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[Story] Delta – S01 E32

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 32


My frustration had almost reached boiling point. You would think that when one makes a call to an unknown-to-the-world spy agency they would have the decency to respond immediately and not just keep me hanging with some… foreign agent. I looked over to where Stephen from the freaking SIS was standing. True, it wasn’t his fault that I was stuck here in the frickin’ police station while Astrid, Pierre, and Charlie were missing.

But it was his fault that I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Please,” I said for at least the thirteenth time, trying hard to remain patient, “let me go. I know where they are.”

Stephen shook his head. “I can’t let you until the CIA sends in a helicopter or another team or something. That’s what your boss said, right?”

I snorted with laughter, both at the thought of the CIA helping out Delta, when everyone knew they resented us, and at Stephen’s complete oblivion. “A freaking helicopter?” I repeated, incredulous. “Are you kidding me? Let me take the car and get over to Decrioux’s manor. Please.” And when he looked dubious, “I’ll even let you come with me.” This was pretty generous of me, all things considering.

Stephen sighed. “I can’t let you drive over there. You’re – what? Seventeen? Those men are serious, kid, and they would kill you.”

That was it. I exploded. Normally, I was a pretty easygoing guy. Nothing bothered me – except, well, when Astrid was at her most annoying. But, still, as a rule, you wouldn’t see the full-fledged explosion. But I was pretty pissed by that point, to put it mildly. Who knew what was going on in the manor, and he had the nerve to be calling me young? Struggling to stay under some sort of control, I advanced toward Stephen.

“You think,” I seethed, “because I’m seventeen that I haven’t seen anything? You think I haven’t seen these men’s capabilities? You’re talking about people I’ve stalked for ages! You’re talking about,” remembering Jay painfully, “people I have worked with. I have been training at the same place you have for probably just as long. I can kill a man twenty-six different ways with my eyes closed and you’re telling me I can’t drive within a mile of the manor?”

The guy looked like he was trying to keep his temper in check. Congratulations to him; I was way past that point. “I know you are capable of it,” he said quietly. “Or the CIA wouldn’t hire you. My point is that I have orders to keep you here.”

“Orders?” I coughed. “Orders from whom? How do they even know I’m here?”