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[Story] Deadly desire – S01 E25

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 25

Osadebamwen returned from school to spend the holiday with her mother. She was disappointed that her father could send her mother and sibling away.

Itohan told her what transpired in her absence.

That evening Osadebamwen went to Iya Folake and thanked her for everything she has been doing for her mum. When she returned, she told her mother she was going to see her father the following day.

“He has to know I am back” She said.

“That woman go pursue you oo. E better make you call am for phone”

“I won’t”


“He doesn’t pick my calls. He doesn’t respond to my messages. I need to see him face to face”

Itohan tried to dissuade her daughter but she wasn’t bulging

“Is he not my father. In a months time, I will be returning to school. Is it this business that you started last week that will fetch me money for books, rent, feeding and school fees?”

Itohan sighed deeply and wiped her tears.

“I will go mum. If he wants to send me out of the house, let him do it”

“I support her” Efosa said “The worst he can do is send her out”

“I don hear una” She said.

When it was dark, Osas carried the baby from her mum and went inside the house to catch up on old times with Efosa.

The following day, Osas got dressed and went to the house. The security man opened the gate after the second knock. He was happy to see her. He asked of her parents, then he cleared his throat and told her Nosa doesn’t stay here.

“Oga second wife get another house, but i don’t know where it is. It’s been long I set my eyes on him”

“How do you get paid then?”

“Madam driver dey bring my money for me”

Osas thanked him and took her leave. She got home and told her mum everything.

“How do I contact him?. How do I get money to return to school”

She sobbed but Itohan told her to dry her tears and calm down.

“Whatever I save, I will hand over to you” She assured her.

Itohan who started frying Akara and buns decided to add cooked beans and bread to the business.

As early as 4a.m, Itohan and her children are up preparing for the days business. By 7a.m beans and other things are ready. As the business progressed, she got a carpenter to make two long benches. She got more plates and spoons. Very early, customers would line up to buy what they need. Itohan and her children would be busy from morning till everything is sold. People starting demanding for rice.

“The work too much oo, we go fit do am?”

“Don’t worry. We will manage” Osas told her.

They strategized on how to improve the business. Itohan also thanked God for the baby who doesn’t disturb much.

When Iya Folake returned from business, Itohan ran to her.

“Iya, I want make you help me. I need big big cooler. If you get give me abeg”

“Thank God for business expansion” She said.

She took Itohan to her store where all sorts of cooking utensils are kept.

“Take whatever you need”

She didn’t only take two coolers, but three big pots. The pots would enable her to cook more quantities of food. Itohan thanked Iya and left with the items.

By dawn, jollof rice and salad, beans, pap, akara and bread were ready. When sales is over, Itohan would go to the market to buy items that would be used the next day while Osas would wash the plates. For them, the business was worthwhile.

Before they go to bed every night, they would thank God for the days sales.


Nicole not fully recovered from the death of her children, fell seriously ill. She was admitted for three weeks before being discharged from the hospital. Her mother was with her to ensure she recuperates.

The tears had not dried from her face. She kept telling her mother it was Itohan that caused the death of her twins.

“When I go Benin, I go do something about am. I go make sure sey she bury all her children. She go be like person wey never born pikin before” Nicole’s mother threatened.

“That woman is evil, that is why Nosa ran away from her to be with me”

Nosa smiled and nodded.

“Why Nosa dey do like mumu sef?” Her mother asked.

“Is he really behaving like that? Nicole asked.

“You nor dey see am? Since wey I come, e dey behave like person wey Dem dey control abi you use juju for am?”

“God forbid! I can’t dabble with such. Wetin I dey find for shrine or juju house?”

Nicole started observing that if she doesn’t request for food for them, Nosa will stay hungry. If she doesn’t tell him to bath, he won’t do it. Nosa was just like a wheelbarrow. If you don’t move him to do certain things, he does nothing.

“It was not like this” She reasoned.

Nosa was just like a dummy. He would lie on the bed from morning till evening. He doesn’t request for money. Nicole does not give him money as she usually does. It was Nosa that paid all the bills in the hospital.

“My mother will be leaving Benin tomorrow. Take this list and get what I wrote there for her”

Nosa collected the paper without asking for money. Rather he drove to the bank and withdraw all his money. Then he drove to the market and bought all items in the list. When he returned, he handed everything to Nicole including his balance.

“This money is for what?”

“For you. I withdrew money to buy the items you asked me and this is the change” He said handling the money to her.

It was a huge amount of money. She smiled and returned the money to him.

“We will go to the sitting room together. Hand over the money to my mother. Let her keep it for herself”

Nosa smiled sheepishly and walked downstairs with Nicole. As instructed, he presented the money to Nicole’s mum. She was happy. She sang and danced, then hailed them. Nosa smiled from ear to ear. They returned to the bedroom leaving Nosa in the sitting room.

“Nosa is very generous, I like him. Make sure e marry you. No give am breathing space. Disturb am to marry you oo”

“I have heard Iye”

The next day, Nosa drove Nicole’s mum to the park. He waited until the vehicle she entered left the park.


Itohan woke up from a troubled sleep. For the past few days, she has been dreaming about her husband. She was being troubled by them. Tonight was not exempted, for she dreamt that Nosa knocked on the door, she opened the door. In excitement, she hugged him. She invited him to come in but he refused.


“I want to come in but I can’t” He said “Please help me Itohan, help me if you love me” when she looked at his legs, they were heavily chained.

Before this dream she dreamt that Nosa was tied to a big tree. She looked around and discovered there was no house or any living thing close to the tree. Quickly, she went into work trying to untie him. She discovered she couldn’t. The rope was thick and Nosa was well tied. She kept dragging the rope until she woke.

Now she had a second dream tonight and she was worried.

“I hope sey everything dey well with Nosa”

She woke her children and told them her dreams

“It’s not a good dream” Efosa said.

“True. We need to specifically pray for daddy”

They knelt down and began to raise prayer points for him .

In the morning before Iya Folake left for her business. Itohan rushed to her and narrated her dreams.

“There is no need to be afraid” She told her “You need to be intentional about your husband. That woman has used juju on your husband. I told you before, he is being manipulated and controlled by the other woman. What she tells him is what he does. If you want him back, you need to pray. Your husband is under satanic influence. I am going to join you in this prayer. I and you cannot save him except Jesus. There is no other name given to a man by which man can be saved, except by the name of Jesus ”

Itohan and her children made it a point of duty to pray for Nosa.

“Make una forget the things wey he do us. Pray for am well well” She would tell them.