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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2606

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2606

How Dare You?!

“Ever since she had submitted to the Golden Buddha Race, she had risen up the ranks really quickly!”

“Of course! Isn’t she the woman of Chan Wuwo, the young patriarch of the Golden Buddha Race?! Even though he has a lot of women around him, she’s said to be the one he dotes on the most. Moreover, I heard that her skills in bed…,” the disciple quickly lowered his voice.

A fire burned in the eyes of the male disciples who looked at her, and there were also some who looked at her with a trace of reverence. A rare few looked at her with no shame as filthy thoughts flashed through their minds.

When Huang Xiaolong looked at her, he narrowed his eyes as a trace of complicated light flashed through them.

Before he had left the Hong Zhen Holy Gate, Zi Dongping had spoken to him about her matters. As soon as he met this traitor of his race, Zi Dongping hoped that he could end her life!

It wouldn’t have matterd if a random disciple of the race had betrayed them, but Zi Yutong was someone of status in the Purple Spider Race! The amount of resources used to nurture her could pile up into a mountain, and Zi Dongping had personally given her pointers in her cultivation! Who would have thought that she would turn to the Golden Buddha Race the instant he suffered serious injuries?

One of the disciples behind Zi Yutong yelled in surprise, “Lord Yutong, that’s Huang Xiaolong!”

When Zi Yutong had betrayed the race in the past, many disciples had followed her, and they had done the same thing. The disciple, who spoke up, was one of the ex-disciples of the Purple Spider Race, and his position in the race wasn’t too low either. He was a direct disciple of one of the hall masters, and his name was Zi Yuchen.

Glancing over at Huang Xiaolong, she started to make her way over. As she swayed her hips, her eyelashes fluttered as she stared at the human who they called Huang Xiaolong.

“It looks like I’m meeting the famous young patriarch of the Purple Spider Race for the first time…” Her body trembled and ripples ran through her voluptuous figure. Everyone who saw her would feel a sense of comfort washing through their hearts.

“What do you want?” Huang Xiaolong revealed a disgusted look, and he barely managed to control his emotions.

Of course, with his many years of experience, he could easily control his emotions. However, he had to put on a disgusted face when he spoke to her.

As if she didn’t see the look of repulsion on his face, she giggled, “Our Young Patriarch has heard of Brother Huang’s talent and wishes to invite you over to his manor for a cup of tea. I wonder, if Brother Huang is willing to accept the invitation?”

“Young Patriarch?” Huang Xiaolong snorted, “Aren’t you from the Purple Spider Race?”

Zi Yutong’s expression faltered for a second when she heard what he said.

It was clear that he was mocking her for being a traitor of the race.

That was a topic she refused to speak about, and it was the only thing in the world that could trigger her.

How could Huang Xiaolong not understand the intentions behind Chan Wuwo’s invitation? The other party was obviously trying to entice him into leaving the Purple Spider Race to join the Golden Buddha Race!

“Oh right. I remember that Zi Dongping, and I killed more than twenty True Saints of the Golden Buddha Race, including Jin Fei. Why will Chan Wuwo wish to meet me?” Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Isn’t he afraid that his family would curse at him for being a spineless b*stard? Wouldn’t they laugh at him for not being a real man?”

Zi Yutong’s expression finally changed.

She didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to go so far. Not only did he ignore her status in the Golden Buddha Race and the Otherworldly Mansion, but he even humiliated the young patriarch of her faction in front of so many people.

“Huang Xiaolong, how dare you?! You’re refusing a toast only to drink to a forfeit!” One of the disciples from the Golden Buddha Race behind Zi Yutong stepped out and screamed at Huang Xiaolong, “Who do you think you are? You’re just a mere disciple in the Otherworldly Mansion! Men, take him down and bring him over to the enforcement hall!”

Several guards jumped out in an instant as they charged at Huang Xiaolong.

Some of them were Third and Fourth Heaven True Saints, and the strongest person there, was a Sixth Heaven True Saint!

Too bad none of them managed to even close the gap before a black-colored arm reached out to stop them. As Hei Luo clenched his fist, the space around them started to freeze, and they felt that their bodies were no longer under their control.

Twisting his wrist, Hei Luo casually flung them into the distance. In an instant, none of them could be seen.

Everyone stared at the scene before them in shock as they tried to locate the disciples who were flung away.

Even Zi Yutong couldn’t conceal her shock.

As if on cue, everyone turned to stare at the unassuming guard standing behind Huang Xiaolong.

“Is there anyone else who wishes to make a move?” Huang Xiaolong looked at the remaining experts behind Zi Yutong, and he sneered. After all, there were several Seventh and Eighth Heaven True Saints left.

As for Zi Yutong herself, she was a Ninth Heaven True Saint!

Before any of them could make a move, Zi Yutong stopped them. With a cold gaze, she glared at Huang Xiaolong. “Huang Xiaolong, the Purple Spider Race is on their last legs right now. Why are you wasting your talent by standing by them?”

“Did your talent improve after betraying the Purple Spider Race and letting Chan Wuwo f*ck you however he pleases for the past billion years?”

The expressions of everyone present became extremely colorful when they heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

Even though it was true that Zi Yutong was Chan Wuwo’s woman for the past billions of years, that was something that was not supposed to be said out loud!

“YOU!” Killing intent erupted from Zi Yutong and her breasts started to tremble violently. “How dare you! You deserve to die!” She reached out and tried to slap Huang Xiaolong after speaking.

A sea of purple filled the lands and the disciples standing around them retreated quickly.

After seeing that the attack was about to land on Huang Xiaolong, the black arm reached out once again.

Zi Yutong’s attention had never left Hei Luo since he had dealt with the other members of the Golden Buddha Race, and she snorted coldly when Hei Luo tried to block her attack. “You’re overestimating yourself.” Since she was at the peak of the late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm, no one under the Primal Ancestor Realm in the Otherworldly Mansion was her match!

Only Zi Dongping could suppress her in the entire Purple Spider Race, and the most the deputy patriarch could do was to defend himself while running away from her!

Before she headed over to look for Huang Xiaolong, Chan Wuwo had already instructed her to cripple him if he refused the invitation.

After all, the Golden Buddha Race was standing behind him. They would be able to hold off any pressure that came from the higher-ups when they questioned him about his motives.

As Zi Yutong’s sneer rang through the air, Hei Luo’s arm pierced through the purple light and landed on Zi Yutong’s large breasts!

Everyone widened their eyes in shock. Zi Yutong’s chest was the part of her body she prided herself on. However, her entire chest sank inwards when Hei Luo’s palm landed on it.


No one could believe their eyes.

Zi Yutong was one of the four beauties of the Otherworldly Mansion, and her beauty was capable of toppling a city! She was like an angel in the sky that no one could touch. After all, she was Chan Wuwo’s woman! Right now, Huang Xiaolong, and his guard were bullying her as though her status in the Mansion was no higher than a slt’s! His bodyguard even crushed her precious bbies!