P.

They had to make plans fast!


With Lucius convinced, Landon was inherently relieved.

Of course, he couldn’t tell Lucius that Josh had been captured.

It would be too suspicious and would raise too many question marks.

How did he know?

Did one of his sworn brothers or friends from outside Baymard tell him?

If so, who?

More still, if they did go over to rescue Josh and find out that it hadn’t been too long since Josh got captured, they would start wondering how the message could reach Baymard so fast without a Baymardian vehicle or ship bringing it over.

Firstly, if the people who sent the message had just witnessed the event and felt the need to report it, then without any Baymardian vehicles, they should arrive at the shores around the same time the pirates arrived at the shores too.

Again, the trans-Baymardian public transport sh.i.p.s hadn’t been integrated into Deiferus yet, since they were still organizing and arranging the estate that would host the Deifer Port in Deiferus.

Due to Henry’s Coronation in October, they could only begin arranging and remodelling the chosen Port estate this past November.

That said, the Deifer port is supposed to be open to the public in late January.


Revealing the fact that Josh had been captured was too risky.

Landon dared not use that approach.

That’s why he told a little white lie about the matter.

He simply said that the last time he went to Deiferus to help Henry take over the throne, he had heard a very fascinating piece of information about some secret order, who was hell-bent on finding a boy.

Of course, he also revealed that the order seemed to be the strongest based on the conversation he heard through the system’s monitors.

His words were like pieces of the puzzle to Lucius and many others, because they had been worrying tirelessly about why Nopline received a message in Terique from the pirates and Morgs about some unexpected visit that seemed too important and urgent.

They didn’t know why the boy who was supposed to be in Terique, ended up in Deiferus.

Nonetheless, it looked like they had to find this boy before the Morgs and pirates did.

So they had to rush over quickly.

Now, they were racing against time!


Very fast, Landon, Lucius and a few others came up with a list of Shaolin Soldiers who would participate in the rescue mission.

The thing was that most of these Shaolin’s were also accompanying Landon to Zalipnia.

So they would do two missions back to back.

Luckily, they could relax a bit and sleep while at sea.

For this trip, they planned to travel for 4 days and 2 hours, making it a few hours before the pirates hopefully arrive at the shore with Josh… That is, if they haven’t been delayed by any unforeseen incident while travelling.

So they could relax a bit at sea before the battle.

“The list is complete. Captain Maphee! Hastily get the soldiers on the list battle-ready. We leave at 1 A.M.”

Captain Runa! Contact the Navy immediately, and work alongside them, ensuring that we have sufficient food, ammunition and everything else for the trip. Also, get a few vehicles loaded up too.”

“Yes, sir!”


We’ll come up with battle tactics and plans while at sea.

For now, our goal is to leave as soon as possible!”



With that, everyone got busy.