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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1465

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1465

Above God King Realm

Han Tongfei’s mind shook from a chain of thunderclaps.

Ancestor Chen Yirong publicly declared that he wants to accept Huang Xiaolong as his disciple-in-name!

No wonder! Han Tongfei finally understood why his Grandfather had no choice but to be polite to Huang Xiaolong!

If Huang Xiaolong really became Ancestor Chen Yirong’s disciple, then that was no different than reaching the heavens in a single leap, standing above many others! Even many of the Hall Masters would need to be polite to Huang Xiaolong. Considering these Hall Masters’ statuses, his Grandfather was merely a Fortune Emperor Palace’s Grand Elder.

“It isn’t only Ancestor Chen Yirong who fancies taking Huang Xiaolong as his disciple-in-name, but even the Chief of Hall Masters Zhao Lei fancies accepting Huang Xiaolong as his personal disciple!” Han Liang threw out another bomb.

Han Tongfei and the other disciples were even more astounded.

“In truth, our Enforcement Hall Master Gongsun Chi, as well as the Medicine Hall Master Xu Wen were fighting to take Huang Xiaolong as their own personal disciple before Ancestor Chen Yirong and Chief of Hall Masters Zhao Lei showed their interest in him.” Han Liang elaborated with a wry and acerbic smile.

Gongsun Chi was their Enforcement Hall’s Hall Master, the Enforcement Hall Master was his direct boss, and Zhao Lei was his direct boss’ boss. Anyways, whoever it was, none of them were the people he could afford to offend.

“Grandfather, then, how to deal with Zhu Feng?” Han Tongfei’s gaze fell on Zhu Feng. There was hatred and anger in his eyes as he looked at Zhu Feng, feeling an impulse to chop Zhu Feng into a million pieces.

“Lock him up in the dungeon for now, find a time and ask Huang Xiaolong for his opinion on this.” Han Liang pondered for a moment then answered, “Just deal with him according to Huang Xiaolong’s intention.”

While Han Liang, Han Tongfei, and a large group of Enforcement Hall’s disciples were on their way back to the Enforcement Hall, Huang Xiaolong and the rest went back inside the Edge of the World Manor. The little cow squinted her eyes at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Little Brat Huang, looks like you’ve performed well in the rankings competition this time because even small characters like what’s-his-name Han Liang also needs to be polite to you.”

Huang Xiaolong grinned at her words, and confirmed, “Not bad indeed.”

Huang Xiaolong was in a very good mood as he thought about the three thousand five hundred plus Fortune Divine Fruits in his spatial ring.

“First place?” The little cow asked upon noticing the broad smile on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

“First place.” Huang Xiaolong added, “Plus the overall champion.”

The little cow chuckled mischievously and said, “In that case, we should have a big celebration for your successful performance. There are lots of restaurants in Crimson Crescent City, let’s go out?”

Seemingly, celebration was the little cow’s goal at the end of the day.

But Huang Xiaolong agreed crisply with a smile, “No problem, you lead the way, and we’ll take a tour through every restaurant in Crimson Crescent City.”

The little cow cheered loudly.

Xiang Xun, Feng Er, and the others laughed watching their conversation.

“Xiaoniu, that Han Liang has surpassed the God King Realm, right?” Huang Xiaolong suddenly asked the little cow, but the question was also directed towards Xiang Xun, and the others.

The little cow nodded in affirmation, “He has indeed surpassed the God King Realm, but if I had not reincarnated and cultivated again, just one hair from my body would be enough to destroy him ten thousand times.”

Huang Xiaolong rolled his eyes.

“Since you’ve entered the Fortune Emperor Palace, you should know the cultivation realm after God King Realm.” The little cow said. “In truth, even if I don’t tell you, you can find this information from the Fortune Emperor Palace’s library.”

Huang Xiaolong looked blankly at the little cow.

The little cow cleared her throat several times and shook her body. When she noticed that Huang Xiaolong’s gaze had turned menacing, she quickly said, “Heavenly Monarch is above the God King Realm!”

“Heavenly Monarch?” Huang Xiaolong repeated.

The little cow nodded her head, “That’s right—monarch of the heavens, monarch of the gods, the Heavenly Monarch! An Ancestor God Realm can breakthrough to God King Realm if they manage to comprehend the esoterics of life and death, possessing an immortal body; whereas a Heavenly Monarch has conquered life and death, with an even stronger body and evolved godhead.”

“Godhead evolves!” Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

The little cow snickered, “That’s right, once you break through to Heavenly Monarch, your godhead would go through transformation and evolve, but it depends on your innate talent. The higher your talent is, the more powerful you would be after your godhead evolves. Your supreme godhead for instance, once it evolves, it would surely be amazing.”

“Then, after the Heavenly Monarch Realm, is it the Emperor Realm?” Huang Xiaolong continued.

The little cow nodded again as a smile spread over her face. “That’s right, above God King Realm is Heavenly Monarch Realm, and the realm above the Heavenly Monarch is Emperor Realm! Emperor Realm is the Divine World’s pinnacle masters, like the Fortune Emperor Palace’s Fortune Emperor and the several Ancestors, all of them are masters of Emperor Realm.”

Huang Xiaolong repeated inwardly—God King, Heavenly Monarch, and Emperor!

What is above the Emperor Realm?!

Right at this time, the little cow shook her head and advised, “At this point, it’s better you focus on the esoterics of life and death, comprehend yourself, and break through to God King Realm before thinking about the higher matters. Don’t go asking about the realm above Emperor Realm. Not to mention, you’re still too far from the Emperor Realm to even think about what’s above that.”

Huang Xiaolong choked, then nodded his head obediently, but his fists clenched with determination.

See through the esoterics of life and death, comprehend oneself, and break through to God King Realm!

He needed to break through to God King Realm as soon as possible.

God King Realm was the first step to gain status in the vast Divine World.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong sat on the little cow’s back as they headed out from the Edge of the World Manor with Xiang Xun and the rest. The little cow was the guide as the group made their way through several restaurants around the Crimson Crescent City.

It was already deep into the night by the time the group returned to the manor.

Back in the manor, Huang Xiaolong gave the little cow, Xiang Xun, Feng Er, and the rest thirty Fortune Divine Fruits each, then went back to his room. He had decided to begin refining his Fortune Divine Fruits.

As a Fortune Divine Fruit contained a startling amount of fortune energy, Huang Xiaolong did not dare to refine too many Fortune Divine Fruits in his first attempt, and safely began with one.

The instant the Fortune Divine Fruit entered Huang Xiaolong’s mouth, it immediately melted into warm strands of energy, spreading through every corner of his body.

Huang Xiaolong began comprehending the esoterics of life and death using the fortune energy from the Fortune Divine Fruit.

The night passed in serenity.

When Huang Xiaolong finished refining the first Fortune Divine Fruit, he discovered that there was a difference in the way he viewed his environment as well as himself. But he couldn’t pinpoint this difference.

Huang Xiaolong took out another Fortune Divine Fruit in his mouth and swallowed it. So on it went, one Fortune Divine Fruit after another.

As time passed, Huang Xiaolong’s refining speed became increasingly faster.

By the time two months had passed, Huang Xiaolong had refined over a hundred and twenty Fortune Divine Fruits. He finally stopped after these two months.

During this time, Huang Xiaolong developed a renewed understanding towards life, death, and himself by borrowing the Fortune Divine Fruit’s fortune energy.

Stepping out from his room, Huang Xiaolong went to see the little cow, Xiang Xun, and a few others, and left some instructions for them before departing from the Crimson Crescent City for the Supreme Harmony Hall.

The prize-giving ceremony for the rankings competition was in a few days, so Huang Xiaolong naturally needed to leave a few days in advance.

Of course, the day of the prize giving ceremony was also the day when the Fortune Emperor Palace’s Elders, Grand Elders, Hall Masters, Chief of Hall Masters, Fortune Emperor, and also several Ancestors accepted disciples.

“I wonder, who would accept me as a disciple?” On the way, Huang Xiaolong wondered out loud to himself. He roughly estimated that he would reach the Supreme Harmony Hall on the same day as the ceremony.

Just as Huang Xiaolong’s feet touched the ground, he heard someone enthusiastically calling his name, “Junior Brother Huang!”

Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder and saw Luo Yun and He Lai flying towards him in the distance.

“Senior Brother Luo Yun, Senior Brother He Lai.” Huang Xiaolong smiled and greeted them when they were a bit closer.